North Uist Games Results

Overcast but dry day for the annual games on Balelone Field with competitions for seniors and juniors. Champion Piper was James MacKenzie, Lewis, with Greig Canning, Fife, winning the ceol mor. Greig and James are pictured above. These games completed a very successful three-day run of well-attended solo competition in the Outer Hebrides with South Uist on Weds 18th July, Benbecula Young Piper on the 19th and North Uist on the 20th.

1 Greig Canning, Desperate Battle
2 Jonathan Simpson, Lament for the Viscount of Dundee
3 James MacKenzie, