Fred Morrison Reel Pipes for Sale/ New Piobaireachd Society in North America

This is a beautifully made, hallmarked silver set of mouth blown Fred Morrison reel pipes by McCallum Bagpipes. African blackwood, they are in the key of A with bass, baritone and tenor drones.

They come complete with a Canmore bag and ‘drone start’ lever. They were bought new for £1700 and have hardly been played. They are as new. The cost new was £1700. On offer for £1200. More information and pictures here.

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North American Piobaireachd Society

The North American Piobaireachd Society (NAPS) is pleased to announce it has been incorporated in the State of California, USA, and is awaiting non-profit status determination by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS), writes Vice President Robert Rubin.

The mission of NAPS is to promote the understanding, playing and preservation of piobaireachd through on-line and in-person lectures and seminars in which experts instruct students in the history, development, musical elements, and proper playing of piobaireachd. 

At a later stage, we hope to offer tuition awards for students to participate in competitions and other events celebrating piobaireachd. Through these activities, new generations of musicians will gain a breadth and depth of skill and experience in understanding, playing, and creating the traditional bagpipe music of Scotland.

Current NAPS Directors are Seumas Coyne, President; Robert Rubin, Vice-President; Joyce McIntosh, Secretary; and Gary Speed, Treasurer.  A Music Committee of internationally known piping experts in piobaireachd is being formed. 

We will make a formal announcement of NAPS status and call for members and donations when our non-profit request to the IRS has been adjudicated.  Meanwhile, for comments or questions, our email address is  Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Fred Morrison Reel Pipes for Sale/ New Piobaireachd Society in North America

  1. Why is there a need for a North American Piobaireachd Society? Are North Americans not able to join the original society?

    1. Mr. Lamond: This is an important question; thank you for it. As Vice-President of the North American Piobaireachd Society (NAPS), let me offer an answer. NAPS is indeed being welcomed as an affiliate by the original Piobaireachd Society in Scotland. Our purpose is to enhance all aspects of the study, understanding, and playing of piobaireachd in North America, which is perhaps less well known here than is the light music. In particular, we want to focus on up-and-coming pipers, who otherwise might not experience piobaireachd until well into their piping careers. As noted in the announcement, we welcome everyone’s comments and suggestions:

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