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Shotts Junior Championship – Full Results with A Few Comments Added

One of the busiest junior competitions of the year took place yesterday at Calderhead High School, Shotts, Lanarkshire. Run by the World Championship winning Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band, the event attracted over 185 young pipers and drummers. The picture above shows some of the earlier class winners.

I spent most of the afternoon at the competition and it was very well organised, even with the large entry, the school an excellent facility, writes the editor. The promoters were well served by some of our leading professional pipers who acted as judges. These included, Bill Geddes, Peter Hunt, Gordon McCready, Darach Urquhart, Graham Drummond and Alasdair Henderson.

Listening to the Under 15 Piobaireachd, there was an outstanding performance for one so young from Andrew Ferguson of Dollar Academy. His performance of the Earl of Ross’s March was mature, well controlled – and the bagpipe not far from professional standard. Andrew is clearly one to watch and a credit to his teachers who I presume to be Dollar instructors Matt Wilson and Callum Beaumont.

Poor pipes and poor memory affected the performances of the other youngstersin this event but it would be wrong to expect too much at this early stage of their development as soloists. The importabnt thing is that they are studying ceol mor, learned their tunes and put themselves forward for the competition.

EVENT 1 Chanter Age 18 and Under Slow Air (Two Parts)
Sponsored by: Maverick
1 Fraser Smith
2 Finn Gilmour
3 Lloyd Ferguson
4 Erin Allison

EVENT 2 Chanter Age 18 and Under March (2 Parts)
Sponsored by: Canning Reedmakers
1 Fraser Smith
2 Christopher Drummond
3 Harrison Bishop
4 Finn Gilmour
5 Erin Allison
6 Rachel Donald

EVENT 3 Piping Age 13 and Under 2/4 March
Sponsored by: Wallace Bagpipes
1 Nicholas Knowles
2 Bobby Allen
3 Richard Kneen
4 Adam Dandie
5 Donald Morris
6 Jack Smith

EVENT 3 A Piping Age 13 and Under Strathspey and Reel
Sponsored by: Wallace Bagpipes
1 Bobby Allen
2 Nicholas Knowles
3 Cameron May
4 Joshua Reilly
5 Jack Smith
6 Christie Mcnab

EVENT 4 Piping Age 15 and Under 2/4 March (Minimum 4 parts)
Sponsored by: Wallace Bagpipes
1 Christopher Happs
2 Andrew Ferguson
3 Ross Connor
4 Luke Kennedy
5 Ruairidh Brown
6 Brodie Watson-Massey

EVENT 4A Piping Age 15 and Under Strathspey and Reel
Sponsored by: Wallace Bagpipes
1 Christopher Happs
2 Andrew Ferguson
3 Brodie Watson-Massey
4 Ross Connor
5 Ruairidh Brown
6 Luke Kennedy

EVENT 5 Piping Age 15 and Under Ground of Piobaireachd
Sponsored by: Wallace Bagpipes
1 Joshua Reilly
2 Evan Hawkins
3 Donald Morris
4 Bobby Allen
5 Gregor Grierson
6 Ryan McCreadie

EVENT 6 Piping Age 15 and Under Piobaireachd
Sponsored by: David Naill – First prize won a David Naill Silver Practice Chanter
1 Andrew Ferguson
2 Cialan Kellett
3 Luke Kennedy
4 Emma Hill
5 Ross Connor
6 Cameron May

EVENT 7 Piping Age 18 and Under 2/4 March (Minimum 4 parts)
Sponsored by: Maverick and Canning Reedmakers
1 Finlay Cameron
2 Angus Macphee
3 Robbie MacIsaac
4 Ben Muir
5 Lewis Russell
6 Callum Davidson

Winners at the 2017 Shotts Junior Championship

EVENT 7A Piping Age 18 and Under Strathspey and Reel
Sponsored by: Canning Reedmakers and Trap-Dri
1 Finlay Cameron
2 Angus Macphee
3 Robbie MacIsaac
4 Luke Shearer
5 Ben Muir
6 John. A. McLaren

