Results 2015

Competition is the heartbeat of the solo piping world and we want to record as many of the results as we can on Would all contest organisers and secretaries please send their results and photographs to and we’ll make sure they are published and therefore read by thousands of pipers around the world. For all pipe band results from the RSPBA click here

Glasgow Battalion Boys’ Brigade Chanter and Solo Piping

Bryan Sinclair reports: ‘Saturday 21st November saw the return of the annual Glasgow Battalion Boys’ Brigade chanter and solo piping competitions. This year the contest was held at St. John’s Renfield Church, home of the 5th Glasgow Company. There was a healthy number of entries and the standard continues to increase year on year. A special thanks goes to P/Sgt Kurt Mackintosh (Glasgow Skye Association PB) who was tasked with adjudicating on the day.

‘The next event in the Battalion’s musical calendar is the annual mini and full band contests on Saturday 20th February 2016 at Ibrox Parish Church. For further information please contact Bryan Sinclair, Music Panel Convenor, at:

Chanter Contest:
1 Ian McDonach 128th Glasgow
2 Euan Coyle 128th Glasgow
3 Andrew Dale 231st Glasgow

Junior Section Contest:
1st Alexander Bell 5th Glasgow

Intermediate Solo Piping Contest
1 Connor Black 231st Glasgow
2 Andrew Bell 5th Glasgow
3 Scott McCormick 145th Glasgow

Senior Solo Piping Contest
1 Scott McPherson 145th Glasgow
2 Ian Cheng 128th Glasgow

Open Solo Piping Contest
1 Connor Black 231st Glasgow
2 Andrew Bell 5th Glasgow
3 Scott McPherson 145th Glasgow

Scots Guards Juniors

At the Army School, Inchdrewer House, Edinburgh, Nov 21

Under 18 Piobaireachd: 1 Harry MacLachlan   2 Lewis Russell   3 Brighde Chaimbeul   4 Callum Brown
Under 18 MSR: 1 Brighde Chaimbeul  2 Callum Brown  3 Ewan Murray  4 Harry MacLachlan
Under 15 Piobaireachd:  1 Angus MacPhee  2 Christopher Apps  3 Luke Kennedy  4 Finlay Cameron
Under 15 March: 1 Finlay Cameron  2 May Cranmer  3 Brodie Watson-Massey  4 Paul Christie
Under 15 S&R: 1 Finlay Cameron  2 Andrew Ferguson  3  Brodie Watson-Massey 4 Luke Kennedy

George Sherriff Amateur Championship

This was the 20th year of this important amateur competition which featured some of the best young players in North America. Organisers are the Hamilton Branch of the Pipers and Pipe Band Society of Ontario. The contest was held in St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Hamilton.

Overall Champion Piper:
1. Austin Diepenhorst
2. Kevin McLean
3. Ryan Praskovich
4. Tyler Bridge
5. Andrew Hutton

1. Austin Diepenhorst, John MacColl’s March to Kilbowie Cottage/ Islay Ball/ Grey Bob
2. Ryan Praskovich, Knightswood Ceilidh/ Piper’s Bonnet/ Miss Proud
3. Christian Rhoads, Colin Thompson/ John Roy Stewart/ Alick C. MacGregor
4. Jack Toohey, Arthur Bignold/ Lady loudon/ Bessie MacIntyre
5. Kevin McLean, John MacDonald of Glencoe/ Tulloch Castle/ Sheepwife

1. Kevin McLean, The Groat
2. Ryan Praskovich, MacGregor’s Gathering
3. Tyler Bridge, Big Spree
4. Sean Patrick Regan, King’s Taxes
5. James Dyson, Scarce of Fishing

6/8 March:
1. Austin Diepenhorst, Duncan MacGillivray, Chief Steward/Glendaruel Highlanders
2. Andrew Hutton, Ishbel T MacDonald/Price of a Beer
3. Kevin McLean, Cameron MacFadyen/ Jean Mauchline
4. James Dyson, MacNeill of Ugadale/ Blue Bonnets
5. Tyler Bridge, Bonawe Highlanders/Dundee City Police

Adjudicators for all events were I Duncan, A Boyd and A Berthoff.

george-sherriff-HISTORY OF THE EVENT
On April 21st, 1995 the Ontario piping community lost an ardent supporter and good friend. Before coming to Canada in 1947, George resided in Glasgow, where he started piping with the Boys’ Brigade. He played with a number of bands in Scotland. These included the Cabar Feidh, Stewart & Lloyd’s and Clan MacRae.

After emigrating to Canada he joined the Dofasco Pipe Band. He later joined the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders of Canada, under P/M John Wilson, where he rose to the rank of Pipe Sergeant. He retired from the band in 1967. George was well known in Ontario as a dedicated teacher of the pipes and a composer of many pipe tunes. He was a loyal supporter of the Niagara-Hamilton Branch of the Pipers’ & Pipe Band Society of Ontario.

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Captain John Maclellan Memorial Competition
ASBM & HD, Inchdrewer House, Edinburgh
Nov 14

P/A Piobaireachd
1 Innes Smith, Nameless Hiharin Dro o Dro
2 Jonathan Greenlees, Old Men of the Shells
3 Cameron Drummond, MacDougall’s Gathering
4 Jenny Hazzard, Lament for the Viscount of Dundee
5 Ed McIlwaine, MacLeod of MacLeod’s Lament
Judges: T Speirs, R Wallace

1 Cameron Drummond
2 Steven Leask
3 Jonathan Greenlees
4 Graham Drummond
5 Craig Sutherland
Judges: I McLellan, S Samson

B Piobaireachd
1 Anna Kummerlow, Melbank’s Salute
2 Greig Canning
3 Steven Leask
4 John Cameron
5 Gordon Barclay
Judges:  C MacLellan, B Hitchings

1 Graham Mulholland
2 Andrew Bova
3 Lachie Dick
4 Andrew Hall
5 Ross Cowan
Judges: J Banks, J Henderson

C Piob
1 John MacLeod
2 John McDonald
3 Alex Gehrig
4 Andrew Bova
5 Jonathan Simpson
Judges: R MacShannon, A Frater

1 Katherine Belcher
2 Edward Gaul
3 Jonathan Simpson
4  John McDonald
5 Gordon Barclay
Judges: W Cowan, B Donaldson

Open H&J
1 Steven Gray
2 Cameron Drummond
3 Graham Drummond
4 Steven Leask
5 Sarah Muir
Judges: I McLellan, S Samson, T Speirs, R Wallace

Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia PB
Junior Piping & Drumming
Championship, Calderwood High School
Nov 7

There was a very healthy increase in competitors from 103 last year to 154 this. Shotts Chairman, Ewan McAllister, also highlighted the support the competition gets from other Grade 1 pipe bands namely Glasgow Police, St Laurence O’Toole, Scottish Power and Inveraray; indeed many of the adjudicators were from these bands.

13 & Under March
1 C Happs 2 B Watson-Massay 3 J Smith 4 M Grieve 5 H Whyte 6 L Kennedy
13 & Under S&R
1 B Watson-Massay 2 C Happs 3 M Grieve 4 J Smith 5 H Whyte 6 L Kennedy
Judges: G Brown, P Hunt

15 & Under March
1 F Cameron 2 L Russell 3 C Craib 4 A MacPhee 5 J Edrie 6 J N Campbell
15 & Under S&R
1 L Russell 2 F Cameron 3 A MacPhee 4 A Ferguson 5 C Craib 6 JN Campbell
Judges: F Johnston, C Drummond

15 & Under Piob. Ground
1 R Brown 2 RA Paterson 3 M Grieve 4 A Knowles 5 H Whyte 6 B Traynor
Judges: W Geddes, G McCready

15 & Under Piob.
1 A MacPhee 2 F Cameron 3 L Russell 4 C Craib 5 J Ednie 6 A Ferguson
Judges: W Geddes, G McCready

U-15 Champion: Finlay Cameron, Dollar Academy

18 & Under March
1 J Campbell 2 C Jardine 3 D Mair 4 R Dick 5 B Scott 6 F Frame
18 & Under S&R
1 J Campbell 2 C Jardine 3 F MacFadyean 4 D Mair 5 R Dick 6 F Frame
Judges: A Henderson, G McAllister

18 & Under Piob.
1 C Jardine (MacCrimmon’s Sweetheart)
2 J Campbell
Judges: M Fitzhenry, A Henderson

U-18 Champion: John Campbell, Johnstone Pipe Band
Robert Clark Memorial Trophy for Piper of the Day: John Campbell

15 & Under 2/4 March four parts
1 D Knowles 2 R Biggart 3 C Nelson 4 N Jordan 5 C Malloy 6 A Faulds
Judges: J Baxter, P Brown

15 & Under MSR
1 J Taylor 2 R Thom 3 R Power 4 C McCall 5 R Espie 6 L Kyle
Judges: BW Black, A Cook

15 & Under Tenor March (any time signature)
1 L Letham 2 H Harrison 3 J Merrilees 4 L Carroll 5 L Merrilees 6 equal H McIntyre, J Mitchell

18 & Under Tenor MSR
1 R McAleese 2 A Johnston 3 E Wynd

London Championship, Kensington Conf. Centre
Oct 31

Bratach Gorm: 1 R MacLeod, ‘A Son’s Salute to His Parents’ 2 G Walker 3 C Beaumont 4 W McCallum. Judges: J Taylor, N Mulvie, W Wotherspoon. Six played.

William Gillies Piob: 1 C Armstrong, Lord Lovat’s Lament 2 R MacLeod, Isabel MacKay 3 C Drummond 4 W McCallum 5 J Forrester.  Judges R Livingstone, J Wilson, A Wright

A Piob: 1 C Drummond 2 A Henderson 3 D Midgley 4 I Smith 5 P McCalister. Judges: H Jamieson, R MacShannon

B Piob: 1 X Bouderiou 2 G Canning 3 B McClamrock 4 N Hudson 5 R Cowan. Judges: A McLean, R Wallace

C Piob: R McKay 2 C Holmquist 3 J Simpson 4 J MacLeod 5 C Carswell. Judges: A Forbes, A Frater

Former Winners MSR: 1 C Beaumont 2 W McCallum 3 C Drummond 4 R MacLeod 5 G Brown
Judges: J Banks, W Cowan, R Worrall

JB Robertson March: 1 A Henderson 2 G Walker 3 C Beaumont 4 C Drummond 5 C Armstrong

Strachan Mem. MSR: 1 S Leask 2 J Hazzard 3 B McClamrock 4 R Miller 5 A McMichael. Judges: J Banks, W Cowan, R Worrall

B MSR: 1 L Dick 2 C Moffat 3 G Canning 4 A Hall 5 G Mulholland
Judges: E Anderson, D Ingram, C MacLellan

H McMillan Trophy: 1 C Watson 2 C Moffat 3 A Wilson
Judges: N Mulvie, J Taylor, W Wotherspoon

C MSR: 1 A Donaghy 2 E Gaul 3 R McKay 4 K Belcher 5 C Holmquist. Judges: H Jamieson, T Johnstone, R MacShannon

Beaton Jig: 1 C Beaumont 2 A Henderson 3 C Drummond
Judges: E Anderson, A Frater, I McLellan

B Jig: 1 S Leask 2 R Millar 3 A McMichael
Judges: E Anderson, A Frater, I McLellan

C H& J: 1 A Donnaghy 2 G McAllister 3 A Bell
Judges: R livingstone, J wilson, A Wright

Juv Piob: 1 C Craib 2 C Brown 3 K Shead
Judges: A Forbes, C MacLellan

Juv MSR: 1 C Brown 2 R McIsaac 3 H McLennan
Judges: N Mulvie, J Taylor, W Wotherspoon

Gaelic Air & Jig: 1 R McIsaac 2 C Brown 3 H McLennan

CLASP Grade 1  (7 played)
1. Gordon Hislop
2. Sean Maloney
3. Enora Morice
4. Brieuc Bozec
5. Ian Graham
6. Andrew Park
CLASP Grade 2  (10 played)
1. John Campbell
2. Tom Broderick
3. Gill Cairns
4. Andrea Zingg
5. James Carnegie

6. George Gordon

Glenfiddoch Piping
Blair Castle, Oct 24

Champion 2015: Angus MacColl
Runner-up: Stuart Liddell
Third: Roderick MacLeod

Balvenie Medal for Services to Piping: Catherine Paton, Strachur

1 Stuart Liddell, Laird of Anapool’s Lament
2 Angus MacColl, Red Speckled Bull
3 Roderick MacLeod, Old Men of the Shells
4 William McCallum, Earl of ross’s March
5 Finlay Johnston, Lament for the Union
Judges: I Morrison, J Wilson, W Wotherspoon

1 Angus MacColl
2 Roderick MacLeod
3 Stuart Liddell
4 Callum Beaumont
5 Bruce Gandy
Judges: C MacLellan, I McLellan, A Wright

Rosneath Games Piping Competitions, 18/10/15. These piping events, cancelled last July due to inclement weather, went ahead at Hermitage Academy, Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire.

‘A’ Piob
Four tunes asked for
1 Alasdair Henderson, I Gave a Kiss to the King’s Hand
2 Peter McCalister, Battle of the Pass of Crieff
3 Darach Urquhart, Big Spree
4 Mike Fitzhenry, Lament for MacSwan of Roaig
Judges: W Morrison, T Speirs
‘A’ March
1 Alasdair Henderson
2 Jonathan Greenlees
3 Donald MacPhee
4 Mike Fitzhenry
‘A’ S&R
1 Jonathan Greenlees
2 Mike Fitzhenry
3 Peter Hunt
4 Steven Leask
Judges for ‘A’ light music: B Donaldson, A Frater
‘B’ Piob
1 Duncan Beattie, I Gave a Kiss to the King’s Hand
2 Calum Watson, Hector MacLean’s Warning
3 Steven Leask, My King Has Landed in Moidart
4 Peter Hunt, Tulloch Ard
5 Katherine Belcher, Lament for Donald Duaghal MacKay
Judges: R Livingstone, N Mulvie
‘B’ March
1 Ross Miller
2 Duncan Beattie
3 Lachie Dick
4 Matt Fraser
5 John Cameron
‘B’ S&R
1 Ross Miller
2 Matt Fraser
3 Calum Wynd
4 Calum Watson
Judges for ‘B’ light music: B Donaldson, A Frater
‘C’ Piob
1 Jonathan Simpson, Lament for Donald of Laggan
2 John MacDonald, A Flame of Wrath
3 Ben Mulhearn, MacLeod’s Salute
4 Scott MacRae, Too Long in This Condition
Judges: D MacPhee, R Wallace
‘C’ March
1 Scott MacRae
2 Ross MacKay
3 Ben Mulhearn
4 Greg MacAllister
‘C’ S&R
1 Jonathan Simpson
2 Scott MacRae
3 Ross MacKay
4 John MacDonald

Judges for ‘C’ light music: W Morrison, T Speirs

Falkirk Tryst Contest for
Junior Pipers Aged U-21
October 10

The Falkirk Tryst
1. Calum Craib  (Benbecula)
2. Ryan Cupples-Menendez (Newtownards, NI)
3. Jamie Falconer
4. John Dew

The MacMurchie Contest
1. Ryan Cupples-Menendez
2. Calum Craib
3. Jamie Falconer
4. John Dew

Judges:  Logan Tannock and Blue MacMurchie
March & Deportment: Calum Craib
M&D Judge:  Pipe Major Davie Black MBE BEM

Northern Ireland Piper of the Year, Ballymena, October 10

1st Ashley McMichael
2nd James Fraser
3rd Kris Coyle
4th Kevin Rodgers

1st Kris Coyle (Lament for the Viscount of Dundee)
2nd Ben Greeves (Lady Margaret MacDonald’s Salute)
3rd Ashley McMichael (MacCrimmon’s Sweetheart)

Jig & H/Pipe
1st Kris Coyle
2nd James Fraser

Best Junior Piper: Ross Hume
Piper of the Year: Kris Coyle

The 33rd Nicol-Brown Amateur Invitational Piping Competition, October 10, 2015, Albany, NY. Judge: Callum Beaumont

Reader for the Piobaireachd: Daniel Cole. Master of Ceremonies: Donald F. Lindsay
Piobaireachd for the Nicol-Brown Chalice
1 KEVIN McLEAN, Red Speckled Bull
2 TYLER BRIDGE,  Big Spree
3 LAUREANO THOMAS-SANCHEZ, Battle of Auldearn No. 1
4 CHRISTIAN RHOADS, MacLeod’s Controversy
5 MAEGHAN BIELSKI, Lament for the Departure of King James
1 JAMES DYSON, Leaving Lunga, Loch Loskin, Sound of Sleat
2 MAEGHAN BIELSKI, Royal Scottish Pipers’ Society, Islay Ball, Brown Haired Maid
3 KEVIN McLEAN, Miss Elspeth Campbell, Ewe wi’ the Crookit Horn, Smith of Chilliechassie
4 TYLER BRIDGE, Donald MacLellan of Rothesay, Highland Harry, Thomson’s Dirk
5 CHRISTIAN RHOADS, Colin Thompson, John Roy Stewart, Alick C. MacGregorDonald MacLeod Memorial 6/8 March Competition
1 TYLER BRIDGE, Bonawe Highlanders, Dundee City Police Pipe Band
2 KEVIN McLEAN, Cameron MadFadyen, Jean Mauchline
3 CHRISTIAN RHOADS, Jean Mauchline, Capt. C.R. Lumsden
4 LAUREANO THOMAS-SANCHEZ , P/M Charles Timmers, George Sherriff
5 JAMES DYSON, The MacNeils of Ugadale, All the Blue Bonnets are Over the Border

Dress and Deportment: This prize is a special recognition for the effort and thought put into the presentation of performances, showing respect for the contest and bringing dignity to the music. Judged by Donald F. Lindsay: 1 MAEGHAN BIELSKI.

