UK Pipe Band Championships – SLOT Triumph

UK Champions SLOT

St Laurence O’Toole from Dublin are the new UK Pipe Band Champions winning today in Bangor, Northern Ireland, in perfect weather conditions.

SLOT secured two firsts for piping, a fourth for drumming and second for ensemble. Two medleys were required in G1. The other places in the top grade went to:

2 Inveraray (2,2,1,6)
3 FMM (3,3,2,5)
4 Boghall (6,4,3,1)
5 Shotts (5,5,6,3)
6 S Power (4,6,8,4)

with the drumming going to Inveraray.

Judges for the Grade 1 Championship were: J Reville, J Semple, K Orr, J Baxter. Other results below. Seventy six bands entered.

MacRaeBanner ’19
Ayrshire Bagpipes Nov 2020
shepherd banner ’22
silver chanter banner 2024

Grade 2 (2 MSRs):
1 Ravara
2 Portlethan
3 Annan
4 Kilchoman
5 Uddingston
6 Glasgow Skye
Drumming: Uddingston

Grade 3a (Medley)
1 Vale of Atholl
2 Oban
3 Denny & Dunipace
4 Clogher
5 Maj. Sinclair
6 McNeilstown
Drumming: Vale of Atholl

Grade 3b (Medley)
1 Cloughfin
2 Drumlough
3 Syerla
Drumming: Drumlough

Juvenile (MSR)
1 Dollar Academy
2 G Watson’s
3 Preston Lodge
Drumming: G Watson’s

Grade 4a
1 William Kerr
2 Irvine
3 Upper Crossgare
4 Ballyboley
5 Raphoe
6 Gransha
Drumming: Gransha

Grade 4b
1 Black Raven
2 Altnaveigh
3 2 Scots RRS
4 Moneygore
5 MacDonald Mem.
6 Letterkenny
Drumming: Black Raven

Novice A
1 Dollar Acad.
2 Lochgelly High
3 St Columba’s
Drumming: Dollar

Novice B
1 Lochgelly High
2 Preston Lodge
3 Dollar
Drumming: Lochgelly

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5 thoughts on “UK Pipe Band Championships – SLOT Triumph

  1. To state the obvious, Dublin isn’t in the UK. Do they nevertheless qualify to compete in this competition?

    1. Then this would mean that as the UK are no longer in the European Union the UK bands would not qualify to compete in the European championships being held in Perth.

    2. FMM play in the scottish. its doesnt matter. SFU played the British in 2006 at Pitlochry. There are several examples

    3. Pipe band competitions are open to any band in the world provided they are a registered member of a pb association and are graded accordingly. I certainly remember Scottish Power taking part in the All Ireland pb championships and winning it. The only non Irish band to do so whether from north or south.

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