EVENT 8 Piping Age 18 and Under Piobaireachd
Sponsored by: Canning Reedmakers and Trap-Dri
1 John. A. McLaren
2 Finlay Cameron
3 Lewis Russell

EVENT 9 Snare, Stick and Pad Age 15 and Under March
Sponsored by: Stephen Creighton in conjunction with Promark and Evans
1 Jason Hendry
2 Andrew Black
3 Oliver Burbury
4 Ewan Jeffrey

EVENT 11 Snare Drumming Age 15 and Under March (4 parts)
Sponsored by: Stephen Creighton in conjunction with Promark and Evans
1 Caitlyn Malloy
2 Callum Kyle
3 Mark Bathgate
4 Archie Jaffrey-Smith
5 Niamh McCreadie
6 Luke Cunningham

EVENT 12 Snare Drumming Age 15 and Under MSR
Sponsored by: Stephen Creighton in conjunction with Promark and Evans
1 Kerr McQuillan
2 James Strachan
3 Ewan McDonald
4 Lachlan Kyle
5 Rachel Fairley
6 Fergus Kyle

EVENT 13 Snare Drumming Age 18 and Under March (8 parts)
Sponsored by: Stephen Creighton in conjunction with Promark and Evans
1 Adam McMillan
2 Ross Stevenson

EVENT 14 Snare Drumming Age 18 and Under MSR
Sponsored by: Stephen Creighton in conjunction with Promark and Evans
1 Thomas Barnes
2 Rachel Thom
3 Alex Faulds
4 Lewis Connell

EVENT 15 Tenor Age 15 and Under March (4 parts)
Sponsored by: Ace Percussion; Additional event sponsor: Flourish
1 Fiona McCall
2 Lynsey Merrilees
3 Aimee Reid
4 Hannah McIntyre

EVENT 16 Tenor Age 18 and Under March, Strathspey & Reel
Sponsored by: Ace Percussion; Additional event sponsor: Flourish
1 Emily Davidson
2 Abby Johnston
3 Morgan Lynch
4 Mia Googe

Winner of the John K MacAllister Memorial Trophy for the Best Overall 15 Years and Under Piper, winning a set of Fred Morrison small pipes donated by McCallum Bagpipes: Andrew Ferguson

Winner of the Tom McAllister Jnr Memorial Trophy for the Best Overall 18 and Under Piper, winning a set of Armstrong ABM4a Bagpipes: Finlay Cameron

Winner of the Robert Clark Memorial Trophy donated by Billy Price in honour of his grandfather, and a voucher from the National Piping Centre: Finlay Cameron

The contest blurb reads ‘This being the fourth year of the annual event, we hope to welcome an even larger number of youngsters to North Lanarkshire, to compete in a range of categories including chanter, piping, stick and pad, snare and tenor. The competition reflects Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band’s commitment to supporting youngsters in the pipe band community, and the event is organised in partnership with North Lanarkshire Council.’

A Look Back at the London Championship 2017 and a Review of the B Grade Piobaireachd

By Robert Wallace

I read the comment on yesterday’s results post  with a little concern. Organisers and stewards giving of their free time and effort can take these things cruelly. However I do feel the London contest needs a bit of pruning if it is to maintain its mojo.

Prizemoney looked modest and the number of prizes could do with an increase. Any more than 12 entrants and there needs to be a minimum of four places. Is there really room here for a full set of ‘C’ Grade contests and all the amateur events?

I don’t know;  the organisers will want to let as many as possible play at what is a high point in the piping calendar. But it may a be a case of less is more and certainly a cap of 25 on all piobaireachd events is an urgent necessity. Having said all that, the SPSL and their stewards (and the judges!) coped brilliantly with the exigencies of the day: 100+ pipers an a’ an a’.