National Mod Piping, Oban, October 10

Ceol Mor
1 Jonathan Greenlees, Lament for Donald Duaghal MacKay (£150)
2 Angus J MacColl, MacLeod of Raasay’s Salute (£100)
3 Colin Campbell, Lament for John Morrison, Assynt House (£75)

1 Colin Campbell, Allan Dodd’s Farewell to Scotland, Cat Lodge, Kildonan (£100)
2 Decker Forrest, Glenfinnan Highland Gathering, John MacDougall Gillies, Drumlithie (£75)
3 Jonathan Greenlees, John MacDonald’s Welcome to South Uist, John Roy Stewart, Alick Cameron, Champion Piper (£50)

H&J (does not count towards the overall prize)
1 Decker Forrest, Ina MacKenzie, Over to Uist (£100)
2 Cameron MacDougall, Bobby Cuthbertson, John Paterson’s Mare (£75)
3 James MacPhee, Jim Tweedie’s Sea Legs, Alex MacDonald (£50)

Sheena J Nicol Trophy for Champion Piper on Piobaireachd preference: Jonathan Greenlees (£50). Judges for senior events: R Wallace, J Wilson.

1 Molly Perkins
2 Laura Robertson
3 Declan Malloy
4 Andrew MacNeill
5 Corey Anderson

U-13 March
1 Eilidh Morag MacPhee
2 Innes Munro
3 Eoseph Caimbeul

13-15 March
1 Angus Finlay MacPhee
2 Finlay Cameron
3 Eoghainn Peutan

13-15 S&R
1 Finlay Cameron
2 Angus Finlay MacPhee
3 Eoghainn Peutan

16-18 March
1 Brighde Chaimbeul
2 John Campbell
3 Donald C Stewart

16-18 S&R
1 John Campbell
2 Donald C Stewart
3 Brighde Chaimbeul

U-19 Ceol Mor
1 Brighde Chaimbeul (Lament for the Earl of Antrim), £50
2 Finlay Cameron, £30
3 Aaron Hossain, £20

Judges for all the above: A Forbes, I MacFadyen, A Maclean, W Morrison

Gairloch Iain Dall MacKay Memorial Competition, Sept 26
Chanter (two-part march):
1 Ruaridh Drennan
2 Andra Cumming
3 Andrew Martin
Novice March (four-part tune)
1 Max Grigor
2 Hardie Crawford
3 Calum CoghillU-15 Piob. Ground and Var 1.
1 Hamish Drennan, MacFarlane’s Gathering
2 John McLaren, Lament for Mary MacLeod
3 Ciaran Kellett, Struan Robertson’s SaluteU-15 MSR
1 Dougall McKiggan
2 Katrina Martin
3 John McLaren

Under 15 Champion: John McLaren (wins £50 and a week at a College of Piping seasonal school)

U-18 MSR
1 Archie Drennan
2 Frieda McKiggan
3 Connor Kellet

U-18 Piobaireachd
1 Connor Kellet, Cabar Feidh Gu Bragh
2 Archie Drennan, Old Men of the Shells
3 Eoghainn Peutan, Lament for Mary MacLeod

Judge for all the above: R Wallace

Under 18 Champion:  Archie Drennan (wins £150 John Burgess Bursary)

Ishbel MacAskill Prize for an Original Composition for Pipe or Fiddle: Archie MacLean with his tune Pulling Ragwort, a hornpipe. Archie wins a £100 voucher. This is the second year in a row that young Archie has won this competition.

Judges for composing competition:
D MacGillivray and R Wallace

Scottish Pipers’ Aassociation Amateur/Juvenile,
Sept 19

B grade march. 1. Jack Smith, 2. Kyle Johnstone, 3. Robert Allen
B grade S&R . 1. Jack Smith, 2. Kyle Johnstone, 3. Robert Allen

A Grade:
Piob. 1. Lewis Russell, 2. John Campbell, 3. Donald Stewart, 4. Harry MacLachlan
March. 1.Harry MacLachlan, 2. Donald Stewart, 3. Robbie MacIsaac, 4. Lewis Russell
S&R.  1. Robbie MacIsaac, 2. Harry MacLachlan, 3. Lewis Russell, 4. John Campbell
Jig. 1. Robbie MacIsaac, 2.Lewis Russell, 3. Christina Shaw, 4. Harry MacLachlan
Overall: Lewis Russell
Best under 15: Hazel Whyte

Judges: Roddy Livingstone, Neill Mulvie

All Ireland Solos, Sept 19, Dublin

U-14 4-part March
1 Emma Livingstone
2 Cian Flanagan
3 Emma Ferguson

U-16 4-part March
1 Ryan Couples Menendez
2 Samantha Coburn
3 Simon Thomson

Junior MSR A
1 Jonathon Simpson
2 Simon Grace
3 Sean Moloney

Junior MSR B
1 John McElmurry
2 Mark Hasson
3 Matthew Moore
Judge: Tim Farrelly

Intermediate Piping MSR
1 Ross Hume
2 Chris Earls
3 James Frazer
Judges: I Duncan, A Ronaldson

Senior Piping MSR
1 Kris Coyle
2 Ashley McMichael
3 Jonathan Lamberton
Judges: I Duncan, A Ronaldson

A Ceol Mor
1 Kris Coyle, Lament for the Viscount of Dundee
2 Ashley McMichael, Lament for Captain MacDougall
3 Peter Donnan, The Groat
Judge: R Wallace

B Ceol Mor
1 Jonathan Simpson, Corrienessan’s Salute
2 Jason McAllister, MacFarlane’s Gathering
3 Paul Brown, Lament for Donald of Laggan
Judge: R Wallace

Drumming- Senior
1 Michael McKenna, SLoT
2 William Glenholmes, Cullybackey
3 Stephen Creighton, SLoT

1 Marcus Wenlock, Cullybackey
2 Nicholas Harvey, RSPBA
3 Blake McVeigh, Inveraray

Junior A
1 Craig Brown, Boghall
2 Matthew Wenlock, Cullybackey
3 Glen Creighton, SLoT

Junior B
1 Craig Lawrie, Lomond and Clyde
2 David Murphy, New Ross
3 Matthew Cole, RSPBA

1 Eoin Rogers, SLoT
2 Richard Black, Tullylaggan
3 John McClean, RSPBA

1 Lee Montgomery, Tamlaght O’Crilly
2 Fionn Murphy, New Ross
3 Daniel Lynn, Cullybackey
Judges: Ciaran Mordaunt, Kohn Moneagle, Ian Lawson

Springbank Invitational, Campbeltown, Sept. 19

1 S Liddell – In Praise of Morag
2 W McCallum – Lament for the Earl of Antrim
3 R MacLeod – Lament for Donald Duaghal MacKay
4 A MacColl – Lament for Patrick Og MacCrimmon

1 A MacColl – Craig-n-Darroch, John MacDonald of Glencoe, Susan MacLeod, Maggie Cameron, Pretty Marion, Alick C. MacGregor
2 W McCallum – Mrs Duncan MacFadyen, Angus Campbell’s Farewell to Stirling, Dora MacLeod, Ewe Wi’ the Crookit Horn, Roddy MacDonald’s Fancy, John MacKechnie
3 S Liddell – Abercairney Highlanders, Clan MacColl, Cat Lodge, John Roy Stewart, Little Cascade, Cockerel in the Creel
4 I Speirs – Duchess of Edinburgh, Knightswood Ceilidh, Top of Craigvenow, Lady Loudon, Smith of Chilliechassie, Bessie MacIntyre

1 C Beaumont – Donald MacLeod, Loch Ness Monster
2 A MacColl – Kyle Howie’s Hornpipe, Skye
3 S Liddell – Raigmore, Biddy from Sligo
4 W McCallum – Dr MacInnes’s Fancy, John Paterson’s Mare

6/8 March
1 A MacColl – Tug Argan Gap
2 D Murray – Wee Toon
3 N Stewart – Angus MacVean
4 W McCallum, – MacNeill of Ugadale
Judges: IM Morrison, I MacFadyen, J Wilson

16th Robert Burns Piping Contest 5th September 2015; held in Dumfries Academy, Dumfries; supported by South West Scotland Piping & Drumming Academy

Judges were Pipe Major Ross McCrindle  & Sgt Andrew Reid from the Army  School of Bagpipe Music & Highland Drumming in Edinburgh by kind permission of Senior Pipe Major Martin McDonald. Prizes were presented by Andy McCartney representing the South West Scotland Piping & Drumming Academy. A total 45 competitors entered the Burns Piping Contest. Organiser Sheila Howat said she was ‘absolutely delighted’ five youngsters all played a complete piobaireachd.

Under 11 Chanter
1st Angela Murray Cup – Findlay Baillie, Sanquhar
2nd Robert Burns Festival Cup – Molly Robertson, Dumfries
3nd Adam Frazer Shield –  Billie Smith, Dumfries
4th Galabank Trophy – John Glendinning, Eastriggs

Under 14 Chanter
1st Tom Holmes Cup – Charlie Stitt, Eastriggs
2nd Grierson Cup – Harry Wilkinson, Annan
3rd  Ship Inn Cup – Heather Thompson, Eastriggs

Under 14 4-parted March
1st The McBurnie Cup – Luke Kennedy, Strathaven
2nd Provost J Groom Shield – Christopher Happs, Gorebridge
3rd George McBurnie Shield – Mae Cranmer, Dumfries
4th David McKie Shield – Hazel Whyte, Larkhall
5th Tony Turner Cup – Euan Patterson, Sanquhar

Under 16 March, Strathspey & Reel
1st British Nuclear Fuels Cup – Christopher Happs, Gorebridge
2nd Gallovidian Cup – Kyle Currie, Dumfries
3rd John McQueen Trophy – Luke Kennedy, Strathaven
4th The Holywood Trust Trophy – Harry McGowan, Dumfries

Under 18 March, Strathspey & Reel
1st The PenmanTrophy – Connor Jardine, Airdrie
2nd Border Gathering Shield-  Kyle Currie, Dumfries
3rd Lochar Cup – Callum Bertram, Greenlea
4th Brian Conchie Cup – Bethany Hanley, Dumfries

Under 18 Hornpipe & Jig
1st Allan Baldwick Cup – James Costin, Maryport
2nd John Dowson Cup – Callum Bertram, Dumfries
3rd Callum Watson Shield – Bethany Hanley, Dumfries
4th Shirley Bell Cup – Christopher Happs, Gorebridge

Under 21 Slow Air, Hornpipe & Jig
1st Russell Brown Cup – Connor Jardine, Airdrie
2nd Bradford Cup-  James Costin, Maryport
3rd John Agnew MBE Cup – Callum Bertram, Greenlea
4th RMT Shield – Bethany Hanley, Dumfries

Under 21 Piobaireachd –
1st D & G Burns Trust Festival Cup – Connor Jardine, Airdrie
2nd D & G Burns Trust Festival Cup – 1 Bethany Hanley, Dumfries
3rd D & G Burns Trust Festival Cup 2 – Luke Kennedy, Strathaven
4th McCall of Brookfield Quaich –  Mae Cranmer, Dumfries
5th Robison & Davidson Shield – Christopher Happs, Gorebridge


Sept. 6

Open Piobaireachd
1. William McCallum – Lament for the Children
2. Peter Hunt – Tulloch Ard
3. Andrew Hall – The Battle of Auldearn (No. 2)

Open 2/4 March
1. William McCallum
2. Peter Hunt
3. Andrew Hall

Open Strathspey & Reel
1. William McCallum
2. Peter Hunt
3. Andrew Hall

Open 6/8 March
1. Peter Hunt
2. William McCallum
3. Andrew Hall

Open Hornpipe & Jig
1. Andrew Hall
2. William McCallum
3. Peter Hunt

Overall Open Champion – William McCallum

B/C Grade Piobaireachd
1. Peter Hunt – The Groat
2. Roger Huth – The Little Spree
3. David Rischmiller – Lament for the Earl of Antrim
4. Callum Carslaw – The Earl of Ross’s March
5. Edward Lavender – Lady MacDonald’s Lament

B/C Grade 2/4 March
1. Roger Huth
2. Callum Carslaw
3. David Rischmiller
4. Edward Lavender

B/C Grade Strathspey & Reel
1. Callum Carslaw
2. Edward Lavender
3. Roger Huth
4. David Rischmiller

B/C Grade 6/8 March
1. Callum Carslaw
2. Roger Huth
3. Edward Lavender
4. David Rischmiller

B/C Grade Hornpipe & Jig
1. Callum Carslaw
2. Roger Huth
3. Edward Lavender
4. David Rischmiller

Overall B/C Grade Champion – Callum Carslaw

Amateur (CLASP) & Juvenile events held Saturday 5th September, overall champions as follows:-

CLASP Grade 1   Robert Frater
CLASP Grade 2   Gill Cairns
CLASP Grade 3   Lachlan MacDonald

Under -18   Kyle Shead
Under – 14 Brodie Watson-Massey
Under 14 & under 18 overall champions each receive a tuition bursary sponsored by the Scottish Piping Society of London.

Adjudicators for all Chatsworth events: Tom Speirs & Roddy Livingstone.

Sept 6

Bright sunny day; low entry in the Open Piob; better in the B & C.
1 E McIlwaine, King’s Taxes
2 D Urquhart, Donald Duaghal MacKay
3 D Wilton, Old Men of the Shells
4 J Hazzard, MacNeill of Barra’s March
Judge: A Wright

A/B March
1 G Canning
2 E Ouellette
3 A McMichael
4 K Coyle

1 E Ouellette
2 A McMichael
3 R Miller
4 K Coyle

‘B’ Piob
1 N Hudson, Lord Lovat’s Lament
2 A McMichael
3 E Ouellette
4 G Canning
5 R Millar
Judges: C MacLellan, D Murray

‘C” Piob
1 L Dick, MacCrimmon’s Sweetheart
2 K Kinove
3 J Simpson
4 B Mulhearn
5 J MacDonald
Judges: P Henderson, I Speirs

‘C’ March
1 J Simpson
2 A Gray
3 J MacDonald
4 B Mulhearn

‘C’ S&R
1 J Simpson
2 J MacDonald
3 C Ross
4 E Gaul

Jimmy MacGregor Quaich for best C Grade piper: Jonathan Simpson

Local Junior March
1 J Ednie
2 B Anderson
3 C Donaldson

U-18 March
1 J Ednie
2 C Jardine
3 L Russell
4 D Stewart

U-18 S&R
1 C Jardine
2 L Russell
3 D Stewart
4 J Ednie

U-18 Champion: C Jardine

Braemar Gathering
Sept 5

A bitterly cold day on Royal Deeside. Twenty two pipers played in the ceol mor. The standard was good among the prizewinners but there were many fine tunes ruined by cold fingers and chanter reeds simply seizing up.

