Festival of Juvenile Solo Piping

Prizewinners and officials

Gerard McClumpha, Event Co-Ordinator: Results from our competition held yesterday at Auchenharvie Academy, Stevenston, Ayrshire.

It was our usual full packed, competitive event – only just glad to be back up-and-running again, after missing the previous two years. Junior Champion was Owen McCreadie and Senior Champion Gregor Grierson (pictured).

14 yrs & Under
1 Archie Johnston, Oban High
2 Owen McCreadie, Boghall & Bathgate
3 James Silcock, Falkirk Schools
4 Caelyn Wood, Troon Blackrock
Best in Branch: Mason Morrison, Ayr Society PB

15 yrs & Under March
1 James Silcock
2 Archie Johnston
3 Owen McCreadie
4 Flynn Porter, Strathendrick PB
Best in Branch: Andrew Rogerson, Caledonian Piping Club

15 yrs & Under S&R
1 Archie Johnston
2 Arran Brown, Kintyre Schools
3 Fergus Dorrington, Renfrew Schools
4 Aaron Hughes, Renfrew Schools

MacRaeBanner ’19
Ayrshire Bagpipes Nov 2020
shepherd banner ’22

16 yrs & Under MSR
1 Gregor Grierson, Dumfries
2 Ryan McCreadie, Boghall & Bathgate
3 Logie Johnston, Oban High
4 Cameron McPhail, Isle of Islay PB

17 yrs & Under MSR
1 Logie Johnston
2 Catriona Norman, Callander
3 Gregor Grierson
4 Ryan McCreadie

18 yrs & Under MSR
1 Catriona Norman
2 Andrew Pattison, Johnstone PB
3 Emily Anderson, Kilbarchan PB

Under 16 Pibaireachd
1 Aaron Hughes
2 James Silcock
3 Owen McCreadie
4 Archie Leonard, Stockbridge PB

Organiser Jon Gerard McGlumpha with Junior Champion Owen McCreadie and Senior Champion Gregor Grierson

Under 17 Piobaireachd
1 Logie Johnston
2 Cameron McPhail
3 Gregor Grierson
4 Ryan McCreadie

Under 19 Piobaireachd
1 Murdo Muircroft, Coalburn I.O.R.
2 Catriona Norman
3 Andrew Pattison

Open Jig
1 Gregor Grierson
2 Ryan McCreadie
3 Cameron McPhail
4 Flynn Porter

Best Presented Piper: Caelyn Wood, Troon Blackrock


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