Results from The CLASP ‘Live Online’ Competition

This event ran on Saturday 13th November via Zoom. It was a breakaway from the pre-recorded video submission competition format, and instead each competitor video recorded their live performance which was verified by a stewards’ introduction at the beginning of the performance.

A big thank you to the stewards who kindly volunteered their time: Gill Cairns, Sally Mason, Anna Binder, Alister Sinclair, Katrina Sinclair and Karen McLean. The judges for this competition were Andrew Carlisle, James McGillivray, Connor Sinclair and Dr Jack Taylor.

By Margaret Dunn

Overall Winners:
Grade 1 – Charles-David Mitchell (on Piobaireachd preference and pictured top)
Grade 2 – Ben Hall
Grade 3 – Alasdair Beaton
Grade 4 – James Skinner

Grade 1 Piobaireachd  (Dr Jack Taylor)
1st Charles-David Mitchell
2nd Leslie Barrett
3rd Tyrone Heade
4th  Michael Trenor
5th  Eddie Boland
6th Dugald MacLeod

Grade 2 Piobaireachd (Jim McGillivray)
1st Sean Burgess
2nd Ted Hales
3rd Ben Hall
4th Dagmar Pesta
5th Stephen Whitton
6th Duncan Lamont

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Grade 3 Piobaireachd (Connor Sinclair)
1st Tom DuBois
2nd Alasdair Beaton
3rd Danielle Warren
4th James Acheson
5th Kim Greeley
6th Jay Hackney

Grade 4 Piobaireachd (Dr. Jack Taylor)
1st James Skinner
2nd William Holoday
3rd Lou Lonaro
4th Ricardo Brunelli
5th Alexander Kinkade
6th Gavin Davis

James Skinner winner of the G4 Overall title

Grade 1 -2/4 March (Andrew Carlisle)
1st Charles-David Mitchell
2nd Colin Innes
3rd Eddie Boland
4th William Wardrope
5th Gord Wallace
6th Martha Hall

Grade 1 – Strathspey & Reel (Andrew Carlisle)
1st Colin Innes
2nd Gord Wallace
3rd William Wardrope
4th Con Houlihan
5th Charles-David Mitchell
6th Eddie Boland

Grade 1 – Jig (Andrew Carlisle)
1st Martha Hall
2nd Gord Wallace
3rd Neil Nicholson
4th Colin Innes
5th Tyrone Heade
6th Mic Trenor

G3 Champion Alasdair Beaton

Grade 2 – 2/4 March (Connor Sinclair)
1st Ben Hall
2nd Hans Grothusen
3rd Sean Burgess
4th Dugald Macleod
5th Mariko Arimoto
6th Ryan Morrison

Grade 2 Strathspey/ Reel (Connor Sinclair)
1st Ben Hall
2nd Dugald Macleod
3rd Christopher Yeo
4th Ryan Morrison
5th Gordon Ross
6th John Nevans

Ben Hall…Champion in Grade 2

Grade 2 Jig (Connor Sinclair)
1st Christopher Yeo
2nd Ben Hall
3rd Sean Burgess
4th Mariko Arimoto
5th Lachlan MacDonald
6th Douglas Hamilton

Grade 3 – 2/4 March  (Jim McGillivray)
1st Alasdair Beaton 
2nd Philip Duthie
3rd Ken McLean 
4th James Acheson
5th Philipp Burchardt
6th Danielle Warren

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Grade 3 – Strathspey & Reel (Jim McGillivray)
1st Robert Thomson
2nd Ken McLean
3rd Alasdair Beaton
4th Robert Cunningham
5th Pierreck Monnier
6th Danielle Warren

Grade 3 – Jig (Connor Sinclair)
1st Robert Cunningham
2nd Ken MacLean
3rd Leslie Barrett
4th Alasdair Beaton
5th Grant Walker
6th Joe Moore

Grade 4 – 2/4 March (Andrew Carlisle)
1st Alexander Kinkade
2nd Maureen Moore
3rd William Holody
4th Vickie Gray
5th James Skinner
6th Riccardo Brunelli

Grade 4 – Strathspey & Reel (Andrew Carlisle)
1st James Skinner
2nd Alexander Kinkade
3rd Maureen Moore
4th Riccardo Brunelli
5th Peter Allan
6th Lou Lanaro

Grade 4 – Jig (Connor Sinclair)
1st Maureen Moore
2nd Gavin Davis
3rd James Skinner
4th Alexander Kinkade
5th Vicky Gray
6th Lou Lanaro


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