Piobaireachd for the Braemar Gold Medal (the winner receives no prizemoney only the medal which is valued at over £1,000):

1 Gordon McCready, Battle of the Pass of Crieff (pictured top)
2 Nick Hudson, Lord Lovat’s Lament
3 John Angus Smith, Isabel MacKay
4 Innes Smith, Lament for Donald Duaghal MacKay
5 Andrew Lee, Big Spree
6 Ed McIlwaine, Blue Ribbon
Judges: M McRae, R Wallace, D Watson; eight tunes asked for

1 Jori Chisholm
2 Ashley McMichael
3 Craig Muirhead
4 Ursa Beckford
5 Greig Canning
6 Nick Hudson

1 Jori Chisholm
2 Eric Ouellette
3 Ashley McMichael
4 Graham Mulholland
5 Andrew Lee
6 G McCready
Judges: J Banks, S Samson, A Wright

Champion Piper trophy and Overseas Medal went to Jori Chisholm.

Northern Meeting
Sept 3/4

Highland Society of London’s Gold Medal
1 Finlay Johnston, Farewell to the Laird of Islay, £500
2 Ian K MacDonald, End of the High Bridge, £350
3 Gordon McCready, Lady Mgt. MacDonald’s Salute, £200
4 William Geddes, Lament for Donald Duaghal MacKay, £150
5 Jamie Troy, Lament for MacLeod of Colbeck, £100
Judges: W Livingstone, J MacDougall, W Wotherspoon; 25 played

Silver Medal
1 Sean McKeown, Lament for the Only Son £300
2 Connor Sinclair, £200
3 Sandy Cameron, £100
4 Andrew Lee, £75
5 Sarah Muir, £50
Judges: JD MacKenzie, M McRae, J Wilson; 28 played

Royal Scottish Pipers’ Society Silver Star Former Winners’ MSR
1 Bruce Gandy £500
2 William McCallum £350
3 Angus MacColl £200
4 Niall Stewart £150
5 Stuart Liddell £100
Judges: I Duncan, I MacFadyen, W Morrison

Gold Clasp (for former winners of the Gold Medal)
1 £500 Callum Beaumont, MacLeod of Colbeck’s Lament
2 £350 Angus MacColl, Lament for the Earl of Antrim
3 £200 Stuart Liddell, Lament for Donald Ban MacCrimmon
4 £150 Andrew Hayes, Lament for Patrick Og
5 £100 William McCallum, Lament for the Children
Judges: IM Morrison, J Taylor, R Wallace

Champion Piper: Angus MacColl Snr.

1 Finlay Johnston £250
2 Calum Beaumont £175
3 Alistair Lee, £100
4 Alasdair Henderson, £75
5 Craig Sutherland, £50
Judges: W Cowan, P/M IM Morrison, R Worrall; 30 played

‘B’ Grade MSR
1 £125 Angus J MacColl
2 £100 Sarah Muir
3 £75 Sandy Cameron
4 £50 Greig Canning
5 £30 Andrew Lee
Judges: W Livingstone, M McRae, W Morrison

‘A’ Hornpipe & Jig
1 £150 Sean McKeown
2 £125 Jamie Troy
3 £100 Alex Gandy
4 £75 Ian K MacDonald
5 £50 Angus D MacColl
Judges: W Cowan, I MacFadyen, J Wilson

‘B’ Hornpipe & Jig
1 £75 Calum Moffat
2 £60 Ben Duncan
3 £50 Angus J MaColl
4 £40 James MacHattie
5 £30 Matt Wilson
Judges: JD MacKenzie, W Wotherspoon

Under 18 Piobaireachd
1 £70 Brighde Chaimbeul
2.£60 Cameron Sharp
3 £50 Calum Brown
4 £40 Connor Jardine
Judges: I Duncan, R Livingstone

Under 18 MSR
1 £70 Calum Brown
2 £60 Brighde Chaimbeul
3 £50 Harrison MacLennan
4 £40 Connor Jardine
Judges: J Jackson, R Worrall

Under 15 Piobaireachd
1 £50 Gavin MacKay
2 £40 Andrew Ferguson
3 £30 Finlay Cameron
4 £20 Angus MacPhee
Judges: J Jackson, R Worrall

Under 15 MSR
1 £50 Robbie MacIsaac
2 £40 Finlay Cameron
3 £30 Jordan Edrie
4 £20 Gavin MacKay
Judges: I Duncan, R Livingstone

Dress & Deportment-Boys £20: Harrison MacLennan
Dress & Deportment – Girls £20: Holly Fredlander

Birnam Games
Aug. 30

Healthy entry: 20 registered,18 played. Decent weather with only a little rain. Before announcing the March and Strathspey/Reel results, Piping Steward Elspeth Badger said to the competitors: ‘The judges wanted me to convey that it was a very difficult competition to judge. It was one of the highest standards they’ve seen in a while. Just because someone didn’t get a prize doesn’t mean they didn’t play well.’ And the piobaireachd judges commented: ‘It was a very good contest, a number of good tunes that didn’t make the prize list.’

1. Ben McClamrock, Red Speckled Bull
2. Andrew Wright, The Groat
3. Ursa Beckford, Unjust Incarceration
4. Graham Mulholland
5 Jonathan Greenlees, Lament for Donald Duaghal MacKay
Judges: Gordon & Ronnie Clark

1. Eric Ouellette
2. Chris Armstrong
3. Nick Hudson
4. Greig Canning
5. Jori Chisholm
Judges: Andrew Wright, George Lumsden

Strathspey & Reel
1. Ben McClamrock
2. Chris Armstrong
3. Nick Hudson
4. Eric Ouellette
5. Ursa Beckford
Judges: Andrew Wright, George Lumsden

1. Darach Urquhart
2. Dan Lyden
3. Chris Armstrong
4. Eric Ouellette
5. Ursa Beckford
Judge: Robert Barnes

Overall Award: Chris Armstrong

Cowal Games

‘A’ Piob: 1 Jamie Forrester 2 James McHattie 3 Jori Chisholm 4 Derek Midgley 5 Alasdair Henderson.

‘A’ Grade March: 1 Alasdair Henderson 2 Andrew Carlisle 3 Ben Duncan 4 Gordon McCready 5 Derek Midgley

‘A’ Grade S&R: 1 Alasdair Henderson 2 Andrew Lee 3 Gordon McCready 4 James McHattie 5 Jonathan Greenlees

‘B’ Piob – 10 finalists from two heats of 13 each.
1 Ursa Beckford 2 Andrew Hall 3 Callum Watson 4 Dan Lyden 5 Sarah Muir
Judges: Andrew Wright & Andrew Frater judged.

‘B’ Grade March: 1 Sandy Cameron 2 Calum Watson 3 Keith Bowes 4 Ursa Beckford 5 Jonathan Lamberton

‘B’ Grade S&R: 1 Calum Watson 2 Kris Coyle 3 Cameron MacDougall 4 Andy Wilson 5 Jacob Dicker

Argyllshire Gathering
26 & 27 Aug.

Gold Medal (8 tunes own choice)
1 JA Smith, Lament for Donald Duaghal MacKay (£500)
2 Jamie Troy, Laird of Anapool’s Lament (£350)
3 James MacHattie, MacNeill of Barra’s March (£200)
4 Andrew Carlisle, Lament for the Earl of Antrim (£150)
5 Alasdair Henderson, Big Spree (£100)
Judges: W Morrison, J Taylor, R Worrall
Argyllshire Gathering Silver Medal (six tunes own choice)
1 Sandy Cameron, Blind Piper’s Obstinacy (£300)
2 Sean McKeown, Isabel MacKay (£250)
3 Ed Bush, Earl of Seaforth’s Salute (£100)
4 Mike Fitzhenry, Lament for Donald Duaghal MacKay (£75)
5 Sarah Muir, Lament for Captain MacDougall (£50)
Judges: P Henderson, R MacShannon, A Forbes
Senior Piobaireachd (prescribed list of MacCrimmon tunes recommended by the Piobaireachd Society’s Music Committee)
1 S Liddell, Lament for the Earl of Antrim (£500)
2 I Speirs, Patrick Og MacCrimmon’s Lament (£350)
3 A Hayes, Lament for the Duke of Hamilton (£200)
4 F Johnston, Lament for the Earl of Antrim (£150)
5 F Henderson(£100)
Judges: W Livingstone, I MacFadyen, J Wilson
MacGregor Memorial
1 Charles MacDonald, Old Men of the Shells (£100)
2 John Dew, Lachlan MacNeill Campbell’s Fancy(£75)
3 Callum Watson, Hector MacLean’s Warning (£50)
4 Ross Miller, MacLeod of Raasay’s Salute (£40)
Pipers played in two heats with four from each going through to the final. Other finalists were: Seumas O’Baoighill, Cameron Sharp, Calum Wynd, Campbell Webster
Former Winners’ MSR (six tunes of each submitted)
1 Angus MacColl (£500)
2 Stuart Liddell (£350)
3 William McCallum (£200)
4 Alastair Lee (£150)
5 Gordon McCready (£100)
Judges: J Banks, I McLellan, S Samson
The Royal Celtic Society was awarded to the Champion Piper Stuart Liddell who gained most points in the Senior Piobaireachd and the Former Winners’ MSR. Points: 1st = 4, 2nd=3, 3rd=2, 4th=1.
‘A’ Grade March Final
1 Alasdair Henderson (£130)
2 Callum Beaumont (£100)
3 Jamie Troy (£75)
4 Innes Smith (£60)
5 Peter Hunt (£50)
6 Euan MacCrimmon(£30)
Judges: J Banks, W Livingstone, R MacShannon
‘A’ Grade S&R Final
1 Alasdair Henderson (£130)
2 Iain Speirs (£100)
3 Mike Fitzhenry (£75)
4 Gordon McCready (£60)
5 Sean McKeown (£50)
6 Jamie Troy (£30)
Judges: B Donaldson, I MacFadyen, S Samson‘B’ Grade March
1 Angus J MacColl (£90)
2 Andrew Lee (£65)
3 Liam Kernaghan (£55)
4 Greig Wilson (£45)
5 George Stewart (£35)
Judges: W Morrison, R Wallace, J Wilson
‘B’ Grade S&R
1 Sarah Muir (£90)
2 Ben Duncan (£65)
3 James MacHattie (£55)
4 Decker Forrest (£45)
5 Liam Kernaghan (£35)
Judges: A Frater, I McLellan, A Wright.The Angus Nicol Quaich and £100 will be presented to the Champion Piper in the Silver Medal and ‘B’ Grade ceol beag: Angus J MacColl and Sarah Muir.
Open Jig
1 Fred Morrison (£85)
2 Alasdair Henderson (£60)
3 Jenny Hazzard (£50)
4 Sarah Muir (£40)
5 James MacHattie (£30)
Judges: A Forbes, P Henderson, R Worrall
Junior MSR
1 Ross Connor, Campbeltown
2 Gregor MacDonald, Oban
3 Kate MacPherson, Oban
Local March
1 Ronald Telfer
2 Donald MacDougall
3 Aaron Hossain
4 Jamie Baxter
Local S &R
1 Donald MacDougall
2 Alastair MacLean
3 Jamie Baxter
4 Ronald Telfer
Judges: M McRae, J Taylor, B Wotherspoon

Duke of Argyll’s Bursary for best Local Piper (£200): Ross Connor

Lochaber Gathering

P/A Grade Ceol Mor – Gold Lochaber Axe
1 Mike Fitzhenry, Park Piob No2
2 William McCallum
3 Callum Beaumont
4 Euan MacCrimmon
Judges: I MacFadyen, A Forbes; 17 entered

B/C Grade Ceol Mor – Silver Lochaber Axe
1 Colin Campbell, Corrienessan’s Salute
2 Andrew Wright, MacNeill of Barra’s March
3 Nick Hudson, Lament for the Children
4 Andrew Hall, Battle of Auldearn No 2
Judges: A Maclean, R Wallace; 27 entered; Pipers played in two heats, three from each going forward to the final. Other finalists Liam Kernaghan, Graham Mulholland.

P/A Grade March – Lochaber Gathering Medal
1 William McCallum
2 Derek Midgley
3 Colin Campbell
4 Jenny Hazzard
Judges: I MacFadyen, A Forbes

P/A Grade S&R
1 William McCallum
2 Michael Fitzhenry
3 Derek Midgley
4 Callum Beaumont
Judges: I MacFadyen, A Forbes

B Grade MSR
1 Ursa Beckford
2 Ross Cowan
3 Nick Hudson
4 Charles MacDonald
Judge: R Wallace; 21 played

Open H&J (44 entered, 36 played)
1 William McCallum
2 Derek Midgley
3 John Angus Smith
4 Jamie Forrester
Judges’s comment: A very high standard competition; some excellent instruments and a difficult contest to judge.
Judge: A Maclean


18 & Under Ceol Mor
1 Brigdhe Chaimbeul
2 Harris MacLennan
3 Connor Jardine

18 & Under MSR
1 Connor Jardine
2 Brighde Chaimbeul
3 Harris MacLennan

18 & Under H&J
1 Harris MacLennan
2 Connor Jardine
3 Brighde Chaimbeul

15 & Under Ceol Mor
1 Finlay Cameron
2 Angus MacPhee
3 Calum Craib

15 & Under MSR
1 Calum Craib
2 Angus MacPhee
3 Finlay Cameron

15 & Under H&J
1 Calum Craib
2 Finlay Cameron
3 Eosaph Caimbeul

Youngest competitor prize: Eosaph Caimbeul
Judge for all junior events: W Geddes.

Glen Isla Games

Nice weather at the light-music-only Glen Isla games. All of 6 played. Here are the results:

1. Liam Kernaghan, NZ – above
2. Nick Hudson, USA
3. Andrew Wright, Dundee
4. William Rowe, NZ
5. Dan Lyden, USA

1. Nick Hudson
2. Liam Kernaghan
3. Jonathan Simpson, Bo’ness
4. William Rowe
5. Dan Lyden

Jigs (2 tunes):
1. Jonathan Simpson
2. Nick Hudson
3. Liam Kernaghan
4. William Rowe
5. Dan Lyden

Judges for all events: Murray Henderson, Ian Duncan, Major Gibb

Cortachy Games


1 Ursa Beckford
2 Nick Hudson
3 Palmer Shonk

1 Ursa Beckford
2 Nick Hudson
3 Anna Kummerlow

1 Ursa Beckford
2 William Rowe
3 Anna Kummerlow
Nine played: Judge: G Mitchelson

Ballater Games

1 Andrew Donlon
2 Anna Kummerlow
3 Matt Pantaleoni
4 Allan Russell

1 Andrew Donlon
2 Allan Russell
3 Edward Gaul
4 Andy Wright

Strathspey and Reel
1 Andy Wright
2 Allan Russell
3 Matt Pantaleoni
4 Edward Gaul

Lonach Games

Jack Taylor reports: Slightly cool at times at Lonach but otherwise good conditions. Only four in piob. so D Watson and J Taylor made up the numbers, rearranging judging duties accordingly.


