Argyllshire Gathering 150th Anniversary Competition Results – Updated with Comment and Pictures

Inveraray’s finest….winner Stuart Liddell and runner up (piobaireachd pref.) Alasdair Henderson with their Anniversary Gold and Silver Medals

The Argyllshire Gathering have announced the winners of their anniversary competitions. They were held in the Gathering Halls, Oban, before a large, appreciative audience. Results:

Ceòl Mòr:
1 Stuart Liddell, £300

2 Alasdair Henderson, £200

3 Finlay Johnston £100
Judges: I MacFadyen, Dr A MacDonald, C MacLellan

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1 Angus MacColl, £300

2 William McCallum, £200

3 Stuart Liddell, £100
Judges: B Donaldson, I Duncan, J Wilson

Sarah Muir

1 Stuart Liddell, £300

2 Sara Muir, £200

3 William McCallum, £100
Judges: B Donaldson, I Duncan, Dr A MacDonald

Piobaireachd Society Recital

More great piping this Sunday! Don’t miss out!

Overall prize of £500: Stuart Liddell

The pipers and their chosen piobaireachd were as follows, in performance order:

  1. Angus D MacColl – I Got a Kiss of the  King’s Hand
  2. Finlay Johnston – Lament for the Children
  3. Alasdair Henderson – Battle of Auldearn No.2
  4. Stuart Liddell – In Praise of Morag
  5. Sarah Muir – Old Men of the Shells No.1
  6. Jamie Forrester – Earl of Ross’s March
  7. William McCallum – Lachlan MacNeill Campbell of Kintarbert’s Fancy
Winner of the MSR Angus MacColl

Piping Convenor Torquil Telfer has announced that the event will be videoed for broadcast on the AG website in due course.

Fear an Tighe was PP editor Robert Wallace. He writes: This was a very high standard competition though there was clear evidence of ring rustiness. This had to be expected after such a hiatus in top class professional piping.

In the piobaireachd I thought Stuart Liddell was outstanding – technically superb on a rich sounding instrument. He laced his interpretation with subtlety of pause and tempo.

The specially minted Argyllshire Gathering 150th Anniversary medal

There were very good, clean performances from Alasdair Henderson and Sarah Muir, though Sarah made the error of standing with her back to the bench throughout her taorluath and crunluath. She may not have realised it.

There was an impressive tune too from Jamie Forrester whose bagpipe had to be among the best of the day. Angus MacColl played well but was hampered by a sharpish F.

Jamie Forrester

He sorted this in time for the MSR which he won with some aplomb. Overall there were weak tachums and ungrounded throws and missed strikes peppering some otherwise excellent presentations.

Stuart Liddell was again outstanding in the Medley, his Carradale Bay catching the ear from the off.

Stay tuned to Piping Press for more results and reports from Oban.

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