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25 thoughts on “Links

  1. I was enormously saddened to read of the passing of Hector Russell. We first met at a College of Piping Piobaireachd school where we spent a week with several others under the tutelage of Andrew Wright. Hector arrived one day with a tune a friend (Michael MacDonald) had written, called if I remember correctly, ‘Leah’s Lullaby’ and he asked if I could write a harmony part for it, which I did. Some considerable time later, Michael showed the tune to Jim McGillivray who asked who wrote the harmony, and that was the start of my happy involvements with This delighted Hector. From then on he involved me in his various projects – Archie MacNeill research, typesetting Malcolm MacKenzie’s ‘By the Fireside’ collection of tunes (I wonder if that was ever completed?) and typesetting Alex McIvor’s tune book recently published. He was chuffed to bits to have a piobaireachd (Eachann Dubh or Black Haired Hector) written about him (played by Connor Sinclair) and he worked away in the background trying to get various other projects of mine off the ground. And that’s just some of what he did for me, a very small figure in his life. Others who figured much more prominently have written about his other work and his great personality. He had an extraordinary and ‘right to the point’ turn of phrase and I will never forget his reply when I asked ‘was his wife a wee person too?’ and he replied ‘oh God no, she was a big unit of a woman’ !! I’ll never forget Hector and I owe him such a lot. Pipe on Hector, you were a true friend, a hard worker, an innovator, a real worthy, and an exceptional person. Heartfelt condolences to Marilyn and family.

  2. I want to leave a Comment on Hector Russell. Do I do that here? There doesn’t seem to be anything to click at the end of the article re his sad passing. Please advise?

  3. Pipe major Willie Ross gold watch worked & STILL works ! Along with his silver picket watch both of which I have in my possession __ comment made about a disfigurement PM Willie Ross had was so uncalled for actually your editor should never have allowed the offence sentence to be printed so who ever reads my comment will realise that I still am so proud to be related to the LATE PM Willie ROSS a true gentleman &why your magazine still prints it I have no idea have you no idea how upsetting it is for those of us who knew him & some of his family members are still ALIVE !!

  4. Hello,

    I am thoroughly enjoying reading the Ladies Pipe Bands articles that were written by Jeannie Campbell. Is there any way that I can forward my address to her so that I may ask her some questions? I’m from the U.S. and I’d love to learn more about the start of Lady Bands. Thanks so much!

  5. Hi There
    I think you did an article on my Great Uncle Michael MacDonald regarding how his medals were sourced and are now in Fort George. Can you forward that link to me or email it to me please as I would like to print it for my Mother to read. He was my Mother’s Uncle.


    1. Thanks for getting in touch Christina. I think you are referring to our story on Mick Haggerty by Denis Browning. Here is the link: link.

      Regards, RW

  6. Have been looking for Bagpipe Tudor 1 lesson 15 online for several weeks so happy to find this site!!

  7. I have been trying several times to subscribe to PP. Never receive a confirmation email, can you help?
    There seems to be a bit & byte problem crossing the channel.

    regards from Germany, Joachim

  8. Hello Rab

    I musy say that I’m astonished to still receive your newsletter but not to be allowed to post comments
    In fact when I post a comment about an article, I receive an error message asking me to precise my profile, that done, my comments don’t appear on the site, I’ve sent many claims wirthout any result
    I ask you have a glance on that problem

    Thank you
    next read of you

    Jean Michel

    1. We haven’t received anything Jean Michel and you are free to comment as you have just done. Will look out for any issues however. RW

  9. Hello
    I’ve subscribed to your site and bought your Book 1 but I haven’t been able to find the music download page for Amazing Grace.
    Would you post a link to this please.
    Thank you

  10. Hello, I stumbled across your site and tutor videos on the RSPBA website, When I was a lad back in primary school/first year high school i used to play the chanter (was just about to move to the pipes) but stupidly quit (nearly 30 years ago). I have now bought and for the last two nights been practicing, What advice/info can you give me and can you recommend any clubs/groups local to Central Scotland I could go and learn/practice.


  11. Thank you for confirming my subscription. I just came across your paper today and enjoyed the read.

  12. Thank you for confirming our request to join the Piping Press.
    Regards Eleanor on behalf of Girvan Solo Piping

  13. My husband Bruce Kinniburgh’s great grandfather was the Ronald MacKenzie known as The Piper an Odd, tutored by Alexander MacLennon and Lachie the Grieve. He is mentioned in the above list of winners of the Oban Gold Medal in 1874. He was piper to MacDonald of Dunach. Bruce’s grandsons, Damon and Nicholas Reynolds are is a pipe band at their school in Sydney, Knox Grammar. The band made a trip to the UK in 2016, attending the gathering at Inverness, where Ronald MacKenzie won the Prize Pipes in 1873 and the Gold Medal in 1875. Nicholas, who is Pipe Major of the Knox band will be going to the UK in 2019. Their grandfather Bruce was President of the NSW Pipe Band Association and a champion drummer. The Pipe Band tradition in our family is over 150 years old. Thought you may be interested.

  14. unable to subscribe to PP – get an e-mail from WordPress stating to confirm by clicking on link below. There is no link below. What’s up with that??

    1. Apologies George; the box is top left; have added your name and you should now receive a message each time there is a new post published. All the best. RW

    1. Sorry about that David; some subscriptions were lost in the transfer to the new platform. Can I ask you to go to the home page and fill in the email notification box. Any problem please come back.

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