Northern Meeting Day 1 First Results Complete: Gold Medal, Silver Medal, ‘A’ MSR, Former Winners’ MSR

Results will be added here as we get them. The 2022 Inverness Medal went to Nick Hudson a teacher at St Thomas’s Episcopal School in Houston, Texas. Nick takes piobaireachd from Mike Cusack and is a former student of the late Jimmy McIntosh.

The Oban Gold Medallist, Jamie Forrester, narrowly missed doing the double when he was placed second today.

The 2022 Inverness Gold Medallist Nick Hudson pictured shortly after his big win was announced

Highland Society of London’s Gold Medal:
1 Nick Hudson, Houston, Laird of Anapool’s Lament
2 Jamie Forrester, Lament for the Children
3 Angus J MacColl, MacLeod of Raasay‘s Salute
4 Alastair Lee, Earl of Seaforth’s Salute
5 Ben Duncan, MacDougall’s Gathering
Judges: B Hitchings, J MacGillivray, R MacShannon

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Silver Medal:
1 William Rowe, Lament for Hugh
2 Calum Brown, Phantom Piper of the Corrieyairick
3 Andrew Ferguson, Earl of Ross’s March
4 Jamie Elder, Lady Margaret MacDonald’s Salute
5 Bobby Durning, Scarce of Fishing
Judges: E Anderson, P Henderson, W Wotherspoon

Silver Medallist William Rowe celebrates his win in the bar at Eden Court Theatre
The final competition of the day was the Former Winners’ MSR

Former Winners’ MSR:
1 Alex Gandy
2 William McCallum
3 Stuart Liddell
4 Finlay Johnston
5 Bruce Gandy
Judges: I Duncan, M Gray, S Samson

‘A’ MSR:
1 Alasdair Henderson
2 Alastair Lee
3 John Mulhearn
4 Steven Leask
5 Craig Sutherland
Judges: P Hunt, I MacFadyen, I McLellan,

  • Stay tuned for more from Eden Court.

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