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Historic Picture Handed Over at Celtic Connections by P/M Ian Duncan

Has the World Pipe Band Championship Grade 1 title ever been won with brothers playing in the same band? Yes; 1969 Muirhead & Sons and, surely uniquely, there were three of them in this band, namely Tommy, Jimmy and Peter Anderson all from Falkirk.

We would be interested to hear of other championship bands with siblings in the ranks but for now let’s rewind a couple of days to Celtic Connections and the handover of the historic picture as shown above. In the centre is Pipe Major Ian Duncan of Vale of Atholl/ Atholl Highlanders fame.

On his right is the aforementioned Tommy Anderson and on his left brother Peter. Both were playing that day in Perth when Muirheads won their five-in-a-row Worlds. As our previous story related the picture was taken on the South Inch, Perth, just after massed bands and the prizes.

The photograph held pride of place in a Perth pub for many years and when the place changed hands all the old framed pictures were thrown out. P/M Duncan got to hear of this and rescued the one above from a skip.At the end of Saturday’s successful concert by Johnstone Pipe Band he handed it over to Tommy and Peter who, Ian said, should be the ‘rightful owners’. Peter was able to put  names to the triumphant faces. They are, l – r standing: John Finlay, Jock Waddell, Jimmy Anderson, P/M Bob Hardie, Jim Dow, Douglas Elmslie, Davy Hutton, Eric Shields, Tommy Anderson, Jim Elmslie, Davy Bruce, P/Sgt. Andrew Dowie, Jim Crawford. Kneeling l – r: Jim Williamson, Ian McSkimming, L/D Robert Turner, Band Secretary Lawrence Jenkins, Robert Richardson, Peter Anderson.

Said Tommy: ‘It was a momentous day for the Anderson family. Three brothers playing and winning the World Pipe Band Championship. I don’t think that has ever been done before. I was under a lot of pressure there because that was my first Worlds with the band. I had only joined that year.

P/M RG Hardie

‘My mother and father were there and it was a very proud moment for them to see their three sons winning the trophy. And I would like to thank Ian for saving the picture from the scrap heap. It means a great deal to us.

‘The tunes we played that day were Jeannie Carruthers, Blair Drummond and Pretty Marion. When we came off we felt we had played well. I can remember standing there playing; everything was so tight. We all had to play with Bob and we practised until it was like one piper, all following him. We would practice round the circle and if you had a bad night at one practice you didn’t have a bad night at the next one. He just looked at you – it had to be sorted or you were out. He was a master at getting a band to play well together. All the taorluaths, grips, birls had to be executed precisely and the D throws had to be proper throws, not the grip to C version.’

Peter added: ‘What I do remember that day was that I think it was the first time Jim Williamson was on the bass drum. He moved from the sides to play bass. Obviously Rab [Turner] thought we were going to get something better that day. In these days an RSPBA starter from the National Council gave the ‘By the right! Quick march’ commands to the bands, not the Pipe Major.

‘So we were at the flags and the starter shouted ‘Get ready!’ but Jim, just a small man, was struggling to get the bass drum on its hook. Being a laid back guy he shouted out to the starter ‘Hey, hold on a minute!’ So he did and we were all smiling. It took the edge off everything and a few second later we were ready to go. ‘Okay; on you go,’ said Jim to the starter.

‘It seemed to be a really popular win because when we walked off playing the Kilworth Hills the bands opened up to let us through and all our immediate competitors were all clapping as we passed them. A great time was had by all after that and back at the hotel the manager filled that lovely cup with champagne. I took a drink and thought it was cider. I was only 19 and had never tasted champagne before.

‘As far as the drumming went we were there or thereabouts in the list but we never won a major drumming prize. Rab sacrificed his chances for the band. Bob Hardie was happy with it and that was good enough for us.’

• Listen to the Muirheads band under P/M Hardie here.

Results from the Edinburgh CLASP Event

Organiser Margaret Dunn reports on the Piping Centre’s popular CLASP competition…….

Please find attached the results from today’s CLASP competition [13/1/18] which was held in two venues, the Scots Guards Club and the Royal Scottish Pipers’ Society, Edinburgh.

The picture shows (l to r) Greig Canning (judge), David McRobb (Grade 2 overall winner), Joris Panis (Grade 3 overall) and Harry Walters (Grade 1 overall).

Overall winners:
Grade 1 – Harry Walters
Grade 2 – David McRobb
Grade 3 – Joris Panis

Grade 3 Piobaireachd Ground
1st Joris Panis
2nd Alfred Graf
3rd Dugald MacLeod

Grade 3 Piobaireachd
1st Alfred Graf
2nd Joris Panis
3rd Duncan Lamont

Grade 2 Piobaireachd
1st Robert Wilson
2nd William Wardrope
3rd David MacKenzie

Grade 1 Piobaireachd
1st Gordon Hislop
2nd Con Houlihan
3rd Harry Walters

Grade 3 – Light Music
2/4 March
1st Duncan Lamont
2nd Dugald MacLeod
3rd Joris Panis

Strathspey and Reel
1st Dugald MacLeod
2nd Duncan Lamont
3rd Robert Thomson

1st Joris Panis
2nd Robert Thomson
3rd Dugald MacLeod

Grade 2 – Light Music
2/4 March
1st David McRobb
2nd Ewen Brindle
3rd David MacKenzie

Strathspey and Reel
1st David McRobb
2nd David McKenzie
3rd Ewen Brindle

1st David McRobb
2nd Stewart Allan
3rd Ewen Brindle

Grade 1 Light Music
2/4 March
1st Ross Walker
2nd Robert Wilson
3rd Harry Walters

Strathspey and Reel
1st Ross Walker
2nd Harry Walters
3rd Graham Farr

1st Harry Walters
2nd Stewart Gaudin
3rd Gordon Hislop 

Winter Storm – Full Results with wins for Sarah Muir, Alastair Lee, Grant Cassidy and Andrew Elliot

Our Special Correspondent reports: Cool running in chilly Kansas. With a record number of competitors, the event ran for around 12 hours, using multiple rooms, venues and facilities in the Winter Storm Campus.

The judges were allocated across the lot and full marks to that crew for sticking at it through the day. They only have the Workshops and Gala Concert to worry about today.

The blue ribbon events were taken by some known names with new winners in other events. The overall coterie of new talent continues to surprise and please. Perhaps the Gold Medal snare drumming will get recognition as a pre-qualifier for the World Solos in due course, just as the piping light music Gold winner gets a run to the Metro Cup.

Prizes were considerable in money terms, travel stipends and pipes and drums. So those headline winners (full list of all event placings below):

Gold Medal Piobaireachd  – Alastair Lee (pictured top)
Ceol Beag Gold – Sarah Muir
Gold Medal Snare – Grant Cassidy
Silver Medal Piobaireachd – Zephan Knichel
Gold Medal Tenor – Andrew Elliot
Gold Medal Bass – (three- way tie; MSR pref.) – Andrew Elliot

Gold Medal winner Andrew Elliot who will teach bass and tenor at the South Florida Pipe & Drum Academy next month

Two other young Scots drummers picked up gold in Grade 2: Kerr McQuillan, Boghall, and in Grade 3, Caitlyn Malloy, Dollar.

The Midwest Highland Arts Fund (MHAF) Board of Directors later announced the full results. Awards were presented on Friday evening, January 12, 2018, at the Kansas City Marriott – Country Club Plaza Grand Ballroom.

R.G. Hardie & Co. Gold Medal Piobaireachd
1st Alastair Lee, Coquitlam, BC, Canada
2nd Andrew Donlon, Germantown, MD
3rd Derek Midgley, Tinton Falls, NJ
Judges: Callum Beaumont, Colin MacLellan

McCallum Bagpipes  Silver Medal Piobaireachd
1st Zephan Knichel, Surrey, BC, Canada
2nd Andy Wilson, Dromore, Co Down, Northern Ireland
3rd Kevin McLean, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada
4th Alastair Murray, Moon, PA
5th John Lee   Surrey, BC, Canada
Judges: Alan Bevan, Ann Gray

Tenor Drumming
1st Kathryn Byzewski, Minneapolis, MN
2nd Rylee Neil, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
3rd Annie Colquhoun, Kincardine, Ontario, Canada
Judges: Stevie McQuillan, Michael O’Neil, Jordan Bailie

1st Courtney Green, Gurnee, IL
2nd Seton Helwig, Seaside Park, NJ
3rd  Fiona McCall, Stirling, Scotland UK
Judges: Stevie McQuillan, Michael O’Neil, Jordan Bailie

Gold Medal
1st Andrew Elliott, Houston, TX
2nd Taylor Page, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
3rd Sam Johnson, Baltimore, MD
Judges:  Stevie McQuillan,  Michael O’Neil,  Jordan Bailie

Bass Drumming
1st Brianna McDonald, Dundee, IL
2nd Shanna McDonald, Dundee, IL
3rd Christian Vegors, Seattle, WA
Judges: Steve Foley, Steven Roberts

1st  Andrea Brennan-Doucette, Belleville, Ontario, Canada
2nd Jay Jolley, Omaha, NE
3rd Wendy Dowell, Atkinson, IL
Judges: Steve Foley, Steven Roberts

Gold Medal
1st  Andrew Elliott, Houston, TX
2nd  Ben Elkins, Falls Church, VA
3rd  Andrew Fowler, Parma Heights, OH
Judges: Steve Foley, Steven Roberts

Lee & Sons Bagpipes Amateur Ceol Beag
Grade 3
1st Gillian Blaney, Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada
2nd  Kristopher Muse, Vacaville, CA
3rd  Jackson Herrscher, Houston, TX
Judge: Terry Lee

Grade 2
1st Kayleigh Johnstone, Aurora, Ontario, Canada
2nd Eric den Ouden, Stayner, Ontorio, Canada
3rd Joel Hrncir, Houston, TX
Judge: Terry Lee

Grade 1
1st Filemon Tan, Bellaire, TX
2nd Joseph Horwath, Saginaw, MI
3rd Ben Peterson, Lombard, IL
Judge: William McCallum

Amateur Piobaireachd presented by The Tone Protector &
Grade 3
1st Weston Kennedy, Sammamish, WA
2nd Gillian Blaney, Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada
3rd Kim Greeley, Honolulu, HI
Judge: William McCallum

Grade 2
1st Jennifer Westphal, New York, NY
2nd Evan Burlew, Pittsburgh, PA
3rd Linda Robertson, Bakersfield, CA
Judge: Jenny Hazzard

Grade 1
1st Filemon Tan, Bellaire, TX
2nd Charlie Morris, Agoura Hills, CA
3rd Nathan Wilds, Tolono, IL
Judge: Jenny Hazzard

Henderson’s Pipe and Drum Supply Professional Ceol Beag
1st Sarah Muir, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, UK
2nd Andrew Carlisle, Pittsburgh, PA
3rd Matt MacIsaac, Stayner, Ontorio, Canada
4th Derek Midgley, Tinton Falls, NJ
5th James Troy, Victoria, BC, Canada

Judges – Qualifiers: Ken Eller, Richard Parkes, Ian K McDonald, Fred Morrison; Final: Colin MacLellan, Stuart Liddell

Cameron Drumming Studios Amateur Drumming
Grade 3
1st  Caitlyn Malloy, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, UK
2nd  Terrance Cadiente   Westminster, BC, Canada
3rd  Andrew Jirsa   Forrest Park, IL
Judges: Stephen Creighton, Jake Jorgensen

Grade 2
1st  Kerr McQuillan   Glasgow, Scotland, UK
2nd  Sebastian Arguelles   Houston, TX
3rd  Raymond Marshall   Fort Collins, CO
Judges: Stephen Creighton, Jake Jorgensen

Grade 1
1st  Bryce Kreger   Shoreline, WA
2nd  Matthew Page   Everett, WA
3rd  Robert Graham   Shoreline, WA
Judges: Stephen Creighton, Jake Jorgensen

Henderson’s Pipe and Drum Supply Gold Medal Drumming
1st  Grant Cassidy   Uddington, Glasgow, UK
2nd  Grant Maxwell   Surrey, BC, Canada
3rd  Stephan Paynter   Coquitlam, BC, Canada
4th  Eli Fugate   San Diego, CA
5th  Derek Cooper   Warminster, PA
6th  Eric MacNeill   Dunedin, FL
Judges: Qualifier- John Fisher, Paul Turner, Jim Sim; Final- Gordon Brown, Steven Creighton, Jake Jørgensen

‘Winter Storm’ Competitions Underway in a Chilly Kansas City

The aptly named Winter Storm kicked off in Kansas City, Missouri, with a real winter storm biting at the heels of those flying and driving in from far-flung places, writes our Special Correspondent,  perhaps none further than eight-time World Solo Drumming Champion Steven McWhirter. Steven arrived the ‘long way round’ from Australia.

Aside from the big names and celebrated champions, a record number of competitors (including a good number of Scots travellers) will pack out a close-knit gathering of hotels in the Country Club area of the city. The contingent from City of Dunedin Florida would have been feeling the precipitous drop in temperature no doubt. Inveraray is well represented and celebrated drummers like Gordon Brown of Boghall joins the faculty.

