Donald MacLeod Tunes – ‘Play Along’ Lessons



Here is a selection of ‘play along’ lessons for tunes from one of the greatest pipe music composers of all time, P/M Donald MacLeod. They are played on the practice chanter by renowned tutor Robert Wallace. They include four piobaireachd, Field of Gold, Queen Elizabeth II’s Salute, MacMhurich’s Salute and Cabar Feidh Gu Brath. Ceol beag is played firstly at practice tempo and then closer to performance tempo. Students should play simultaneously with the recordings after studying the music. Donald MacLeod’s collection of books 1 – 6 and his piobaireachd book are available from all good Highland supplies shops or search online. If anyone would like a lesson on a tune that is not listed please email us.

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Balmoral Highlanders (J MacDonald, Inverness, setting), Banjo Breakdown, Bernera Bridge, Brig o' Feugh, Cabar Feidh Gu Brath, Cronan – A Lullaby, Crossing the Minch, Donald McLellan of Rothesay, Dr Ross's Welcome to the Argyllshire Gathering, Duncan Johnstone, Field of Gold, Fiona MacLeod, Glasgow Police Pipers, Glentruim, Hen's March, Irish Washerwife Hornpipe, John Garroway, Judge's Dilemma, Lament for Duncan MacFadyen, Lament for the Rowan Tree, MacLeod of Mull, MacMhurich's Salute, Malcolm Ferguson, Man from Skye, Mill in the Glen, Mrs Duncan MacFadyen, P/M George Allan, P/M J McWilliams, Persevering Lover, Queen Elizabeth II's Salute, River Creed, Sandy MacPherson, Ship in the Bottle, Summer Isles, Susan MacLeod, The Canister


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