Blairgowrie Games Results

Here are the results from today, writes Piping Convenor Stuart Samson. Great weather; 47 pipers in attendance across all the piping events. Champion Piper Steven Gray is pictured receiving his trophy.

Open Piob
1 Sarah Muir
2 Steven Leask
3 Ben Duncan
4 Darach Urquhart

Open March
1 Steven Gray
2 Ben Duncan
3 Greig Canning
4 Cameron May

Open S&R
1 Cameron May
2 Brodie Watson Massey
3 Steven Gray
4 Bobby Durning

B Piob
1 Bobby Durning
2 Campbell Wilson
3 Mike Fitzhenry
4 Angus MacPhee
5 Bobby Allan

C Piob: 1 Finlay Frame 2 Kyle Cameron 3 Andrew Smith 4 Alistair Brown 5 Fraser Maitland
C March: 1 Hector Munro 2 Fraser Maitland 3 Alistair Brown 4 Finlay Frame
C S&R: 1 Andrew Smith 2 Alistair Brown 3 Fraser Maitland 4 Hector Munro

U18 March: 1 Arran Green 2 Liam Nicholson 3 Ewan Allen 4 Liam Munro
U18 S&R: 1 Liam Nicholson 2 Arran Green 3 Ewan Allen 4 Hamish Stephens
Local March: 1 Luke Kennedy 2 John Dew
Local S&R: 1 John Dew 2 Luke Kennedy
Local U18 March: Hamish Stephens
Local U18 S&R: Hamish Stephens

Judges: J Banks, R Barnes, D Fraser, M Henderson, P Henderson, P Hunt, A Spalding, J Taylor

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