Of the senior contests, the Gold Medal will draw a big audience, particularly as it runs after the graded competitions. Those ‘larger’ events will be streamed live. The competition day will run from 8am (local), culminating in the awards ceremony at around 9pm.

The judges and faculty get to strut their stuff at a sell out Gala Concert on Saturday night. Workshops will be full of willing learners throughout Saturday. The contest and the concert will broadcast on Livestream from 2pm UK time. Here is the link.

The picture up top is of Alastair Lee, Jamie Troy, Alex Gandy, Andrew Carlisle and Andrew Lee at the 2017 Winter Storm event.

The draw in the 2018 Gold Medal Piobaireachd:
1 Nick Hudson, Texas
2 Matt Pantaleoni, St Louis
3 Derek Midgley, New Jersey
4 Andrew Carlisle, Pittsburgh
5 Alastair Lee, British Columbia
6 Andrew Lewis, St Paul
7 Jori Chisholm, Seattle
8 Ken Sutherland, California

Sarah Muir is pictured at the Argyllshire Gathering in 2016. Sarah has travelled from Glasgow to compete in Kansas

9 Ben McClamrock, Washington DC
10 Lyric Todkill, Texas
11 James Troy, Victoria BC
12 Andrew Donlon, Maryland
13 Sarah Muir, Glasgow
14 Matt MacIsaac, Ontario

Judges: Callum Beaumont, Colin MacLellan

Two heats will be held in the Gold Medal Ceol Beag  with prizewinners going forward to a final.  The draw for Group A:
1 Teddy Keogh
2 Mary Wallace
3 Jeff Cullen
4 Bobby Durning
5 Ross Barker
6 Sarah Muir
7 Kevin McLean
8 Peter Skae
9 Joseph Stewart
10 Lyric Todkill
11 Matt MacIsaac
12 Sean Patrick Regan
13 Laureano Thomas-Sanchez
14 Ken Sutherland
15 Andy Wilson
16 James Dyson
17 Alastair Murray
18 Jamie Cuthill
19 Bill Peters
20 Dan Lyden
21 Andrew Carlisle
22 Matt Pantaleoni
23 Derek Midgley

The draw for the Gold Medal Ceol Beag Group B:
1 Kyle Rothschild-Mancinelli
2 Andrew Hutton
3 Campbell Webster
4 David McNally
5 Kenneth Liechti
6 Jori Chisholm
7 Jack Williamson
8 Alastair Lee
9 Austin Diepenhorst
10 Zephan Knichel
11 Robert Boyd

Northern Ireland’s Andy Wilson is another UK participant at Winter Storm

12 Ross Miller
13 Colin Armstrong
14 Andrew Walker
15 Ben McClamrock
16 John Lee
17 Nick Hudson
18 Lachie Dick
19 Ryan Balchuk
20 James Troy
21 Dylan Whittemore
22 Andrew Lewis
23 Andrew Hahn
24 Andrew Donlon

Judges: Ken Eller, Richard Parkes, Ian K MacDonald, Fred Morrison, Callum Beaumont, Stuart Liddell, Colin MacLellan

PP Ed’s Blog: Reflections on NZ/ Silver Medal Tunes/ SPA AGM/ Schools Trust Job

Reflecting on my recent visit to New Zealand I really must doff the bonnet to all those pipers who, over many years, have made the long trek to the Northern Hemisphere to compete at Oban and Inverness (and bands who get the cash and time together to do the same to compete at the Worlds).

Only when you’ve done it do you really appreciate the commitment required – and it is that commitment that has led to NZ having such a proliferation Gold and Silver Medallists. But not only that. Listening and judging over a couple of days at Waipu showed that there is a real depth of knowledge among kiwi pipers – a critical mass of individuals who have studied the music at length, sought out the best teachers, absorbed what they have been shown and put it into practice. New Zealand is no ‘hick-town’ piping centre. They know their stuff down there, make no mistake.

Bain MacGregor and Stuart Easton. Bain made the trek to Scotland in the late 70s/ early 80s, paving the way for modern-day champions such as Stuart Easton. Stuart is pictured holding the piobaireachd trophy he won at Waipu

The picture up top is of P/M Stewart MacKenzie of the Grade 1 Manawatu Scottish Pipe Band. Stewart is playing in the kitchen piping event held before the main games at Waipu.

Get up to speed for the Silver Medal! Each tune is played in full, uninterrupted, on the practice chanter. The piper can play along and learn how to time and link phrases and variations as the music progresses.