Blair Atholl Games Draw and a Tribute to Alex

I attach the draws and judges for the piping competitions at the Atholl Gathering to be held this Sunday, May 29, on the Atholl Estate, Blair Atholl, writes Dr Jack Taylor.

Readers may be interested to know that at the Atholl Highlanders Parade the previous day, Saturday May 28, from 2.30-3.45pm, there will be a Moment of Remembrance for piper Alex Duncan, Atholl Highlanders (1994-2020). Alex is pictured above in his Atholl Highlanders uniform.

The Pipes and Drums will play an arrangement of Lament for Mary MacLeod.  Alex was the soloist when the National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland performed this tune for the Gordon Duncan Experience.  The full programme for the parade is on the Atholl Estates website

The draws in numbered playing order are as follows:

P/A/Non CPA Piobaireachd (three tunes):
1 Allan Russell
2 Angus J MacColl
3 Cameron Macdougall
4 Angus D MacColl
5 Callum Beaumont
6 Graham Mulholland
7 Steven Leask
8 Peter McCalister
9 Sarah Muir
10 Sandy Cameron
11 Ben Duncan
Judges: P Henderson, W Morrison

MacRaeBanner ’19
Ayrshire Bagpipes Nov 2020
shepherd banner ’22

B Piob (three tunes):
1 Fraser Allison
2 John McElmurry
3 Anna Smart
4 Eireann Ianetta-Mackay
5 Calum Watson
6 Jamie Elder
7 Calum Brown
8 Brodie Watson-Massey
9 Lachie Dick
10 Andrew Hall
11 Angus MacPhee
12 Greig Canning
13 Dan Nevans
14 Eddie Gaul
15 Callum Wynd
16 Gordon Barclay
17 John McDonald
18 John Dew
Judges: R Wallace, J Wilson

The Atholl Highlanders will parade the day before the games when P/M Ian Duncan will hand over his duties to new P/M, Gary West

C Piob (three tunes):
1 Kyle Howie
2 Bobby Allen
3 Scott Garden
4 Cameron O’Neill
5 Gregor Macdonald
6 Hamish Drennan
7 Calum McKillop
8 Andrew Yu
9 Christopher McCleish
10 Gregor McCulloch
11 Kyle Shead
12 Martin Lee
13 Cameron May
14 James McPetrie
15 Andrew Graham
16 Neil Clark
17 Melissa Jeffrey
18 Andrew Orr
Judges: R Clark, M Henderson

MSR and H&J (two competitions) Heat 1 (five finalists):
1 C McKillop
2 C Watson
3 S Cameron
4 C Macdougall
5 F Allison
6 A Orr
7 J McElmurry
8 C May
9 B Duncan
10 G Mulholland (MSR only)
11 A Hall
12 K Shead (MSR only)
13 H Drennan
14 J Dew
15 D Nevans
16 AD MacColl
17 A Yu
18 A MacPhee
19 A Russell
20 C Wynd
21 K Howie
22 E Gaul
23 B Allan
Judges: C Armstrong (MSR), R Barnes (H&J)

MSR and H&J (two competitions) Heat 2 (five finalists):
1 N Clark
2 G Canning
3 P McCalister
4 J McDonald
5 C Beaumont
6 C McCleish
7 A Smart
8 C O’Neill
9 L Dick (MSR only)
10 A Graham (MSR only)
11 S Garden
12 AJ MacColl
13 G Macdonald
14 G McCulloch
15 B Watson-Massey
16 G Barclay
17 J Elder
18 E Ianneta-Mackay
19 S Leask
20 S Muir
21 C Brown
22 M Jeffrey
Judges: P Hunt (MSR), R MacShannon (H&J)

  • Stay tuned to PP for all the results from Blair Atholl on Sunday evening.

2 thoughts on “Blair Atholl Games Draw and a Tribute to Alex

  1. Good luck to everyone playing, and to outgoing and incoming leaders of the Band. Hopefully see you next year

    1. Was so moved by Alex’s solo at the Lothian and Borders police pipe bands rendition of the sleeping tune written by his Uncle Gordon, I have requested this to be played as I move on up to join them when my time comes.

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