1 David Wilton – Old Men of the Shells
2. Edward Gaul – Earl of Seaforth
3. Michel Mael Sicard – Lady Margaret MacDonald
4.  Eric Oullette – MacCrimmon’s Sweetheart
5. Duncan Watson – Kings Taxes
6. Jack Taylor – Princes Salute.

Judges: Ian Duncan James Hamilton

1 E Oullette
2 D Wilton
3 Michel Mael Sicard
4 E Gaul
5 R Shand

1 E Oullette
2 D Wilton
3 Michel Mael Sicard
4 E Gaul
5 R Shand

Tune composed by Willie Grant.

1 E Oulette
2 D Wilton

Tain Games

Weather hot and sunny.

1st– Andrew Macgillivray, Calrossie (Lament for Donald of Laggan)
2nd– Michael Macgillivray, Calrossie
3rd– Jonathon Simpson, Bo’ness
4th– Andreas Hambsch, Germany

1st–Andrew Macgillivray
2nd–Jonathon Simpson
3rd–Michael Macgillivray
4th–Andreas Hambsch.

1st–Jonathon Simpson
2nd–Michael Macgillivray
3rd–Andrew Macgillivray
4th–Sush Kulnge, Germany

1st–Jonathon Simpson
2nd–Steven McCabe
3rd–Michael Macgillivray
4th–Andrew Macgillivray

All events judged by Jimmy Jackson

Glenfinnan Games

1. Finlay Johnston
2. Ian K. MacDonald
3. Finlay Clark
4. Robert Gray
Judge: Malcolm MacRae

March (Twice Over):
1. Finlay Johnston
2. Ian K. MacDonald
3. Nick Hudson
4. Matt Pantaleoni

1. Ian K. MacDonald
2. Nick Hudson
3. Finlay Johnston
4. Matt Pantaleoni
Judge for both light music events: Iain MacFadyen

NPC Masters Chanmpionship


1 R MacLeod, Earl of Ross’s March
2 I Speirs, Lament for MacLeod of Colbeck
3 C Beaumont, Lament for the Children
4 F Johnston, Lament for Donald Ban MacCrimmon
Judges: W Wotherspoon, C MacLellan, S Shedden

1 S Liddell, Abeecairney Highlanders, Cat Lodge, Little Cascade
2 G McCready, Glengarry Gathering, Piper’s Bonnet, Drumlithie
3 F Johnston, Inverlochy Castle, Cabar Feidh, Rejected Suitor
4 IK MacDonald, P/M J Stewart, JR Stewart, MacAllister’s Dirk
Judges: W Cowan, I McLellan, W Morrison

Overall: R MacLeod

Roseneath Juniors

Adjudicator Neil Mulvie.


1st Ruraidh Sutcliffe
2nd Lewis Sutcliffe
3rd Brogan Sutcliffe
4th Tegan McKay

1st Ruraidh Sutcliffe
2nd Lewis Sutcliffe

Overall trophy Winner – Ruraidh Sutcliffe
Best competitor 12 years and under – Brogan Sutcliffe


1st Ross Connor
2nd Andrew Aitken
3rd Ruraidh Sutcliffe
4th Lewis Sutcliffe
5th Tegan McKay
6th Brogan Sutcliffe

1st Ross Connor
2nd Andrew Aitken
3rd Lewis Sutcliffe
4th Ruraidh Sutcliffe

Overall winner – Ross Connor

Best Competitor 14 and under – Ross Connor

1st Lewis Russell
2nd John Campbell
3rd Ross Connor
4th Andrew Aitken

1st Lewis Russell
2nd John Campbell
3rd Ross Connor
4th Andrew Aitken

Overall winner – Lewis Russell

1st John Campbell
2nd Lewis Russell
3rd Ross Connor


Nethybridge Games

Eight players. Dry weather with a bit of sun.
All events judged by Duncan Watson and Norman Matheson.

1 Ursa Beckford, Lament for the Children
2 Anna Kummerlöw, Battle of Auldearn No 1
3 Andrew Donlon, Rory MacLoude’s Lament
4 Matt Pantaleoni, Lament for MacSwan of Roaig
5 Dr Jack Taylor, Craigellachie
6 Elizabeth Sheridan, I Gave a Kiss to the King’s Hand

1. Ursa Beckford
2. Anna Kummerlöw
3. Andrew Donlon
4. Matt Pantaleoni

1. Ursa Beckford
2. Andrew Donlon
3. Anna Kummerlöw
4. Matt Pantaleoni

1. Anna Kummerlöw
2. Ursa Beckford
3. Elisabeth Sheridan
4. Bill Peters


Cloudy but dry day at Perth with 33 pipers entered in the senior, graded, events. Champion Piper: Gordon McCready.

P/A Piob
1 W Geddes, Old Men of the Shells
2 G McCready, Big Spree
3 J Hazzard, Lady Margaret MacDonald’s Salute
4 D Midgley, Prince’s Salute
5 D Urquhart, MacLeod of Raasay’s Salute
Judges: A Wright, M McRae

March Final
1 G McCready
2 B Duncan
3 D Midgley
4 C Sinclair
5 W Geddes
Judges: A MacLean, S Samson

S&R Final
1 G McCready
2 C Sinclair
3 W Geddes
4 B Duncan
5 N Hudson
Judges: D Murray, J Hamilton

Jig Final
1 E Ouellette
2 C Watson
3 G McCready
4 C Sinclair
5 J Hazzard
Judges: R Clark, W Wotherspoon

B Piob
1  E Ouellette
2  B Duncan
3  G Stewart
4  M Sicard -Cras
5  A Kummerlöw / G Mulholland
Judges: P Henderson, C MacLellan

C Piob
1 C Wynd
2 L Dick
3 J Simpson
4 J Teerlink
5 A Hambsch

Junior March
1 C Craib
2 H Fredlander
3 D Muir
4 L Brown
5 A MacPhee

Junior S&R
1 D Muir
2 C Craib
3 F Frame
4 A MacPhee
5 L Brown


11 competed on a bright day.

1. Gordon Barclay
2. Nick Hudson
3. James MacPhee
4. Brian Lamond

1. Nick Hudson
2. Jenny Hazzard
3. Brian Lamond
4. James MacPhee

1. James MacPhee
2. Nick Hudson
3. Jenny Hazzard
4. Brian Lamond

1. Brian Lamond
2. Jenny Hazzard
3. Emily-Kate MacLellan
4. Nick Hudson

John Don MacKenzie judged all events.
Champion Piper: Nick Hudson



Good, slightly chilly weather with just a bit of mist here and there. 19 played – a very healthy turnout in the far north with US pipers making their mark.

1. Nick Hudson, Lament for Donald Duaghal MacKay
2. Anna Kummerlow, Battle of Auldearn
3. Matt Pantaleoni, Lament for MacSwan of Roaig
4. Ursa Beckford, Black Donald’s March
Judges: John Don MacKenzie, Jimmy Jackson

1. Brian Lamond
2. Nick Hudson
3. Matt Pantaleoni
4. Andrew Donlon

1. Brian Lamond
2. Matt Pantaleoni
3. Nick Hudson
4. Ross Miller

1. Brian Lamond
2. Ursa Beckford
3. Nick Hudson
4. Ross Miller
5. Andreas Hambsch
Judge for all light music events: Archie MacLean

Skye Gathering
Aug 4/5

Dunvegan Medal
1 C Drummond, Lament for the Earl of Antrim
2 A Henderson, Rory MacLoude’s Lament
3 D Urquhart, Lament for Donald Duaghal MacKay
4 J Forrester, Lament for Patrick Og MacCrimmon
5 C Campbell, Too Long in this Condition
Judges: I Morrison, M McRae, D McNeill

Col. Jock MacDonald Clasp (for former winners of the Dunvegan Medal)
1 C Drummond, Rory MacLoude’s Lament
2 W Geddes, Lament for MacSwan of Roaig
3 C Beaumont, MacLeod of Colbeck’s Lament
Judges: I MacFadyen, M McRae, A Forbes

6/8 March
1 R MacLeod
2 S Liddell
3 C Campbell
4 JA Smith
5 J Forrester
Judges: I MacFadyen, A Forbes

1 A Carlisle
2 JA Smith
3 D Midgley
4 A Hall
5 D Forrest
Judges: as 6/8
Pipers played the jig after their 6/8.


Kemble Star March
1 S Liddell
2 R MacLeod
3 C Drummond
4 J Forrester
5 A Hall

Peter MacFarquhar Star S&R
1 S Liddell
2 C Beaumont
3 D Midgley
4 M Elder
5 J Hazzard
33 played on the Weds.

Champion Piper: Cameron Drummond

Silver Chanter
Aug 5

Iain Spiers won his fifth MacCrimmon Memorial Silver Chanter in a high standard competition held at Dunvegan Castle, Isle of Skye.

His tune was MacLeod of Colbeck’s Lament. The large crowd in the castle drawing room heard quality ceol mor from all contestants/recitalists.
Judge was Iain Murdo Morrison.

Other competitors:
Callum Beaumont, Lament for the Children
William Geddes, Lament for Donald Duaghal MacKay
Stuart Liddell, Lament for Patrick Og MacCrimmon
Roderick MacLeod, Earl of Ross’ March
Douglas Murray, Lament for the Earl of Antrim

Arisaig Games
Aug 1

1 Angus MacColl
2 Decker Forrest
3 Ben Duncan
4 Andrew Hall
5 Sandy Cameron
Judge: Archie MacLean

1 Angus MacColl
2 Andrew Hall
3 Decker Forrest
4 Ben Duncan
Judge: Iain MacFadyen

Strathspey & Reel
1 Angus MacColl
2 Sandy Cameron
3 Decker Forrest
4 Andrew Hall
Judge: Iain MacFadyen

1 Angus MacColl
2 Sandy Cameron
3 Decker Forrest
4 Jonathan Simpson
Judge: Iain MacFadyen

Aboyne Games
Aug 1

1 G McCready (Lady Mgt. MacDonald’s Salute)
2 U Beckford
3 A Russell
4 G Canning
5 D Watson
Judges: N Mathieson, M McRae, W Wotherspoon

1 G McCready
2 A Russell
3 J Greenlees
4 C Sutherland

1 D Wilton
2 G McCready
3 A Russell
4 J Greenlees

1 G McCready
2 U Beckford
3 A Hall
4 R McIsaac
Champion Piper: Gordon McCready

Newtonmore Games
Aug 1

1 Derek Midgley (Patrick Og)
2 Matt Pantaleoni (King’s Taxes)
3 Sandy Cameron (MacLeod of Raasay)
4 Jamie Forrester

1 Jamie Forrester
2 Matt Pantaleoni
3 Sandy Cameron
4 Jonathan Simpson

1 Sandy Cameron
2 Matt Pantaleoni
3 Charlie MacDonald
4 Jamie Forrester

1 Jamie Forester
2 Sandy Cameron
3 Matt Pantaleoni
4 Gordon Barclay

Overall: Matt Pantaleoni

Pacific Northwest Highland Games, Enumclaw WA

Robert MacNeill reports: Ninety-three  solo players and 14 bands competed in very changeable weather. The event concluded with the announcement of the BCPA season long championship Grand Aggregate Awards. The Grand Aggregate Award winners and partial results of the 2015 Pacific Northwest Highland Games are listed below with complete results to be posted at later on July 28.

Open: Alastair Lee
Grade 1: Kevin McLean
Grade 2: Alexander MacLeod
Grade 3: Alistair Bevan
Grade 4: Peyton Stewart
Grade 5: Weston Kennedy
Beginner: Callum Bevan
Adult: Maureen Soichuk

Open: Grant Maxwell
Grade 1: Kelsey Dougan
Grade 2: Jake Mix
Grade 3: Aidan Palmer
Grade 4: Alonso Cruz
Beginner: Meriel McLaughlin

Open: Terrance Cadiente
Grade 1: Bridget Hall
Grade 2: Lochlynn Camp & Courtney Kay
Beginner: Dana Johnston

Grade 1: Simon Fraser University
Grade 2: Robert Malcolm Memorial II
Grade 3: Greighlan Crossing
Grade 4: Northwest Junior
Grade 5: Robert Malcolm Memorial V


Grade 1 Overall
1st Simon Fraser University
2nd Dowco Triumph Street
Best Drum Corps: Simon Fraser University

Grade 1 Medley (Saturday)
1st Simon Fraser University
2nd Dowco Triumph Street
Best Drum Corps: Simon Fraser University

Grade 1 March, Strathspey & Reel (Saturday)
1st Simon Fraser University
2nd Dowco Triumph Street
Best Drum Corps: Simon Fraser University

Grade 1 Medley (Sunday)
1st Simon Fraser University (on ensemble preference)
2nd Dowco Triumph Street
Best Drum Corps: Simon Fraser University

Grade 1 March, Strathspey & Reel (Sunday)
1st Simon Fraser University (on ensemble preference)
2nd Dowco Triumph Street
Best Drum Corps: Simon Fraser University

Grade 2 Overall
1st Robert Malcolm Memorial II
2nd Portland Metro
Best Drum Corps: Robert Malcolm Memorial II

Grade 2 Medley
1st Robert Malcolm Memorial II
2nd Portland Metro
Best Drum Corps: Robert Malcolm Memorial II

Grade 2 March, Strathspey & Reel
1st Robert Malcolm Memorial II
2nd Portland Metro
Best Drum Corps: Robert Malcolm Memorial II

Grade 3 Overall
1st Greighlan Crossing
2nd Robert Malcolm Memorial III
3rd Columbia Regional
Best Drum Corps: Greighlan Crossing and Robert Malcolm Memorial III

Grade 3 Medley
1st Greighlan Crossing
2nd Robert Malcolm Memorial III
3rd Columbia Regional
Best Drum Corps: Greighlan Crossing

Grade 3 March, Strathspey & Reel
1st Robert Malcolm Memorial III
2nd Greighlan Crossing
3rd Columbia Regional
Best Drum Corps: Robert Malcolm Memorial III

Grade 4 Overall
1st Northwest Junior
2nd Keith Highlanders IV
3rd Portland Metro Youth
Best Drum Corps: Northwest Junior and Clan Gordon

Grade 4 Medley
1st Northwest Junior
2nd Portland Metro Youth (on ensemble preference)
3rd Keith Highlanders IV
Best Drum Corps: Northwest Junior

Grade 4 Quick Marches Set
1st Northwest Junior
2nd Keith Highlanders IV
3rd Portland Metro Youth
Best Drum Corps: Clan Gordon

Aggregate: Alastair Lee

March, Strathspey & Reel
1st Andrew Lee
2nd John Lee
3rd Joseph Stewart
4th Liam Hilder
5th Zephan Knichel

1st Jori Chisholm
2nd John Lee
3rd Alastair Lee
4th Andrew Lee
5th Joseph Stewart

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Alastair Lee
2nd Andrew Lee
3rd Joseph Stewart
4th John Lee

1st Alastair Lee
2nd Zephan Knichel
3rd Andrew Lee
4th John Lee
5th Brian McKenzie
6th Joseph Stewart

Aggregate: Grant Maxwell

March, Strathspey & Reel
1st Grant Maxwell
2nd Andrew Miller

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Grant Maxwell
2nd Andrew Miller

Aggregate: Mackenzie Webster

March, Strathspey & Reel
1st Mackenzie Webster

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Mackenzie Webster

Hallkirk Games, Caithness
July 25

Cold conditions in the far north.  Six played.
Judge for all events:  John Macdougall

1.  John Angus Smith – Isobel Mackay
2.  Colin Campbell
3.  Scott Hay
4.  Andrew Macgillivray
5.  Michael Macgillivray

1.  John Angus Smith
2.  Colin Campbell
3.  Scott Hay
4.  Carol Ann Mackay
5.  Andrew Macgillivray

1.  Colin Campbell
2.  Carol Ann Mackay
3.  Scott Hay
4.  Andrew Macgillivray
5.  Michael Macgillivray

Slow Air & Jig
1.  John Angus Smith
2.  Andrew Macgillivray
3.  Colin Campbell
4.  Carol Ann Mackay
5.  Scott Hay

March & Hornpipe
1.  Colin Campbell
2.  Andrew Macgillivray
3.  Michael Macgillivray
4.  John Angus Smith
5.  Carol Ann Mackay

1.  Colin Campbell
2.  John Angus Smith


St Andrews Games
July 26

Six played in the open piping in cold and windy conditions.

