Northern Meeting Day 1 Full Results with Pictures and Comment added

Innes Smith, Gold Medallist, attracts the judges attention on the main stage at Eden Court Theatre, Inverness, yesterday

The 2023 Inverness Gold Medal went to Innes Smith of Dunblane. Innes is a former pupil of the late Andrew Wright and is an orthopaedic surgeon by profession. After his success was announced by Piping Convenor Derek Fraser, Innes spoke briefly to Piping Press:

‘To say I am over the moon is an understatement. I thought I had played well and that the pipes had behaved but I have been trying for this medal for 21 years, ever since I won the Silver Medal in 2002, so was never confident. I went to Andrew from the age of 14 and try to apply everything that he taught me when I am playing. I am sure he would have been very, very happy today. Just a pity he can’t be here to share this moment. All my piobaireachd teaching is from him so I owe him a lot.

‘My preparation was not ideal. I was on call last weekend at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow. It was a busy weekend so didn’t get to play my pipes for three days. I took lots of recordings over the years from Andrew and listen to them and apply the principles he taught me. I hope he would have been happy with the way I played my tune today.’

Highland Society of London’s Gold Medal:
1 Innes Smith, Sobieski’s Salute (£550)
2 William Rowe, Menzies Salute (£400)
3 Jamie Forrester, Rout of the Lowland Captain (£250)
4 Derek Midgley, Menzies Salute (£200)
5 Sarah Muir, Abercairney’s Salute (£150)
Judges: P Henderson, A MacDonald, M McRae,

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Silver Medal:
1 Matt Pantaleoni, Fair Honey (£350)
2 Anna Kummerlöw, Fair Honey (£250)
3 Cameron May, Lament for Finlay (£150)
4 Bobby Durning, Nameless, hihorodo tra cherede che (£100)
5 John MacDonald, Weighing from Land (£60)
Judges: B Hitchings, R Livingstone, N Matheson

The final competition of the day was the Former Winners’ MSR

Former Winners’ MSR:
1 Callum Beaumont (£550)
2 Finlay Johnston (£400)
3 William McCallum (£250)
4 Alex Gandy (£200)
5 Angus D MacColl (£150)
Judges: R Barnes, M Henderson, I MacFadyen

‘A’ MSR winner Craig Sutherland receives the Royal Scottish Pipers’ Society Bronze Star from NM Piping Convenor Derek Fraser

‘A’ MSR:
1 Craig Sutherland (£300)
2 Angus J MacColl (£225)
3 Calum Brown (£125)
4 Derek Midgley (£100)
5 Sean McKeown (£60)
Judges: I Duncan, R Wallace, W Wotherspoon

  • Stay tuned for more from Eden Court.

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