Alison receives a well deserved bouquet of flowers

Everything concluded at a reasonable time circa 7pm, with President Andrew Hall efficiently getting through the prizes and raffle with a minimum of fuss. It was a pity some of the prizewinners had to leave early to catch flights. Andrew was right to praise the work of London committee member Alison Gilmour. Talk about efficiency. If anyone kept the day rolling along it was this tireless lady. Alison is also helping out with the Shotts Juniors later this month so no problems there despite their record entry.

But back to London. My weekend began with the Train Journey South in the company of many of my fellow judges. The patter was epic. Here was true fellowship, comradely banter, piping history from those who knew it first hand. Five hours to Euston never raced by so quickly. Those colleagues with a tendency to mire the judging cadre in a slough of controversy should have been with us – they’d have learned a thing or two.

To the hotel where luckily I was sharing with my ex-214 BB mucker Archie Maclean. Apart from being a respected piping adjudicator, Archie is an expert on Renaissance art (he was married in Florence) and has a keen interest in military history, particularly that of WW2, his father John surviving battle after battle from Normandy to Lüneburg Heath. So you see there was never a lack of stimulating conversation to add to the piping discussion.

Friday evening and a judges’ meeting where we were allocated our duties for the following day, myself and Logan Tannock to the B Piobaireachd. Readers will know of my distaste for any impediment, direct or indirect, which is placed in the way of teaching. Into this latter category comes last year’s draconian ruling by the Solo Piping Adjudicators’ Association to apply the jackboot to any member caught presiding over a contest in which a ‘pupil’ was playing.

I looked around the London meeting room to gauge the number of regularly active teachers – dashed few and even fewer at the very highest level. This SPJA ruling is already paying a negative dividend and the longer it is allowed to continue the more piping will suffer, mark my words. Had anyone sat through the marathon eight and a half hour ‘B’ Piobaireachd they would know what I am talking about. There is a distinct lack of knowledge at this Silver Medal level. You can tell when someone knows how to present their music but is having an off day – and you can tell when they, well, just don’t know what they are doing.

‘A’ Piobaireachd winner Peter McCalister receives his trophy from Chelsea pensioner Davy MacIntyre. Picture courtesy Billy Wardrope

Not in this category was the winner Edward Gaul. His Groat was subtly nuanced, well fingered and thus musically presented. Also ticking these boxes, but less so, was second placed Ben McClamrock from the US with his Red Speckled Bull. My main grouse with Ben was his continual cutting of the B third beat in the ground and early variations. Another good Groat from Gavin Ferguson (rich-toned pipe and clear finger) earned him his third prize, though he was behind Edward in expressive finesse.

Fourth was Steven Leask with the Battle of Bealach nam Brog. Some erratic rhythms in the second line of the urlar doubling, clipped low Gs in the T singling and an out of kilter doubling shoved this fine young player down the reckoning. Sarah Muir was fifth with one of this year’s Silver Medal offerings, Rev Norman MacLeod’s Lament, from Book 16 in the PS collection. Sarah is too good a piper to keep out of any list but here her adherence to the PS’s edited score, rather than to the original as the composer gave us it, meant a loss of melodic impact.

Mentions in dispatches for the following: Peter Skae for bravely submitting Donald MacPhee’s Salute to P/M Richard Parkes MBE, or the ‘Salute to Dickie P’ as Peter called it. This is a melodic new piece in the mould of P/M Donald MacLeod’s ceol mor. It is a fine tribute to the legendary pipe major and maybe we’ll hear his band play part of it in the next FMM concert. Steven Gray had a manful King’s Taxes but the high G was a tad flat and I think he knew it; consequently the concentration seemed wandered at times.

Jig winner Andrew Donlon entertaining at the informal ceilidh

Alistair Murray had the music and pipe for Captain MacDougall but left dare and his crunluath back in Pittsburgh. Matt Pantaleoni had the right idea with Lady Margaret MacDonald’s Salute but the pipe was the poorest we’d heard it for some time. Ross Cowan started well in Hail to My Country but slowed in the taorluath and then the crunluath let him down.

Thirty-two entered and 30 played. The result:
1 Edward Gaul
2 Ben McClamrock
3 Gavin Ferguson
4 Steven Leask
5 Sarah Muir

After the prizes and some pictures it was out into the busy streets and some refreshment. I’m told there was a ceilidh in the hotel bar sustained mainly by the overseas visitors so well done to them for that.

Sunday and the Train Journey North from Hell. Twelve and a half hours door to door standing all the way from King’s Cross to Newcastle. Ah, the joys of judging.

The Scottish Piping Society of London’s annual competition was held on November 4 at the Kensington Conference Centre. Get full results here and CLASP amateur results here.

Full London CLASP Results

Organiser Margaret Dunn : Here are the CLASP results held at the SPSL on Saturday Nov 4, 2018. Piobaireachd judge was Ross Cowan and Light Music was judged by Stephen Cussens. The above picture shows joint ceol beag CLASP Grade 1 winners Bradley Boxall and Gordon Hislop receiving their trophy from Chelsea Pensioner Davy MacIntyre.

Grade 3 Piob
1. Neil Scotland
2. Joris Panis
3. Megan Kenney

Grade 3 March
1. Philip Duthie
2. Duncan Lamont
3. Robert Cunningham

Grade 3 S&R
1. Philip Duthie
2. Neil Scotland
3. Joris Panis

Grade 3 Overall Winner – Neil Scotland

Grade 2 Piob
1. George Gordon
2. Andrea Jones
3. Tom Broderick

Grade 2 March
1. Max Gillespie
2. David McRobb
3. George Gordon

Grade 2 S&R
1. Max Gillespie
2. David McRobb
3. George Gordon

Grade 2 Overall Winner – George Gordon

Grade 1 Piob
1. Ross McNaughton
2. Bradley Boxall
3. Ian Graham

Grade 1 Champion Ross McNaughton

Grade 1 March
1. Ross McNaughton
2. Con Houlihan
3. Gordon Hislop

Grade 1 S&R
1. Bradley Boxall
2. Gordon Hislop
3. William Wardrope

Grade 1 Overall Winner – Ross McNaughton

London Championship 2017 – Bratach Tunes & Pictures Added

A very full day of top class piping in the capital and a good crowd at the Kensington Conference Centre. Competitions began at 8.30am and ran into the evening. There was a good representation from overseas with many pipers flying in for the event from Europe and North America. Bruce Gandy from Halifax, Nova Scotia, was declared Champion Piper for 2017. Bruce is pictured with other prizewinners above. Results below. Stay tuned for comment from the Editor. 

Piobaireachd for the Dr Calum MacCrimmon Bratach Gorm (7 tunes)
1 Roderick MacLeod, Lament for the Viscount of Dundee
2 Callum Beaumont, Lament for Ronald MacDonald of Morar
3 Bruce Gandy, Big Spree
4 Jack Lee, Lord Lovat’s Lament
5 Finlay Johnston, Lament for the Children
Judges: I Duncan, S Samson, A Wright

London Champion for 2017 Bruce Gandy, Nova Scotia. Bruce now qualifies for next year’s Glenfiddich competition at Blair Castle

Open Piobaireachd for the William Gillies Cup (6 tunes)
1 Iain Speirs, Nameless, Cherede Darivea
2 Bruce Gandy, Kintarbert’s Fancy
3 Alasdair Henderson, My King Has Landed in Moidart
4 Glenn Brown, Beloved Scotland
5 Jamie Forrester, Battle of Waternish
Judges: A Maclean, W Morrison, W Wotherspoon