1st Ben Duncan
2nd Callum Wynd
3rd Jonathan Simpson
4th Lachie Dick

Strathspey and Reel
1st Ben Duncan
2nd Jonathan Simpson
3rd Callum Wynd
4th Lachie Dick

1st Callum Wynd
2nd Ben Duncan
3rd Jonathan Simpson
4th Lachie Dick

Roderick Barron judged all events.

John Dew won both the March and the Strathspey and Reel in the juniors.

Airth Games
July 25

Some heavy showers and intermittent sunshine. Ben Duncan who continued his successful summer round the games with two first prizes and a second.

1st J. Hazzard (MacNeill of Barra’s March)
2nd B. Duncan, McDougall’s Gathering
3rd R. Tierney, Too Long in This Condition
4th J.Miller, Lachlan MacNeill Campbell’s Fancy

1st B. Duncan
2nd J. Miller
3rd J. Hazzard
4th R. Tierney

1st B. Duncan
2nd J. Hazzard
3rd R. Tierney
All under-18 events won by James Miller

Judges for all events: N Mulvie, R Livingstone

Lochearnhead Games
July 25

A sunny day at times; ten competed in a high quality field.

1 Darach Urquhart (Big Spree)
2 Peter McCalister
3 Graham Mulholland
4 John Mulhearn
Judges: A Wright, M McRae

1 Gordon McCready
2 John Mulhearn
3 Finlay Johnston
4 Ben Mulhearn
Judges: A Forbes, A Frater

1 Gordon McCready
2 Finlay Johnston
3 John Mulhearn
4 Graham Mulholland
Judges: J Banks, G Lumsden

July 24

Beautiful sunny weather, for this traditional games in the Outer Hebrides.

1st Fiona MacLean, Griomasaigh
2nd Peter Donnan, Dublin

1st Peter MacKay, Lewis
2nd Peter Donnan, Dublin
3rd Fiona Maclean, Griomasaigh.

1st Peter MacKay
2nd Fiona MacLean
3rd Peter Donnan

Overall prize shared between Fiona MacLean and Peter MacKay.

Judges: James MacLean and John Don MacKenzie.

Tobermory Games
July 23

1 Angus MacColl Snr. , Cabar Feidh Gu Bragh
2 Angus Macoll Jnr., End of the Higb Bridge
3 Colin Campbell, Lament for John Morrison, Assynt House
4 Calum MacLean, MacFarlane’s Gathering
5 Ronald Telfer, Struan Robertson’s Salute
Judges: P/M Ian Duncan, Robert Wallace

March: 1 A MacColl Snr. 2 C Campbell 3 A MacColl Jnr. 4 C MacLean 5 R Telfer
S&R: 1 A MacColl Snr. 2 A MacColl Jnr 3 C Campbell 4 R Telfer 5 P Barlow: Judge for senior ceol beag: P/M Ian McLellan

Junior Piob.
1 A Hussein (Corrienessan’s Salute) 2 A MacLean
Jnr. March
1 Alistair MacLean
2 Gregor MacDonald
3 Aaron Hussein
4 Alexander Anderson
5 Innes Munro
* Junior S&R as per March but with Kate MacPherson taking 5th
Judge for Juniors: Andrew Frater

Highlands and Islands Young Piper of the Year Competition, Benbecula, July 23

Ceòl Mòr: 1st Sandy Cameron, 2nd Lachie Dick.
Sandy Cameron also won the MSR and was declared ‘Young Piper of the Year 2015’.
Under 18 Ceòl Mòr: 1st Anndra MacIsaac 2nd Connor Jardine 3rd Calum Craib.

South Uist Games
July 22
Piob: 1st Sandy Cameron 2nd Decker Forrest 3rd Lachie Dick.
MSR: 1 Sandy Cameron (pictured with the peaks of South Uist in the background) Judges: P/M Iain Morrison, Iain MacFadyen, Archie Maclean

Inveraray Games
22 July

A cloudy, but mostly dry day at a very well-supported Inveraray Games. A successful day for Angus MacColl and his son Angus Jnr.

A/P Grade Piobaireachd
1 Angus MacColl, Red Speckled Bull
2 Callum Beaumont, Rory MacLoude’s Lament
3 Roderick MacLeod, Isabel MacKay
4 Angus MacColl Jnr.
5 Jamie Forrester
6 Gordon Bruce
Judges: R MacShannon, P Henderson

A/P Grade March
1 Callum Beaumont
2 Donald MacPhee
3 Roderick MacLeod
4 Steven Gray
5 Jamie Forrester
6 Greg Wilson
Judges: J Banks, W Cowan

A/P Grade S&R
1 Alasdair Henderson
2 Donald MacPhee
3 Angus MacColl Snr.
4 Steven Gray
5 Michael Fitzhenry
6 Andrew Carlisle
Judges: A Frater, I McLellan

B Grade Piob
1 Graham Mulholland
2 Kris Coyle
3 Sarah Muir
4 Keith Bowes
5 Ben Duncan
6 Steven Gray
Judges (for final): M McRae, C MacLellan, T Speirs

B Grade March
1 Angus MacColl Jnr
2 George Stewart
3 Scott Barrie
4 Connor Sinclair
5 Andrew Hall
6 Jamie Elder

B Grade S&R
1 Keith Bowes
2 George Stewart
3 Connor Sinclair
4 Graham Mulholland
5 Andrew Hall
6 Euan Dewar

C Grade Piob
1 Callum Wynd
2 Jonathan Simpson
3 John McDonald
4 Ben Mulhearn
5 Josien Teerlink
6 Charles MacDonald

C Grade March
1 Bruce McDonald
2 Jack Williamson
3 Ciaran Ross
4 John McDonald
5 John MacLeod
6 Greig McAllister

C Grade S&R
1 Jack Williamson
2 Greig McAllister
3 Jonathan Simpson
4 John McDonald
5 Katherine Belcher
6 Ciaren Ross

U-18 Piob
1 John Dew
2 Donald C Stewart
3 Harry McLachlan
4 John Campbell

U-18 March
1 Harris MacLennan
2 Robbie MacIsaac
3 Harry McLachlan
4 Donald C Stewart

U-18 S&R
1 Harris MacLennan
2 Harry McLachlan
3 Donald C Stewart
4 Connor Jardine

Novice Piping
1 Innes Munro
2 Duncan Orr

1 Lucas Gritten
2 Mathew McKerrall
3 Anya Gritten

March – Age 15 and under 18 years
1 Alasdair McLean
2 Alexander Murdo Anderson
3 Rebecca Paterson

Strathspey & Reel – Age 15 and under 18 years
1 Alasdair MacLean
2 Alexander Murdo Anderson
3 Rebecca Paterson

March – Under 15 years of age
1 Jamie Campbell
2 Ross Conner
3 Gregor MacDonald

Strathspey & Reel – Under 15 years of age
1 Ross Conner
2 Gregor MacDonald
3 Jamie Campbell



Balloch Games
July 19

Senior March
1 Allan Russell
2 Jonathan Greenlees
3 Jonathan Lamberton
4 Ross Miller

Senior S/R
1 Jonathan Lamberton
2 Allan Russell
3 Jonathan Greenlees
4 Calum Watson
Neill Mulvie and Barry Donaldson judged the light music.

Senior Piobaireachd
1 Allan Russell (Mary’s Praise)
2 Calum Watson (MacKays’ Banner)
3 Ross Miller (The Atholl Salute)
4 Kristopher Coyle (Lament for Capt. MacDougall).
Nine played.
Piobaireachd judges: Malcolm McRae and Roddy Livingstone.

Inverness Games18Very cold and windy conditions at Bught Park, Inverness.


Open MSR (11 Played)
1 Decker Forrest
2 Graham Mulholland
3 Jenny Hazzard
4 Euan MacCrimmon
5 Stephen Spencer
Judges: Jimmy Jackson, P/M Andy VentersOpen Piobaireachd (10 Played)
1 Decker Forrest
2 Graham Mulholland
3 Gordon Barclay
4 Stephen Spencer
5 Jenny Hazzard
Judges: Rona Lightfoot, Iain MacFadyen Open Hornpipe/Jig
1 Stephen Spencer
2 Euan MacCrimmon
3 Cameron MacDougall
4 Gordon Barclay
5 Jenny Hazzard
Judges Jimmy Jackson P/M Andy VentersJuniors:
Under 15 March: 1st Calum Clark 2nd Eòsaph Caimbeul 3rd Thomas MacLean 4th Eilidh MacPhee.Under 15 Piobaireachd: 1st Thomas MacLean 2nd Eòsaph Caimbeul 3rd Calum Clark.Under 18 MSR: 1st Brìghde Chaimbeul  2nd Angus MacPhee, 3rd John MacLaren.Under 18 Piob: 1st Brìghde Chaimbeul , 2nd Angus MacPhee, 3rd John MacLaren

Taynuilt Games
July 18

A blustery day at the Argyllshire village games near Oban. Rain threatened but never materialised. Eight played in the ceol beag and six in the ceol mor. Champion piper was Darach Urquhart.

1 Darach Urquhart (Big Spree)
2 Euan Dewar
3 Jamie Forrester
Judges: G Clark, R Clark

1 Darach Urquhart
2 Gordon MacLean
3 Jamie Forrester

1 Euan Dewar
2 Darach Urquhart
3 Jamie Forrester

1 Darach Urquhart
2 Jamie Forrester
3 Euan Dewar
Light music judge: R McFie

Junior March
1 Gregor McDonald
2 Innes Munro
3 Emma Hill

Junior S&R
1 Gregor MacDonald
2 Emma Hill
3 Innes Munro

A cold windy day which made playing difficult, but the pipers coped well according to piobaireachd judges Norman Matheson and Duncan Watson.

1. Ben Duncan, Desperate Battle of the Birds
2. Gordon McCready, Lady Margaret MacDonald’s Salute
3. Greig Wilson, MacLeod of Raasay’s Salute
4. Edward Gaul, Too Long in this Condition

1. Ben Duncan
2. Gordon McCready
3. Greig Wilson
4. John Macdonald

1. Gordon McCready
2. Ben Duncan
3. Greig Wilson
4. Edward Gaul

1. Gordon McCready
2. Ben Duncan
3. Greig Wilson
4. John Macdonald

Ceol beag judges: John MacDougall, James Hamilton

Kinlochard Junior Solos, July 19th
2/4 march, own choice:
1 Robbie MacIsaac
2 Finlay Cameron
3 Lewis Russell
4 Andrew Ferguson.
6/8 march: Christopher Happs.
Jigs: Robbie MacIsaac

Harpenden Highland Games

Amateur Piobaireachd
1. Bill Simpson – Struan Robertson’s Salute
2. Lachlan MacDonald – The Marquis of Argyll’s Salute
3. Bradley Boxall – The Glen is Mine

Amateur 2/4 March
1. Bradley Boxall
2. Len Durham
3. Bill Simpson

Amateur Strathspey & Reel
1. Bradley Boxall
2. Len Durham
3. Tom Broderick

Juvenile 6/8 March
Hunter Davies

Juvenile 2/4 March
Hunter Davies

Juvenile Strathspey & Reel
Hunter Davies

Open Piobaireachd
1. John Angus Smith – The Phantom Piper of Corrieyairick
2. Andrew Hall – The Kings Taxes
3. Peter Candy – The Old Men of the Shells

Open 2/4 March
1. John Angus Smith
2. Andrew Hall
3. Peter Candy

Open Strathspey & Reel
1. Andrew Hall
2. John Angus Smith
3. Peter Candy
Judges: Roddy Livingstone, Hugh Jamieson

Drumtochty, July 4 – Light Music only

1 John MacLeod
2 Richard Anderson
3 Liza Gaze

Strathspey and Reel
1 John MacLeod
2 Richard Anderson
3  Liza Gaze

Luss Games, July 4

1 Donald MacPhee, Battle of Auldearn No 1
2 Ben Duncan, MacDougall’s Gathering
3 Rebecca Tierney, Corrienessan’s Salute
4 Ben Mulhearn, King’s Taxes
5 Craig Sutherland, Isobel MacKay
6 Stewart Scott, Salute to the Cairn at Borreraig
Judges: Robert Wallace, Willie Morrison

1 Donald MacPhee
2 Ben Duncan
3 Craig Sutherland


Three seconds for Ben Duncan

Three seconds for Ben Duncan

1 Craig Sutherland
2 Ben Duncan
3 Rebecca Tierney
Judges: Ian McLellan, Neil Mulvie

Argyllshire Gathering Piping Trust


Aaron Hussain receives his trophy

Torquil Telfer: Results from the Argyllshire Gathering Piping Trust competition held on Monday in line with Argyllshire Active Schools programme. Argyll Piping Trust, Scots Guards Junior Piping Monday 22 held at the Games Park, Oban:

Novice Piping: 1 John Macleod 2 Sinclair Hennessy 3 Erin Byers 4 Ian Macpherson

Piping Under 15 March: 1 Ross Connor 2 Piers Gritten 3 Calum McKillop 4 Jamie Campbell

Under 15 Strathspey and Reel: 1 Jamie Campbell 2 Ross Connor, 3 Calum McKillop 4 Piers Gritten

Under 18 March: 1 Aaron Hussain 2 Alistair MacLean 3 Alexander Anderson 4 Rebecca Paterson

Under 18 Strathspey and Reel: 1 Aaron Hussain 2 Alistair Maclean 3 Alexander Anderson 4 Rebecca Paterson

Aberdeen Games

Dry to begin with; rain in afternoon. Gordon McCready continued his impressive run at the games with another ‘Champion Piper’ title.

1 Edward Gaul, Lament for Viscount of Dundee
2 Ben Duncan, MacDougall’s Gathering
3 Gordon McCready, Big Spree
4 Allan Russell
5 Jonathan Simpson
Judges: Norman Matheson, Duncan Watson

1 Gordon McCready
2 Ben Duncan
3 Allan Russell
4 John MacDonald
5 Jonathan Simpson

1 Gordon McCready
2 Allan Russell
3 Ben Duncan
4 John MacDonald
5 Jonathan Simpson

1 Gordon McCready
2 Ben Duncan
3  John MacDonald
4 Jonathan Simpson
5 Siobhan Monaghan
Ceol beag judges: Archie Maclean, Jim Hamilton

BC Games, Coquitlam, Canada
19/6/15 (ceol mor) and 20/6/15

1 Ed McIllwaine, Macleod of MacLeod’s Lament
2 Alastair Lee
3 Greig Wilson
4 Colin McWilliams
Judge: Ken Sutherland

1 Andrew Lee
2 Bobby Durning
3 Jori Chisholm
4 Alastair Lee
Judge: Ken McIntyre

1 Andrew Lee
2 Bobby Durning
3 Brittney Otto
4 Jori Chisholm
Judge: Danielle Millar

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USPF Annual Solo Piping Championship

The 29th  annual United States Piping Foundation Amateur and Professional Piping Championships, held in memory of founder Maclean Macleod, were held 20 Jun 2015, in the Amy DuPont Music Building at the University of Delaware, Newark, DE.

In the Amateur events there were 14 pipers from throughout North America, and 17 in the Professional events.   The adjudicators for the Amateur Competitions were William McCallum, Bearsden, Scotland, and Nancy Tunnicliffe, Lanesboro, MA.  Adjudicators for the Professional events were Michael Cusack, Houston, TX, and Robert Wallace, Glasgow, Scotland.

