Draws for Inverness Announced

Queen’ Own Highlanders winners at the 2008 Northern Meeting: DJ MacIntyre, Donald MacKay, Niall Matheson and Alasdair Gillies. Photo R Wallace

The Northern Meeting piping competitions, to be held in Inverness on September 1 and 2, have released the draws for their junior and senior competitions.

Scroll through the panel below to view them or download by using the arrows top right:

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10 thoughts on “Draws for Inverness Announced

    1. Hi DJ,
      I have added your name to my list. I would be happy to send you a copy if you are interested; would just need your email address. If you are on facebook you can send me a fb message.

      1. Do you know when (year from-to) he was P/M of the Queen’s Own Highlanders and which battalion? Thanks, Aad

        1. Hi Aad,
          DJ as he was commonly known in the battalion when I was P/ Sgt, was never P/M of the battalion.
          There was only one battalion of the Queen’s Own Highlanders(Seaforth and Cameron’s)
          As far as I know, I left the battalion in 1989, he was P/M of one of the subsidiary appointments available to the battalion, I’m not sure which one.
          He was latterly P/M of the regimental Association pipes and drums as I myself was from 2012-2017. We both still play together in the association band. Next time I see him I find out where his appointment was.

          1. Hi John,
            Thank you for your reaction. Would be nice if you could find out more about DJ as P/M.
            I know that the regiment had only one regular battalion, but I have John Riach listed as P/M of the 3rd Bn 1967-68, that must have been a TA battalion.

          1. Hi Donald,
            I am compiling a list of Pipe Majors of military Pipes & Drums worldwide.
            When (year from-to) were you Pipe Major at Arborfield? I would like to add you to my list.
            Thanks and regards

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