My Shock and Surprise at the Loss of a Pipe Band Championship This Summer

As regards the news that there will be no British Pipe Band Championship this year, I am a little surprised at the lack of comment from others so far. Maybe everyone is as shocked and stunned as I was at the RSPBA announcement.  I felt that their terse statement last week, with no detail about what avenues had been explored and no meaningful apology, was a disgrace to the many…

The RSPBA Have More Pressing Issues to Attend to than this Unnecessary Rule Change on MSRs

The RSPBA have made a rule change for the Grade 1 MSR, distinguishing between four-parted tunes and six and eight-parted tunes. Why is this necessary? Can someone from the Music Board please explain? Before going any further, I have tried to simplify the hard to understand wording of the rule change as it appears on the RSPBA website. It will apply from 2023. Grade 1 bands to submit two MSRs….

Remembering the Glory Days Among the Bands at Cowal Highland Gathering

As part of our Lockdown Challenge we invited readers to submit a piece of artwork, an essay or a new tune to be judged by our experts and prizes awarded. Today we have an essay from reader Ian Forbes who looks back with some fondness on the once great Cowal Gathering – see Massed Bands pic above. Please keep the entries coming in. Send to the usual address I…

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