The organizers are deeply indebted to the University of Delaware and to the gracious sponsors that make this event possible, including:

The Scottish Games Association of Delaware, Inc.
The Dunvegan Foundation of the Clan MacLeod Society, U.S.A., Inc.
The St. Andrew’s Society of Baltimore
The St. Andrew’s Society of Philadelphia
Lyon College
The Balmoral School of Piping & Drumming

Results were as follows:

The Donald MacPherson Silver Quaich Amateur Piobaireachd Competition:  Each competitor submitted four tunes of their own choice.

1.  Sean Regan (Woodstock, VA), ‘The King’s Taxes’
2.  Grace Washam (Ashville, NC), ‘Lament for the Viscount of Dundee’
3.  Laura Neville (Wrightstown, NJ), ‘Beloved Scotland’
4.  James Dyson (Dartmouth, NS), ‘Lament for Ronald MacDonald of Morar’
5.  Eryk Bean (Londonderry, NH), ‘The Parading of the MacDonalds’

The Seumas MacNeill Silver Quaich Amateur March, Strathspey, and Reel Competition:  Each competitor submitted four of each type of tune, and played a set selected by the judges.

  1. Stanton Man (Pittsburgh, PA), ‘P/M George Ross’s Farewell to the Black Watch’, ‘Tulloch Gorm’, ‘Rejected Suitor’
    2.  Sean Regan, ‘Southall’, ‘Susan MacLeod’, ‘Cockerel in the Creel’
    3.  Eryk Bean, ‘John MacFadyen of Melfort’, ‘Islay Ball’, ‘Alick C. MacGregor’
    4.  James Dyson, ‘Leaving Lunga’, ‘Duncan Lamont’, ‘The Sound of Sleat’
    5.  Andrew Coulter (Houston, TX), ‘Hugh Kennedy’, ‘Dora MacLeod’, ;’Bessie McIntyre’

Overall Amateur results:  The competitor with the highest point accumulation from the Piobaireachd and MS&R competitions receives the U.S.P.F. Silver Buckle and round trip airfare to Scotland and two weeks tuition at an approved venue in Scotland. The overall winner also received the USPF Silver Buckle. Scholarships were awarded to approved Piping Schools to overall rankings 2 through 5:

1.  Sean Regan
2.  Stanton Man
3.  Grace Washam
4.  James Dyson
5.  Eryk Bean

Also competing in the Amateur events but not in the prize list: Maeghan Bielski (Middleborough, MA), Allyson Crowley-Duncan (Latham, NY), Harry Isensee (Houston, TX), Kaitlin Kimove (Stoney Creek, ON), Thompson McConnell (Lititz, PA), Ryan Praskovich (Columbus, OH), Colin Tate (Pittsburgh, PA).

The St. Andrew’s Society of Philadelphia Silver Quaich Professional Piobaireachd Competition:  Each competitor submitted six tunes of their own choice.   Prizes: 1st – $1000; 2nd – $800; 3rd – $600; 4th $400; & 5th – $200.

1.  Bruce Gandy (Dartmouth, NS), ‘Lament for the Children’
2.  Andrew Carlisle (Pittsburgh, PA), ‘Red Speckled Bull’
3.  Ben McClamrock (Washington, DC), ‘Lament for Ronald MacDonald of Morar’
4.  Andrew Lewis (St. Paul, MN), ‘Park Piobaireachd No. 2’
5.  Derek Midgley (Tinton Falls, NJ), ‘Rout of the Lowland Captain’

The St. Andrew’s Society of Baltimore Silver Charger Professional March, Strathspey, & Reel Competition:  Each competitor submitted six of each type of tune, and played a set twice through selected by the judges.  Prizes:  1st – $1000; 2nd – $800; 3rd – $600; 4th $400; & 5th – $200.

  1. Andrew Carlisle, ‘John MacDonald of Glencoe’, ‘Dora MacLeod’, ‘Rejected Suitor’
    2.  Alex Gandy (Dartmouth, NS), ‘John MacColl’s March to Kilbowie Cottage’, ‘Ewe wi’ the Crooked Horn’, ‘Ca’ the Ewes”
    3.  Bruce Gandy, ‘The Pap of Glencoe’, ‘The Bob of Fetercairn’, ‘John Morrison of Assynt House’
    4.  Ben McClamrock, ‘John MacFadyen of Melfort’, ‘Tulloch Gorm’, ‘Mrs. MacPherson of Inveran’
    5.  Nick Hudson (Pittsburgh, PA), ‘Mrs. Duncan MacFadyen’, ‘Mrs. Donald MacPherson’, ‘Neil Angus MacDonald’

Overall Professional Results:  The competitor with the highest point accumulation from the Piobaireachd & MSR competitions receives the U.S.P.F. Silver Buckle.  In addition to the prize monies noted above, the overall winner also receives trans-Atlantic airfare from the East Coast to Glasgow, Edinburgh, or London, UK, to compete at eligible senior competitions.  New this year, the overall winner is also the North American qualifier for the MacCrimmon Trophy competition held at the Festival Interceltique in Lorient, Brittany, on 9 August 2015:

1.  Andrew Carlisle
2.  Bruce Gandy
3.  Ben McClamrock
4.  Alex Gandy
5.  Andrew Lewis

Also competing in the Professional events but not in the prize list:  Duncan Bell (Bethlehem, PA), James Bell (Batesville, AR), Liz Cherry (Pittsburgh, PA), Andrew Donlon (Germantown, MD), Victor Frank (Silver Spring, MD), Dan Lyden (Timonium, MD), Alastair Murray (Pittsburgh, PA), Eric Ouellette (Syracuse, NY), Andrew Walker (Emmaus, PA), Campbell Webster (Concord, NH).

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‘Scotland in Colchester’ Piping

Open Piobaireachd
1. James Stewart – The MacKay’s Banner
2. Andrew Hall – The Battle of Auldearn No. 2
3. Peter Candy – Beloved Scotland

Amateur Piobaireachd
1. Calum Beck – Sir James MacDonald of the Isles
2. Rod Caird – Lament for Hugh
3. Lachlan MacDonald – The Marquis of Argyll’s Salute

Open MSR
1. Andrew Hall
2. James Stewart
3. Peter Candy

Amateur MSR
1. Stewart MacKenzie
2. Colin Taylor
3. Cameron Park

Amateur 2/4 March
1. Cameron Park
2. Stewart MacKenzie
3. Lachlan MacDonald

U-18 MSR
1. Kieran McAlea
2. Calum Beck
3. Hunter Davies

U-18 6/8 March
1. Kieran McAlea
2. Calum Beck
3. Hunter Davies

U-14 2/4 March
1. Hunter Davies
2. Abigail Kerr
3. Andrew Haig

U-14 Slow Air
1. Abigail Kerr
2. Andrew Haig

Judge for all solo events: Roddy Livingstone

Strathmore Games

A sunny day with a cold easterly wind. Thirteen played.

1 Graham Mulholland, MacDougall’s Gathering
2 Mike Fitzhenry, Park No2
3 Allan Russell, Mary’s Praise
4 Gordon McCready, Lord Lovat’s Lament
5 Ben Duncan, Lament for MacSwan of Roaig
Judges: D Watson, G Clark

1 Gordon McCready
2 Ben Duncan
3 Allan Russell
4 Mike Fitzhenry
5 Edward Gaul

1 Gordon McCready
2 Ben Duncan
3 Mike Fitzhenry
4 Allan Russell
5 Graham Mulholland
Ceol Beag judges: Robert Barnes, Jim Hamilton

Champion Piper: Gordon McCready

Wellington PIpers’ Club Brown Cup

Robert Gibb reports: The Brown Cup promoted by the Wellington Pipers Club was held on 13th June  here in Wellington at the Royal New Zealand Police College. Judges for all events J Hanning, R Hanning.

Brown Cup
1. Emmett Conway
2. Stuart Easton
3. Iain Robertson
4. Robert Gibb

NA MacPhee Salver (MSR): Emmett Conway

Everest Piobaireachd
1. Stuart Easton
2. Iain Robertson
3. John Decker
4. Robert Gibb

Markinch Games

A sunny day but with a very cold wind. Twelve played in the open piobaireachd.

Open Piob
1 Gordon McCready, Battle of the Pass of Crieff
2 Ben Duncan
3 Mike Fitzhenry
4 Brian Lamond
5 Calum Wynd
Judges: Andrew Wright, Andrew Frater.

Snr. MSR
1 Ben Duncan
2 Brian Lamond
3 Gordon McCready
4 Mike Fitzhenry
Judges: Ian Duncan, Roderick Barron.

CLASP competiton for Amatuer Pipers

Margaret Dunn reports: Please find attached the results from today’s CLASP competition. The competition was in the Army School of Piping, Inchdrewer House, Edinburgh,  a great and inviting venue for pipers.

Overall Winners:
Grade 1 Bob Low
Grade 2 John Campbell
Grade 3 Gill Cairns

Grade 1 Piobaireachd
1st Bob Low 2nd Stewart Gaudin 3rd David McLaughlan

Grade 2 Piobaireachd
1st James Carnegie  2nd Iain Graham 3rd Gregor McCulloch

Grade 3 Piobaireachd
1st Helen Thomson 2nd Gill Cairns  3rd Colin Brown

Grade 3 Piobaireachd Ground
1st Helen Thomson 2nd Gill Cairns  3rd Dagmar Pesta

Grade 1 MSR
1st Gregor McCulloch 2nd Bob Low 3rd David McLaughlan 

Grade 1 Jig
1st Bob Low 2nd Gregor McCulloch 3rd David  McLaughan

Grade 2 – 2/4 March
1st John Campbell 2nd William Wardrope  3rd Janette Greenwood

Grade 2 – Strathspey & Reel
1st John Campbell 2nd William Wardrope 3rd Janette Greenwood

Grade 2 – Jig
1st George Gordon 2nd William Wardrope 3rd John Campbell

Grade 3 – 2/4 March
1st Gill Cairns 2nd Colin Brown 3rd Evan Wraga

Grade 3 – Strathspey and Reel
1st Colin Brown 2nd Gill Cairn 3rd Evan Wraga

Grade 3 – 6/8 March
1st Gill Cairn 2nd Colin Brown 3rd Helen Thomson

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Donald MacDonald Quaich

Canadian piper Bruce Gandy of Halifax, Nova Scotia, won the 2015 Donald MacDonald Quaich competition held at the Clan Donald Centre, Sleat, Skye.

Others who competed for the £1,000 ($1,500US) first prize were Douglas Murray, Niall Stewart, Roderick MacLeod and Stuart Liddell. The adjudicator was Dr Jack Taylor.

The competition was generously sponsored by the Glencoe Foundation, USA.  Pipers had to play a piobaireachd from the Donald MacDonald collection of books and manuscripts.



Champion Piper Ben Duncan with the overall trophy

Blair Atholl Games

A cold, breezy day with bright spells and rain showers. Thirteen entered the A Piobaireachd. In the B Piob there were 18 entrants and in the C, 13. The ceol beag saw an entry of 19 playing in two heats with six withdrawals.

A Piob
1 Gordon Bruce, Big Spree
2 Darach Urquhart, Lament for the Earl of Antrim
3 Peter McCalister
4 Jamie Forrester
5 Jonathan Greenlees
6 Mike Fitzhenry
Judges: T Speirs, W Wotherspoon

1 Ben Duncan
2 Alan Russell
3 Keith Bowes
4 Callum Watson
5 Greig Wilson

1 Ben Duncan
2 Keith Bowes
3 Ross Millar
4 Greig Wilson
5 Callum Watson

B Piob
1 Ben Duncan
2 Cameron MacDougall
3 Eddie Gaul
4 Gordon Barclay
5 Andrew Hall
Judges: A Wright, M Henderson

C Piob
1 Andrew Bova
2 Ben Mulhearn
3 Calum Wynd
4 John MacDonald
5 Gary Carruthers

Jnr. MSR
1 Robbie McIsaac
2 Harry McLauchlan
3 Calum Douglas
4 Finlay Cameron
5 Connor Jardine
6 John Campbell

1 Harry McLauchlan
2 Robbie McIsaac
3 Finlay Cameron
4 Calum Duncan
5 Angus McPhee
6 John Campbell

Gordon Castle, Fochabers

Reports of a cold day though not too unmanageable for the pipers. Well done to the organsiers at Gordon Castle for supporting piping and in particular for holding a chanter contest for the youngsters.

Senior  Piobaireachd
1  Edward Gaul
2 Colin Campbell
3 Gordon Barclay
4 John MacDonald
5 James MacPhee
Judge: Dr Jack Taylor

Senior March
1 Colin Campbell
2 James MacPhee
3 John MacDonald
4 Andrew Bova
5 Edward Gaul
Judge: Duncan Watson

Senior Strathspey and Reel
1 Colin Campbell
2 James MacPhee
3  John MacDonald
4  Andrew Bova
5  Edward Gaul
Judge: Duncan Watson

Under 18  Piobaireachd
1 Angus MacPhee
2 Thomas Spencer
Judge: Dr Jack Taylor

Under 18 March
1  Angus MacPhee
2 Blair Duncan
3 Finn Semmier
4 Finlay Rollo
Judge: Duncan Watson

Under 18 Strathspey and Reel
1 Angus MacPhee
2 Blair Duncan
3 Finn Semmier
Judge: Duncan Watson

Novice Practice Chanter
1 Finlay Bremner
2 Oliver Kinghorn


RU Brown Piobaireachd Society of Southern Australia

Annual Competition 2015

Mervyn Hall Perpetual Trophy – D Grade/Elementary
1st: Jeffrey Mears
2nd:Stuart Beven
3rd:Geoff Smith

Jim Smith Perpetual Trophy – C Grade/Sub Intermediate
1st: Christopher Chong
2nd: Mel Inglis
3rd: Jeffery Mears

Ewen Masson Perpetual Trophy- B Grade MSR
1st: Simon Gibson
2nd:Craig McInnes
3rd:Robert Wilkinson

B Grade H/J
1st: Shannon Ritchie
2nd:Joshua Chandler
3rd:Anna Doecke

Victorian Pipers Society Perpetual Trophy – A Grade H/J
1st: Greg Wilson
2nd:James Murray
3rd:Craig Sked
4th:Jamie Hawke
5th:Adam Britten

Hamish Mackenzie Perpetual – A Grade MSR
1st:James Murray
2nd:Greg Wilson
3rd:Craig Sked
4th:Jason Craig
5th:Marion Horsburgh

Mervyn Hall Medal – Novice
1st: Roger Sinclair
2nd: Geoff Smith
3rd: Ian Thorn

RU Brown Bronze Medal – Elementary
1st:Gabrielle Doecke
2nd:Ian Thorn
3rd:Christopher Chong
4th: Geoff Smith
5th: Abby Dalziel

RU Brown Silver Medal – Intermediate
1st: Shannon Ritchie
2nd: Meg Drinan
3rd: Gabrielle Doecke

RU Brown Gold Medal – Open
1st: Fiona Manson
2nd: James Murray
3rd:Simon Gibson
4th:Yasu Hamilton
5th:Adam Britten

1st: Greg Wilson
2nd: Brett Tidswell
3rd: Jason Craig

Highland & Islands Festival, Oban, May 2

IMG_0689-0.JPGA Piob
1 Darach Urquhart, Cooper Salver, Earl of Ross’s March
2 Jenny Hazzard, Dougie MacColl Memorial Trophy, Lady Margaret MacDonald’s Salute
3 William Geddes, Earl of Seaforth
4 Allan Russell
5 Chris Armstrong
Judges: A Wright, S Shedden

B Piob
1 Greig Canning
2 Katherine Belcher
3 Connor Sinclair
4 Ashley MacMichael
5 Ross Cowan
Judges: I MacFadyen, R MacShannon

C Piob
1 Andrew Wright, MacNeill of Barra’s March
2 John MacDonald, Massacre of Glencoe
3 Taylor Townsley, Lament for Mary Macleod
4 Finlay Clark, MacCrimmon Sweetheart
5 Callum Wynd, The Groat
Judges: R Wallace, N Mulvie

1 Steven Gray (pictured), Allan Dodd’s Farewell to Scotland, P/M Hector MacLean, Stornoway Castle
2 Gordon McCready, Glengarry Gathering, Tulloch Castle, Drumlithie
3 Ben Duncan, Bonnie Anne, Dora MacLeod, Miss Proud
4 Ashley MacMichael, Mrs Duncan MacFadyen, Arniston Castle, Sound of Sleat
5 Chris Armstrong, Leaving Strathglass, John MacDougall Gillies, Gena MacLeod
Judges: R Wallace, N Mulvie

1 Matt Fraser
2 Cameron MacDougall
3 Ewan Dewar
4 Connor Sinclair
5 Andrew Wilson
Judges: W Cowan, I McLellan

1 Andrew Wright
2 Katherine Belcher
3 Edward Gaul
4 John MacDonald
5 Stuart Scott
Judges: A Wright, S Shedden

CLASP (Competition League for Amateur Solo Pipers)

Competition organiser Margaret Dunn reports: Here are the results from Saturdays CLASP competition (April 18th), which was held in the National Piping Centre. We had entries from Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. The judges were Simon McKerrell and Craig Muirhead.

