RSPBA Keep Minimum Size for Bands/ EUSPBA Winners/ Oban & Inverness

For the 2024 outdoor season the RSPBA are to continue with the lower minimum numbers of players in bands first introduced after the pandemic.

They say that some bands continue to struggle for player numbers post pandemic and without the minimum sizes some might be faced with having to withdraw from a competition if members fall ill. 

Minimums in Grade 1 for major and minor contests will be eight pipers, three sides and a bass. For all other grades it will be six pipers, two sides and a bass.

In a statement Colin Mulhern, RSPBA Chief Executive said: ‘The number of performers in any given grade for the 2024 Major Championships will be permitted to be the same minimum level as used in Minor competitions.

‘We recognise that this small adjustment can make all the difference to those bands affected by [low] player numbers, or who have a smaller complement of competition performers.’

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The Eastern United States Pipe Band Association have announced their Open champion pipers and bands for last year. Top soloists were: 1 Dan Lyden 2 Andrew Donlon 3 Nick Hudson 4 Derek R. Midgley  5 Ben McClamrock.  

Winners in the bands were: Grade 2 1 Ulster Scottish 2 Great Lakes 3 MacMillan 4 Worcester Kiltie; Grade 3: 1 Atlanta 2 Nashville 3 Chattanooga 3 MacMillan-Birtles 5 St. Thomas’ Episcopal; Grade 4: 1 Atlanta 2 Mohawk Valley 3 Chattanooga 4 Greenville 5 Capital District Youth  5 Sean McGonigal Mem.
Grade 5: 1 Roisin Dubh 2 Stuart Highland 3 Old Colony 4 Loch Norman 5 Manchester

Dan Lyden, top piper for the EUSPBA 2023

The EUSPBA have also announced that they are sponsoring the Grade 2 contest at the Ohio Scottish Games on June 21 and 22.

Prize money: 1st – $2500, 2nd – $2000, 3rd – $1000, 4th – $500; Travel money: Under 100 miles – $100, 200 miles – $175, 300 miles – $225, 400 miles – $275 and over 400 miles – $325

Oban & Inverness

Reminder: Pipers intending to compete at the Argyllshire Gathering and Northern Meeting have until January 31 to enter. Thereafter they have no chance of being accepted for these two major gatherings in 2024.

This includes, for the first time, those intending to compete in the senior events, the Clasp at Inverness, the Senior Piobaireachd at Oban and the Former Winners’ March, Strathspey and Reel at both.

The Competing Pipers’ Association Grading Committee has completed its grade allocations for the forthcoming season and remains only to consider appeals. These grades are central to the allocation of the 25 places in the Gold and Silver Medal competitions. These places will be decided at a meeting of the Joint Committee for Solo Piping in mid-February.

Enter Oban here; enter Inverness here.

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  1. RSPBA Keep Minimum Size for Bands: Still nothing on a fair and level maximum? One can only draw the conclusion that 8 v 28 pipers is acceptable.

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