Nicol Brown Amateur Championship Results

Champion Piper Colin Forrest (centre left) is pictured with judges Dr Jack Taylor and Nick Hudson, and runner-up Cameron Bonar

This annual competition was held yesterday, October 7, in Rockville, Maryland, USA. The Champion Piper was Colin Forrest who received a pipe chanter donated by McCallum Bagpipes, a new pipe bag from Lee & Sons and $1000 in travel expenses.

Piob: 1 Colin Forrest, The Groat 2 Gillian Blaney, Rout of Glen Fruin 3 Cameron Bonar, Black Donald’s March 4 William Shropshire, Kinlochmoidart No1 5 Magnus Stone, Lament for Mary MacLeod

MSR: 1 Cameron Bonar 2 Colin Forrest 3 Henry Paluch 4 Gillian Blaney 5 William Shropshire

6/8: 1 Colin Forrest 2 Cameron Bonar 3 Kayleigh Johnstone 4 Gillian Blaney 5 Michael Trenor

Dress & Deportment: Malachi Johannsen

Overall: 1 Colin Forrest 2 Cameron Bonar 3 Gillian Blaney 4 William Shropshire 5 Henry Paluch

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