2021 Nicol-Brown Amateur (USA) Results

This was an online competition held on October 9.

Overall Champion
1 Stuart Marshall, receives MacCallum Pipe Chanter and $1000 travel expenses
2 Jessica Bain
3 Callum Bevan
4 Henry Paluch
5 Trevor DeMass

1 Callum Bevan, Corrienessan’s Salute (receives a bound volume of the Piobaireachd Society Collection)
2 Trevor DeMass, Lament for the Viscount of Dundee
3 Stuart Marshall, MacLeod’s Salute
4 Jessica Bain, Piper’s Warning
5 Scott Long, Caber Feidh gu Brath

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1 Henry Paluch, receives engraved McCallum practice chanter
2 Jessica Bain
3 Sean Buchta
4 Stuart Marshall
5 Callum Bevan

6/8 Marches
1 Stuart Marshall, receivs engraved silver belt buckle
2 Jessica Bain
3 Henry Paluch
4 Callum Bevan
5 Andrew Prioli

Dress & Deportment: Trevor DeMass, $100 gift certificate

Judges: J Hazzard, N Hudson, R MacLeod, R Worrall

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