Inveraray Games Complete Results

Angus MacColl, winning again at Inveraray

Dry, warm day at Argyll’s capital for the annual games. A chilly morning gave way to some warmth, with the covered piping boards making for ideal conditions for pipers, judges and spectators. Overall champion was Angus D MacColl with John Dew best B grade.

Very healthy entries throughout the grades: 14 in the P/A Piobaireachd, 24 in the B and 25 in the C. High standard reported.

P/A Piob
1 Angus MacColl, Phantom PIper of the Corrieyairick
2 Jamie Forrester, Abercairney’s Salute
3 Cameron MacDougall, Lament for the Dead
4 Steven Leask, Sobieski’s Salute
5 Sarah Muir, Lachlan MacNeill Kintarbert’s Fancy
6 Sandy Cameron, MacIntosh of Borlum’s Salute

P/A March
1 Ben Duncan
2 Fred Morrison
3 Callum Beaumont
4 Sarah Muir
5 Angus MacColl
6 Cameron MacDougall

1 Steven Leask
2 Cameron MacDougall
3 Steven Gray
4 Sarah Muir
5 Callum Beaumont
6 Angus MacColl

Ben Duncan on his way to winning the Open March

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B Piob
1 Angus MacPhee, Fair Honey
2 John Dew, Lament for Finlay
3 John MacDonald, I got a Kiss of the King’s Hand
4 Fraser Allison, Battle of Auldearn
5 James McPetrie, End of the Great Bridge
6 Steven Gray, One of the Cragich

B March
1 Sandy Cameron
2 Keith Bowes
3 Ross Miller
4 John Dew
5 Brodie Watson-Massey
6 Callum Wynd

1 John Dew
2 Sandy Cameron
3 Jonathon Simpson
4 Kris Coyle
5 Fraser Allison
6 Chris McLeish

C Piob
1 Keith Bowes, Massacre of Glencoe
2 Josh Chandler, Black Wedder’s White Tail
3 Rory Robson, The Groat
4 Kyle Cameron, MacNeill of Barra’s March
5 Piers Dover, Lament for MacSwan of Roaig
6 Andrew Smith, Rout of the Lowland Captain

C March
1 Daniel Johnstone
2 Piers Devon
3 Josh Chandler
4 Andrew Smith
5 Kyle Cameron
6 Kyle Shead

1 Finlay Frame
2 Piers Dover
3 David Stulpner
4 Kyle Cameron
5 Kyle Shead
6 Josh Chandler

U-18 Piob: 1 Fraser Hamilton, Corrienessan’s Salute 2 Andrew Pattison, Hector MacLean’s Warning 3 Arran Green, MacKay’s Banner
U-18 March: 1 Ryan McCreadie 2 Andrew Pattison 3 Cameron MacPhail
Under 18 Strathspey and Reel: 1 Andrew Pattison 2 Ryan McCreadie 3 Arran Green

Fraser Hamilton, winner of the U18 Piobaireachd

Local U-18 March: 1 Cameron MacPhail 2 Calan McGuigan
Local U-18 S&R: 1 Cameron MacPhail 2 Ronald MacColl

Novice Piping: 1 Alasdair Bullock

Local U-15 March: 1 Arran Brown 2 Rio Arkell
U-15 S&R: 1 Arran Brown 2 Rio Arkell

Chanter: 1 Alexander Cruikshank 2 Kelvin Campbell

G1 Piob: 1 M Warnock 2 C Appleton Seymour 3 C Houlihan
G2 Piob: 1 W Wardrope
G3 Piob: 1 S Kennedy 2 S Stringer 3 K McEwan 4 A Aitchison
G1 March: 1 M Warnock 2 W Wardrope 3 J Gallagher 3 C Appleton Seymour 4 C Houlihan
G1 S&R: 1 M Warnock 2 J Gallagher 3 W Wardrope 3 C Houlihan 4 C Appleton Seymour

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