MSR: London Medallion & John MacFadyen Quaich (6 of each, two of each to be played)
1 Finlay Johnston
2 Jack Lee
3 Seumas Coyne
4 Alasdair Henderson
5 Callum Beaumont
Judges: J Banks, W Cowan, J Taylor

Finlay Johnston receives the London Medallion MSR Trophy

March: P/M JB Robertson Silver Rose Bowl (6 of each, selected tune to be played once)
1 Bruce Gandy
2 Roderick MacLeod
3 Finlay Johnston
Judges: R Worrall, A Wright

Hornpipe & Jig: Mary Flora Beaton Cup (3 of each)
1 Bruce Gandy
2 Alasdair Henderson
3 Roderick MacLeod
Judges: J Banks, I McLellan, R Worrall

A grade events

Piobaireachd:  RG Lawrie Rams Horn Snuff Mull (6 tunes)
1 Peter McCalister
2 Derek Midgley
3 Jamie Forrester
Judges: I Duncan, S Samson

Darsch Urquhart winner of the Strachan Memorial Trophy. Darach now qualifies for the London Medallion MSR

MSR:  Strachan Memorial (submit 4 of each)
1 Darach Urquhart
2 Callum Moffat
3 Ben McClamrock
Judges: W Cowan, I McLellan

Andrew Donlon, winner of the ‘A’ Jig

‘A’ Jig:  Donald Forbes Medal (own choice)
1 Andrew Donlon
2 Callum Moffat
3 Darach Urquhart
Judge: W Cowan, I McLellan

B grade events
‘B’ Piobaireachd:  John Roe Plate (4 tunes) – 30 played
1 Edward Gaul, The Groat
2 Ben McClamrock, Red Speckled Bull
3 Gavin Ferguson, The Groat
4 Steven Leask, Battle of Bealach nam Brog
5 Sarah Muir, Lord Berisdale’s Sal.
Judges: L Tannock, R Wallace

Edward Gaul, winner of the ‘B’ Piobaireachd

‘B’ MSR:  London Scottish Hodden Grey Trophy (3 of each)
1 Matt Wilson
2 Andrew Donlon
3 Greig Canning
Judges: L Ingram, I McLellan

Matt Wilson of Dollar Academy and Field Marshal Montgomery

‘B’ Jig:  Hugh MacMillan Trophy (own choice)
1 Ross Cowan
2 Matt Wilson
3 Edward Gaul
Judges: A Maclean, W Morrison, W Wotherspoon

Ross Cowan, Pipe Major of North Lanarkshire Schools and winner of the ‘A’ Jig

C grade events
‘C’ Piobaireachd, NPC Trophy
1 John McElmurry
2 Ciaren Ross
3 Gwenael Dage
Judge: E Anderson

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‘C’ MSR:  P/M Robert Crabb BEM Trophy (3 of each)
1 Ciaren Ross
2 Dan Nevans
3 Andrew Hutton
Judges: L Ingram, J Banks

John McElmurry, Northern Ireland, ‘C’ Grade Piobaireachd Champion

‘C’ Jig:  Trophy (own choice)
1 John Dew
2 Matt Supranowicz
3 Kyle Shead
Judge: E Anderson

Juvenile events

Juvenile   Piob
1 Andrew Ferguson
2 Finlay Cameron
3 Christopher Happs

Judge: J Taylor, R Worrall

Juvenile MSR:  British Airways Pipe Band Trophy (own choice)
1 Robbie MacIsaac
2 Finlay Cameron
3 Ruairidh Brown
Judge: R Worrall

Juvenile Jig: Highlands & Islands Society Trophy (own choice)
1 Andrew Ferguson
2 Robbie MacIsaac
3 Finlay Cameron
Judge: J Taylor, R Worrall

Juvenile Champion: Andrew Ferguson

 Piob Grade 1 CLASP: Ross McNaughton
 Ceol Beag CLASP Grade 1: Bradley Boxall and Gordon Hislop