Grade 1 Overall Winner – Bob Low
Grade 2 Overall Winner – Romana Brunner
Grade 3 Overall Winner – Bianca Kail

Grade 3 Piobaireachd
1st George Gordon
2nd James Hanlon
3rd Bianca Kail

Grade 3 Piobaireachd Ground
1st Robert Thomson
2nd George Gordon
3rd Bianca Kail

2/4 March
1st Colin Brown
2nd Dagmar Pesta
3rd James Hanlon

1st James Hanlon
2nd Bianca Kail
3rd Dagmar Pesta

1st Colin Brown
2nd Robert Thomson
3rd Bianca Kail

Grade 2 Piobaireachd
1st Douglas Maxwell
2nd Michael McGowan
3rd Ian Graham

Grade 2 – 2/4 March
1st Romana Brunner
2nd Con Houlihan
3rd Janette Greenwood

Grade 2 – Strathspey and Reel
1st Romana Brunner
2nd John Campbell
3rd Janette Greenwood

Grade 2 – 6/8 March
1st Romana Brunner
2nd Ian Graham
3rd Con Houlihan

Grade 1 – Piobaireachd
1st Bob Low
2nd Stewart Gaudin
3rd Andrew Park

Grade 1 MSR
1st Susy Klinger
2nd Bob Low
3rd Stephen Whitton

Grade 1 – Hornpipe and Jig
1st Gregor McCulloch
2nd Bob Low
3rd Stewart Gaudin

Scottish Pipers’ Association Annual Professional Competition, held in the College of Piping, Glasgow, April 18




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Ben Duncan with the March trophy

Piobaireachd – The Donald MacLeod Trophy
1. Chris Armstrong, Rory MacLoude’s Lament
2. Dr Peter McCalister, Lament for the Earl of Antrim
3. Gordon Bruce, Isabel MacKay

March – The Donald MacDougall Trophy
1. Ben Duncan
2. Mike Fitzhenry
3. Lachie Dick

Strathspey & Reel – The Duncan MacIntyre Trophy
1. Graham Drummond
2. Andrew Wilson
3. Stuart McCallum

Former Winners – The Eachean Caimbeul Trophy
1. Chris Armstrong
2. Keith Bowes
3. Darach Urquhart


6/8 March – The Duncan MacFadyen Trophy
Steven Gray

Overall – Donald MacLean Trophy
Chris Armstrong

Ceol Beag
Ian McLellan BEM
Andrew Frater

Ceol Mor
Ronald McShannon
Tom Johnstone

Kingdon Thisle Piping and Drumming Solos,

Lochgelly High School, Fife, April 11

U-13 Piping
1 Finlay Cameron, Dollar Academy
2 Luke Shearer, North Lanarkshire Schools
3 Liam Brown, Lathallan School
4 Ross McCulloch, Wallacestone
5 Paul Christie, George Heriot’s
6 Brodie Watson-Massey, George Heriot’s
Judge: Craig Munro

U-16 Piping
1 Robbie MacIsaac, Stirling Schools
2 Ben Muir, Preston Lodge
3 Saul Sweeney, Preston Lodge
4 Finlay Cameron, Diollar Academy
5 Brodie Watson-Massey, George Heriot’s
6 Holly Fredlander, City of Edinburgh
Judge: Sid Moore

U-18 Piping
1 Jason McAllister, SLoT
2 Connor Jardine, North Lanarkshire Schools
3 Douglas Mair, Boghall & Bathgate
4 Steven Gorniak, Lochgelly High School
5 Harry Richards, Strathallan School
6 Aaron Bryce, MacKenzie Cal.
Judge: Tom Brown

Open MSR
1 Chris Armstrong, Scottish Power
2 Andrew Bova, Shotts
3 Emma Buchan, Boghall
4 Craig Munro, SLoT
5 Ross Millar, Boghall
6 Jonathan Simpson, Boghall

Open H&J
1 Chris Armstrong, Scottish Power
2 Jason McAllister, SLoT
3 Craig Munro, SLoT
4 Emma Buchan, Boghall
5 Dan Nevans, Shotts
6 Katherine Belcher, Inveraray
Judges for Open light music: Tom Brown and Donald MacPhee

Open Piob.
1 Andrew Bova, Shotts
2 Ross Millar, Boghall
3 Jonathan Simpson, Boghall
4 Kevin Rogers, SLoT
5 Emma Buchan, Boghall
6 Jason McAlliser, SLoT
Judge: Donald MacPhee

U-13 Drumming
1 Chloe Taylor, MacKenzie Cal.
2 Fergus Kyle, North Lanark. Schools
3 Matthew Tough, Bucksburn
4 Kieran Black, Lochgelly
5 Callum Kyle, N Lanark Schools
6 Cameron Bell, City of Discovery PB
Judge: Jim Baxter

U-16 Drumming
1 Reed Cameron, Boghall
2 Chloe Taylor, MacKenzie Cal.
3 Craig Baxter, Fife Police
4 Eoin Rogers, SLoT
5 Colm Gibson, Boghall
6 Alex Faulds, N Lanark Schools
Judge: Jake Jorgensen

U-18 Drumming
1 Glen Creighton, SLoT
2 Daniel Luby, Scottish Power
3 Eoin Rogers, SLoT
4 Chris Carter, Buchan Petersen
5 Craig Baxter, Fife Police
6 Jamie Clark, Fife Police
Judges: Jim Baxter, Jake Jorgensen

Open Drumming MSR
1 Craig Lawrie, Lomond & Clyde
2 Daniel Luby, Scottish Power
3 Aaron McLean, FMM
4 Glen Creighton SLoT
5 Mark Hastings, Denny
6 Grant Cassidy, SLoT
Judge: Jim Baxter

Open Drumming H&J
1 Grant Cassidy, SLoT
2 Russel Esler, Scottish Power
3 Aaron McLean, FMM
4 Glen Creighton, SLoT
5 John Henderson, Scottish Power
6 James Craig, Scottish Power
Judge: Jake Jorgensen

Overall Open Drumming Placings
1 Aaron McLean FMM
2 Grant Cassidy, SLoT
3 Glen Creighton, SLoT
4 Daniel Luby, Scottish Power
5 Craig Lawrie, Lomond & Clyde
6 Russell Esler, Scottish Power

U-16 Tenor Drumming
1 Alison Geal, N Lanark Schools
2 Rhiannon McAlease, N Lanark Schools
3 Amy Hart, Carnoustie & Dist.

U-18 Tenor Drumming
1 Lauren Thomson, Boghall
2 Alison Geal N Lanark Schools
3 Rhiannon McAlease, N Lanark Schools

Open Tenor Drumming
1 Shannon Brown, Denny
2 Alan Townsend, Denny
3 Rachel Cook, Denny
Tenor drumming judge: Peter Carter

Donald MacLeod Memorial

Caladh inn, Stornoway,
Isle of Lewis April 10, 2015

Overall Champion: William McCallum; Runner-up: Iain Speirs

1 William McCallum, Roderick MacDonald’s Salute
2 Iain Speirs, Lament for the Iolaire
3 Finlay Johnston, Salute to the White Primrose
4 Glenn Brown, MacMhurich’s Salute

1 William McCallum: Mrs Duncan MacFadyen,Angus Campbell’s Farewell to Stirling, Sandy MacPherson, Ewe Wi’ the Crookit Horn, The Ferryman, John MacKechnie
2 Iain Speirs: Duchess of Edinburgh, P/M J MacWilliams, Arniston Castle, Susan Macleod,Fiona MacLeod, Bessie MacIntyre
3 Gordon McCready: Knightswood Ceilidh, Lonach Gathering, Falls of Forsy, Blair Drummond, John Garroway, Willie Murray
4 Callum Beaumont: Donald MacLellan of Rothesay, Brig. Cheape, Susan MacLeod, Dora MacLeod, Fiona MacLeod, Man from Glengarry

H&J (does not count towards overall prize):
1 Gordon McCready: Raigmore, Hen’s March
2 Glenn Brown: Colin MacKay, Braes of Mellinish
3 Callum Beaumont: Donald MacLeod, Kenny Ross
4 Iain Speirs: P/M George Allan, Whatever Moreover
Judges for all events: Iain MacFadyen, John Wilson, Willie Morrison
Fear an Tighe: Dr John Smith

Scottish Pipers Society of the Witwatersrand
Annual 100 Guineas Championship

By Nicholas Taitz

  • Champion piper Gareth Rudolph receives his trophy

Champion piper Gareth Rudolph receives his trophy

The 57th annual 100 Guineas solo piping contest was held at The View, on Saturday 28 March 2015.  The event was well attended by a knowledgeable piping audience, and the entry for the competitions in all grades was of a healthy size.

For the first time, Amateur events were held at the Guineas, which was the culmination of Gareth Rudolph’s excellent efforts over the past few months. This event has given a new platform for solo piping and we hope will go from strength to strength. The playing standards in the Junior and Senior events were very good, with a good standard of instruments all round.

In the Senior piobaireachd event, Gareth Rudolph was first playing Lament for McSwan of Roaig, on a fine pipe.  Simon Workman was second and Richard Payn third in this event.  Special mention should be made of Stuart Hobson, a junior piper, who placed fourth in the Senior piobaireachd, and who is a credit to his teacher, Chris Terry. Gareth Rudolph won the Senior March event, with Josh Hogg second and Nicholas Taitz third.  In the Senior Strathspey and Reel, Josh Hogg was first with Nicholas Taitz second and Simon Workman third.

Joshua Hogg displayed his usual tonal and technical excellence, winning the former winner’s March, Strathspey and Reel event. At the prize giving, a special award was made to Cyril Hall of Zimbabwe, who has attended the Guineas every year (almost) since 1970, and who is a past winner of the event overall and the piobaireachd section.  Cyril is a devoted piobaireachd enthusiast, and a follower of the Bob Brown school of interpretation.   As always, his attendance was welcomed by his fellow competitors, by whom he is held in great affection and esteem.  Chris Mulinder gave an excellent speech prior to presenting Cyril with this award.

A very enjoyable day of piping was had by all, followed by piobaireachd workshops with Chris Terry which will run until Wednesday, 1 April.  The full results were:

Senior Overall:
1st Gareth Rudolph
2nd Simon Workman
3rd Joshua Hogg
4th Nicholas Taitz

Former Winners MSR
1st Joshua Hogg

Senior Piobaireachd
1st Gareth Rudolph
2nd Simon Workman
3rd Richard Payn
4th Stuart Hobson

Senior March
1st Gareth Rudolph
2nd Joshua Hogg
3rd Nicholas Taitz
4th Simon Workman

Senior Strathspey and Reel
1st Joshua Hogg
2nd Nicholas Taitz
3rd Simon Workman
4th Richard Payn

Open Jig Challenge
1st Gareth Rudolph
2nd Joshua Hogg
3rd Malcolm Chadwick
4th Thomas Fuller

Judges for ceol mor were  Chris Terry with Tommy Knobel and Struan Young, and light music judged by Rob du Toit and Greg Lloyd.

SPA Adult Amateur and Veterans Competition held at the College of Piping on March 28, 2015



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Alasdair Morrison

Alasdair Morrison

Robert Wallace: The Scottish Pipers’ Association held another successful adult amateur and veterans competition today. As is usual in an amateur event, there was a mixed bag of playing, though judge Willie Morrison reported a higher than average performance level in the ceol mor. 

The winner here was Alasdair Morrison playing the Massacre of Glencoe. Alasdair, a talented player, may have more time to practice now that he had retired from running the Edinburgh Mod competitions after several years. In second place, all the way from Orleans in France, was Anne Lore. Anne played the same tune she gave us at the Pioabireachd Society conference last weekend, the Duke of Atholl’s Salute. Third prize went to Michael Graham with Corrienessan and fourth to PS Treasuer Walter Gray playing Lady Doyle’s Salute. Eleven competed; a healthy figure.

In the ceol beag Alasdair Morrison was again to the fore taking first for marches and second for strathspey and reel. In the latter he was just edged out by Allan Dunnachie who had the superior pipe. The Veteran’s March for the R Meldrum Cup was won by Walter Gray, and the over 80 prize by David McIntyre who had a bus to catch to Campbeltown and couldn’t wait to receive his trophy. The best slow march award went to Anne Lore and the SPA Shield  for Champion Piper to Alasdair Morrison. The judge for ceol beag was Stuart Shedden.

Full results:

1 Alasdair Morrison, Massacre of Glencoe
2 Anne Lore, Duke of Atholl’s Salute
3 Michael Graham, Corrienessan’s Salute
4 Walter Gray, Lady Doyle’s Salute

1 Alasdair Morrison
2 Allan Dunnachie
3 Gregor McCulloch
4 Andrew Park

Strathspey & reel
1 Allan Dunnachie
2 Alasdair Morrison
3 Andrew Park
4 Gregor McCulloch

Veterans March
1 Walter Gray
2 Graham Alexander
3 Anne Lore
4 Allan Dunnachie

Best piper over 80: David McIntyre
Best slow air: Anne Lore
Champion Piper: Alasdair Morrison

  • Other prizewinners join the trophy winners

Other prizewinners join the trophy winners

Duncan Johnstone Memorial

douglas-gardinerDouglas Gardiner was the overall winner of the annual Duncan Johnstone Memorial Competition for B and C grade pipers held at the National Piping Centre on March 15.

B Piob
1 Douglas Gardiner (pictured), Desperate Battle
2 Sarah Muir, Rory MacLoude’s Lament
3 Graham Mulholland, Lament for Patrick Og MacCrimmon
4 Steven Leask, Earl of Ross’s March
5 Duncan Beattie, Lament for Captain MacDougall
Judges: N Mulvie, C MacLellan

1 Connor Sinclair
2 Matt Wilson
3 Cameron MacDougall
4 Callum Watson
5 Ross Millar
Judges: I McLellan, A Forbes

C Piob
1 Andrew Wright
2 John MacDonald
3 Ben Mulhearn
4 Jonathan Simpson
5 John MacIlmurray
Judges: I Duncan, E Anderson

1 Bruce MacDonald
2 Ciaran Ross
3 Fraser Allison
4 John MacDonald
5 Chris Ross
Judges: W Cowan, T Johnstone

Open Jig
1 Andy Wilson
2 George Stewart
3 Ross Cowan
4 David Shedden
5 Ross Millar
Judges: W Cowan, I McLellan

alistair aitkenScottish Schools Pipe Band Championship

By Alistair Aitken OBE

Sunday 8 March 2015 saw the third Scottish Schools Pipe Band Championships held in Broughton High School and Fettes College in Edinburgh.  Promoted under the banner ‘Fair Play for Pipes’, the Championships are independently organised by the Scottish Schools Pipes and Drums Trust, but they also carry the support of the RSPBA.

