Northern Meeting Day 2 Results: Clasp, Juniors etc.

Highlight of the second day at Inverness is the Gold Clasp competition, which, with the Senior Piobaireachd at the Argyllshire Gathering, is the most prestigious ceòl mòr prize in world piping.

Gold Clasp
1 Calum Beaumont, Phantom Piper, £1,000,
2 Bruce Gandy, Laird of Anapool
3 Jamie Forrester
4 Jack Lee
5 Iain Speirs
Judges: A Forbes, C MacLellan, J Wilson

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Hornpipe & Jig
1 Fred Morrison
2 Nick Hudson
3 Angus D MacColl
4 Seumas Coyne
5 Calum Brown
Judges: B Hitchings, I MacFadyen, M McRae

1 Campbell Wilson
2 Brodie Watson Massey
3 Kris Coyle
4 Cameron May
5 Bradley Parker
Judges: M Henderson, A MacDonald, N Matheson

‘B’ H&J
1 Bradley Parker
2 Jack Williamson
3 Brodie Watson Massey
4 Campbell Wilson
5 John Dew
Judges: I Duncan, W Wotherspoon

U18 Piob:
1 Cameron Bonar
2 Thomas Fallon
3 Liam Nicholson
4 Fraser Hamilton
5 Cameron MacPhail
Judges: P Henderson, R Livingstone

1 Gregor Grierson
2 Cameron MacPhail
3 Hector Finlayson
4 Cameron Bonar
5 Paul MacKay
Judges: R Barnes, R Wallace

U15 Piob
1 Seonnaidh Forrest, Carles Wi’ the Breeks
2 Lachlan Rennie
3 Hamish Stephens
4 Grace Kelman
5 Hugh Anderson
Judges: R Barnes, R Wallace

1 Hamish Stevens
2 Grace Kelman
3 Lachlan Rennie
4 Hugh Anderson
5 Charlie MacLennan
Judges: P Henderson, R Livingstone

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