George Sherriff Amateur Invitational Results

The results for the 2021 George Sherriff Memorial Invitational were announced on Saturday, November 20, in a livestream broadcast. The winners’ names were interspersed with video recordings of the first place performances.

The contest was organized virtually this year.  It was the 25th anniversary for the competition which saw the top 10 amateur pipers from Canada and the United States perform in three separate events. 

By Bob Worrall

The overall champion was Mark McClennan from Guelph, Ontario, with two firsts in 6/8 and MSR.

Mark receives an engraved set of MacRae pipes donated by McCallum Bagpipes, the unique perpetual championship trophy donated by George Sherriff’s family, and which contains George’s own brass practice chanter, a pipe bag of his choice donated by Jack Lee, the George Sherriff winners’ banner to retain for one year, and $1000 for an overseas flight to in Scotland. Results were as follows:

1st Caleb Thibodeau, The Big Spree. Caleb wins a Piobaireachd Society Kilt Pin.
2nd Andrew Prioli, The King’s Taxes 
3rd Stuart Marshall, MacLeods’ Salute
4th Zippa Curiskis, Lament for the Viscount of Dundee 
5th Callum Bevan, The Groat 

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1st Mark McClennan, David Ross od Rosehall, Cabar Feidh, Alick Cameron – Champion Piper 
2nd Callum Bevan, The Taking of Beaumont Hamel, Maggie Cameron, Colonel MacLeod
3rd Stuart Marshall, Mrs MacDonald – Glenuig, Dora MacLeod, Sandy Cameron 
4th Andrew Prioli, P/M John Stewart, Tulloch Castle, Bessie MacIntyre 
5th Jessica Bain, Captain Campbell of Drum a Voisk, John Roy Stewart, Peter MacFarquhar

Piobaireachd winner Caleb Thibodeau

6/8  results:
1st Mark McClennan, Kenneth J. MacLeod, Mrs Melody Piper 
2nd Callum Bevan, Cameron MacFadyen, Tug Argan Gap
3rd Stuart Marshall, Braemar Gathering, Jean Mauchline
4th Trevor DeMass, Trees of North Uist, P/M Donald MacLean of Lewis 
5th Sean Buchta, Leaving Port Askaig, Mrs MacDonald of Uig 

Judges: C Armstrong, R Parkes (6/8 Marches & MSR), B Gandy and J Wilson (Piobaireachd).

The overall results were extremely close, with piobaireachd preference breaking the tie for 2nd and 3rd places:

1st place and the 2021 George Sherriff Memorial Invitational Champion: Mark McClennan
2nd Stuart Marshall
3rd Callum Bevan
4th Andrew Prioli
5th Caleb Thibodeau

The players this year were: Jessica Bain – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Callum Bevan – Abbotsford, British Columbia, Sean Buchta – Dunedin, Florida, Zippa Curiskis – St. Paul, Minnesota, Trevor DeMass – Salt Lake City, Utah, Stuart Marshall – Greensboro, North Carolina, Mark McClennan – Guelph, Ontario, Charles-David Mitchell – Kingston, Ontario, Andrew Prioli – Cranston, Rhode Island, Caleb Thibodeau – Toronto, Ontario

Plans are to return to an in person contest St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church in Hamilton, Ontario, on the third Saturday in November, 2022.

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