As part of the Scottish Schools Pipes and Drums Trust’s overall objective of facilitating and assisting the funding of teaching of piping and pipe band drumming in schools across Scotland, the primary aim of these Championships as a major annual event is to encourage the formation and development of traditional pipe bands in public and private schools in Scotland.  The event offers different levels of competition for school pipe bands which already have some competitive experience in and outwith the RSPBA system.  It also provides a friendly opportunity for schools which have never competed before.  School pipe bands from other parts of the UK are also welcome to participate.  The Championships this year again offered five different levels of pipe band competition:

Juvenile Pipe Bands: For RSPBA-registered Juvenile Grade school and combined school pipe bands.

Novice Juvenile Pipe Bands: For RSPBA-registered Novice Juvenile Grade school and combined school pipe bands (or school pipe bands with RSPBA-registered players in that grade)

Junior “A” Pipe Bands: For school and combined school pipe bands with some competition experience with no players registered with the RSPBA.

Junior “B” Pipe Bands: For school and combined school pipe bands with experience of competing in the Debut section of the Championships in 2014; and with no players registered with the RSPBA.

Debut Pipe Bands: For school pipe bands competing for their first time (including school bands reforming after an absence of at least three years, provided that none of the players had competed before or are registered with the RSPBA).[wds id=”4″]

In addition to the traditional pipe band categories there was an invitational Quartet Piping competition (held in the prestigious Fettes College close to Broughton High School) for schools as yet unable to form a pipe band but who wished to give their pipers competing experience.  The programme again also included a Freestyle Musicianship competition which was open to all schools, or groups of schools from the same education authority.  Its primary aim was to offer a less formal opportunity for schools with limited numbers of pipers or drummers and no pipe band to participate in the Championships along with other types of musicians from their school.  This competition also encouraged existing school pipe bands to showcase their skills in the form of an innovative concert-style performance.  The general aim was to illustrate to parents, teachers, education authorities and the general public the musical scope and versatility of the bagpipes and pipe band drummers, and to demonstrate their parity of status alongside other musical instruments.  The approach was tried as a taster in 2014 and the fact that entries for the Freestyle Musicianship competition more than doubled this year confirmed the value of continuing the venture again.  On this occasion each of the competing schools set new parameters in terms of musical scope, range of instruments, originality, innovation, ingenuity and musical impact.  The profile of the competition was also enhanced by the adjudicators giving X Factor-type comments after each performance.

  • South Morningside Primary School in their first ever competition

South Morningside Primary School in their first ever competition

The High School of Glasgow Freestyle Ensemble
The statistics for the Championships were also impressive, totalling 78 individual band or quartet performances across the various categories.  These were representative of 111 individual schools from across Scotland, and also including the Ampleforth College and Sedbergh School Pipe Band from North East England.  Entry was free of charge to the competitors and the spectators.  Bands from remote locations were also offered funding assistance to help towards the costs of travel and accommodation etc.  Piping, Drumming and Ensemble Adjudicators for the pipe band competitions were provided by the RSPBA.  The Quartet Piping competition was judged by Harry McNulty and Tom Spiers.  Judges for the Freestyle competition were Robert Mathieson and Craig Munro (of Red Hot Chilli Pipers fame), former Simple Minds keyboard player Mick MacNeil and Tudor Morris, Director of the City of Edinburgh Music School.

Contributors to the success of the Championships were senior Broughton High School and Fettes College pupils and a number of volunteers, all of whom acted very efficiently for stewarding, announcing and other important tasks in ensuring that the programme ran seamlessly.  A 10%+ increase in entries compared to 2013 again illustrated the interest being generated in this annual event, as well as the wealth of young talent which exists throughout the country providing the foundation for maintaining Scotland’s traditional music.

Winners of each of the categories of competition were:

Juvenile Pipe Bands
1st George Watson’s College (see main picture at top)
2nd Dollar Academy
3rd George Heriot’s School

Novice Juvenile Pipe Bands
1st George Watson’s College
2nd Dollar Academy
3rd North Lanarkshire Schools

Junior “A” Pipe Bands
1st St Columba’s School
2nd Queen Victoria School
3rd Glenalmond College

Junior “B” Pipe Bands
1st Gordonstoun School
2nd Erskine Stewart’s Melville Schools
3rd Morrison’s Academy

Debut Pipe Bands
1st Lochalsh Junior Pipe Band
2nd Kinross High School
3rd City of Inverness Youth Pipe Band

Quartet Piping
1st Tobermory High School “A”
2nd Banff Academy
3rd St Agatha’s Primary School “A”

Freestyle Musicianship
1st The High School of Glasgow
2nd Gordonstoun School
3rd Davidson’s Mains School

Royal Scottish Pipers’ Society – Competition Trophy Winners 2015

B’ Piob
1 J Forbes
2 J Carnegie
3 K Cowan

Senior Members’ March
1 A Frater
2 W Gray
3 D MacLeod

Senior Members’ March +75
1 R Smart

Slow March
1 L Barrett
2 A Frater
3 D Macleod

6/8 March
1 A Forbes
2 L Barrett
3 I MacLeod

Confined 2/4 March
1 J Carnegie
2 M Turner-Kerr
3 M Innes

2/4 March
1 I Macleod
2 I MacDonald
3 W Gray

Strathspey & Reel
1 I MacLeod
2 W Gray
3 I MacDonald

‘A’ Piobaireachd
1 J Frater, Lachlan MacNeill Campbell of Kintarbet’s Fancy
2 W Gray
3 R Frater

1 J Frater
2 A Forbes
3 A Frater

1 J Frater
2 A Frater
3 G Hislop

1 J Frater, P/M William Ross Cup
2 A Frater, David Ross Trophy

Archie Kenneth Quaich


Tom Peterkin with the Archie Kenneth Quaich on an earlier occasion. With him are fourth prize winner John Frater, Alan Forbes, Piobaireachd Socoety Music Committee Secretary and competitor James Kenny

Tom Peterkin with the Archie Kenneth Quaich on an earlier occasion

This important competition for amateur piobaireachd players is organised every year by the Piobaireachd Society and always draws a very large entry. The winner this year was journalist Tom Peterkin from Edinburgh playing the Lament for Captain MacDougall. In second place was former winner Andrew Frater playing Tulloch Ard, third went to Michael Graham playing You’re Welcome Ewan Lochiel. Fourth was John Frater with MacLeod’s Controversy, fifth last year’s winner Bob Low playing the BlackWedder’s White Tail and sixth Stewart Gaudin with Lament for Donald Duaghal MacKay. The judges were J Hazzard and C MacLellan.

Glasgow Uist & Barra Association, Annual Professional Piping Competition held in the College of Piping on March 7

As would be expected with such a stellar line-up, this was a day of first rate professional piping. A large crowd heard the very best of both ceol mor and ceol beag. The winners are as below but listed among them should be the audience too. Stay tuned for some comments on how the day went and more pix. For now here are the complete results:

Ceol Mor:
1 Faye Henderson, Lament for the Earl of Antrim
2 Douglas Murray, Lord Lovat’s Lament
3 Angus MacColl, End of the High Bridge
4 Chris Armstrong, Patrick Og MacCrimmon’s Lament
5 Finlay Johnston, Farewell to the Laird of Islay

  • Ceol mor winner Faye Henderson receives her trophy

Ceol mor winner Faye Henderson receives her trophy

1 P/M Gordon walker (pictured above receiving the overall trophy from former U&B secretary Jeanette McHugh)
2 William McCallum
3 Roderick MacLeod
4 Chris Armstrong
5 Iain Speirs

1 Alasdair Henderson
2 P/M Gordon Walker
3 Douglas Murray
4 Chris Armstrong
5 Roderick Macleod
Naill Pipe Chanter:

The judges, who must have had a difficult task, were Iain MacFadyen, Stuart Samson and William Morrison.

Piping Convenor John Angus Smith is to be congratulated for the efficient running of his first Uist & Barra, a tradition begun by his distinguished predecessor Seumas MacLean. At the conclusion of the prizes Julia MacIsaac, President, thanked everyone for attending and wished them a safe journey home.

Footnote: It was pleasing to see two leading pipers, everyone knows who they are, playing at the U&B for the first time in many years following a self-imposed boycott which coincided with the de-camping of the contest from the Piping Centre to the College of Piping six or seven years ago. I hope this is behind us now and all top players will continue to support this important competition wherever it is held.


Glasgow Boys Brigade Battalion Bands Contest
held on Saturday, 21st February 2015

  • BB-1

145th Glasgow BB band

Bryan Sinclair reports: Boys’ Brigade bands from across the country gathered to take part in the annual Glasgow Battalion Bands Contest on Saturday 21st February 2015. The competition was held at Ibrox Parish Church, home of the 163rd Glasgow Company & Glasgow Battalion HQ. Piping adjudicator Stephen Clark commented, ‘Being on the other side of the pen for once you quickly see the pitfalls and struggles of judging, but was also really good to see so many young folk taking up the instruments and getting out competing.  Some of those today were playing in their first ever contest, something everyone who competes can relate to I’m sure: the nerves and excitement of your first outing. Something you remember the rest of your life.’
Glasgow Battalion would like to thank all those involved for making the day a success. The next event in the BB musical calendar sees the turn of Dundee & Angus Battalion to host their annual Solo and Bands contest on Saturday 14th March 2015 at Morgan Academy.
Trio Piping Contest: 1st 145th Glasgow (B)  2nd 145th Glasgow (A)
Mini Band Contest: 1st 145th Glasgow
Glasgow Confined Pipe Band Contest: 1st 145th Glasgow
Open Pipe Band Contest:
1st  6th/8th Dundee (Senior) – pictured above
2nd 6th/8th Dundee (Junior)
3rd 44th Dundee
Drumming Prize:  6th/8th Dundee (Senior)

P1: Gary Carruthers (College of Piping)
P2: Stephen Clark (Police Scotland Fife PB)
D: Henrik Brandt (Glasgow Skye Association PB)
E: Robert Andrew (Ayr PB)  

Scottish Piping Society of the Witwatersrand Amateur Piping Contest , Jo’burg, Sat 21st February 2015.

6 competed.

1st Conway Buckle
2nd Nick Stiekema
3rd Craig Carlson (Piob Preference)

Piobaireachd (Ground only):
1st Craig Carlson
2nd Nick Stiekema
3rd Conway Buckle

1st Conway Buckle
2nd Ross Montgomery
3rd Nick Stiekema

Strathspey and Reel:
1st Conway Buckle
2nd Ross Montgomery
3rd Nick Stiekema

JUDGE for the day was Roddy Watters.

National Piping Centre Junior Competition 2015

15 -17 Piobaireachd
1. Brighde Chaimbeul
2. Harry McLachlan
3. John Dew
4. Calum Carslaw
5. John Campbell
6. Holly Friedlander

15-17 March Strathspey and Reel
1. Brigdhe Chaimbeul
2. John Dew
3. Calum Ian Brown
4. Connor Jardine
5. Calum Carswell
6. John Campbell

15-17 Jig
1 Calum Ian Brown
2. Brighde Chaimbeul
3. John Dew
4. Calum Carswell
5. Connor Jardine
6 Harry McLachlan
Overall 15-17 – Brighde Chaimbeul

Under 15 Piobaireachd
1. Robbie McIsaac
2. Angus MacPhee
3. Lewis Russell
4. Jordan Ednie
5. Finlay Cameron
6. Ben Muir

Under 15 Piobaireachd Ground
1. Paul Christie
2. Max Grieve
3. Luke Shearer
4. Archie Clark

U15 March
1. Jordan Ednie
2. Robbie McIsaac
3. Lewis Russell
4. Andrew Ferguson
5. Paul Christie
6. Finlay Cameron

Results from the Midwest Highland Arts Fund Winter Storm 2014 Competitions, January 9, 2015, at the Marriott Hotel Grand Ballroom – County Club Plaza.

R.G. Hardie & Co. – Midwest Highland Arts Fund United States Gold Medal Piobaireachd Competition
1st James Bell, Batesville, Arkansas ‘Glengarry’s March’
2nd Jori Chisholm, Seattle, Washington
3rd Andrew Carlisle. Ballygowan, N. Ireland
Judges: Brian Donaldson and Colin MacLellan

McCallum Bagpipes & Mid West Pipe Band Association
United States Silver Medal Piobaireachd Competition
1st Andrew Donlon. Germantown, Maryland
2nd Josh McFarlane, Brighton, Ontario
3rd Joseph Stewart, Seattle, Washington
4th Eilidh MacDonald, Regina, Saskatchewan
5th Stephen MacNeil, Brethren, Michigan
Judges: Chris Apps and Jack Taylor
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North American Professional Ceol Beag Competition
1st Alex Gandy, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
2nd Andrew Carlisle, Ballygowan, N. Ireland
3rd Alastair Lee, Coquitlam, British Columbia
Judges: Ken Eller and Willie McCallum – Qualifier
Roddy MacLeod and Donald McBride – Final

Recipients of invitation to The Metro Cup 2015:
Alex Gandy and James Bell.

North American Amateur Ceol Beag Competition
Grade 3
1st Eric Qualls, Kansas City, Missouri
2nd Lauren VanDerWal, Springfield, Illinois
3rd Jaron Park, Springfield, Illinois
Judge: Keith Paton

Grade 2
1st Griffin Hall Overland Park, Kansas
2nd Jack O’Connell, Croton on Hudson, New York
3rd Andrew Robertson, Frankford, Ontario
Judge: Chris Apps

Grade 1
1st Jack Williamson, Topeka, Kansas
2nd James Dyson, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
3rd Sean Regan, Woodstock, Virginia
Judge: Terry Lee

Amateur & Gold Medal Tenor Drumming
1st Shanna McDonald, West Dundee, Illinois
2nd Courtney Green, Gurnee, Illinois
3rd Joshua Borwick, Arlington, Tennessee
Judges: Stevie McQuillan, Micheal O’Neil, and Matt Bellia

1st Brianna McDonald, West Dundee, Illinois
2nd Sydney Sievewright, Hales Corners, Wisconsin
3rd Andrew Fedori, Edmonton, Alberta
Judges: Stevie McQuillan, Micheal O’Neil, and Matt Bellia

Gold Medal
1st Owen Russell, St Paul, Minnesota
2nd Ryan Robertson, Stoney Creek, Ontario
3rd Kyle Heaney, Toronto, Ontario
Judges: Stevie McQuillan, Micheal O’Neil, and Matt Bellia

Amateur Bass Drumming Championships and
Gold Medal Bass Drumming Championship
1st Bhreagh MacDonald, Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia
2nd Doug Matthews, Toronto, Ontario
3rd Joseph Cameron, Shawnee, Kansas
Judges: Mike Cole and Steven Roberts

Gold Medal
1st Kahlil Cappuccino, Ottawa, Ontario
2nd Kyle Heaney, Toronto, Ontario
3rd Ryan Robertson, Stoney Creek, Ontario
Judges: Mike Cole and Steven Roberts

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North American Amateur Drumming Championships
Grade 3
1st Cameron McCall, Stirling, Scotland
2nd Tom Clower, Grinnell, Iowa
3rd Maggie Bishop, Westminster, Colorado
Judges: Jim Sim and Stephen Creighton

Grade 2
1st Sophia McConnell, Lititz, Pennsylvania
Judges: Jim Sim and Stephen Creighton

Grade 1
1st Fiona Senyk, New Westminster, British Columbia
2nd Michael O’Rourke, Queens, New York
3rd Sean Biggar, Sunnyvale, California
Judges: Jim Sim and Stephen Creighton

North American Gold Medal Drumming Championship
1st Blair Brown, Portland, Oregon
2nd Michael McKenna, Co Dublin, Ireland
3rd Derek Cooper, Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania
4th Graham Brown, Henderson, Nevada
5th Eric MacNeill, East Greenbush, New York
6th Eli Fugate. San Diego, California
Judges: Doug Stronach, Jake Joergesen and John Fisher – Qualifier
Duncan Millar, Hugh Cameron and John Scullion – Final

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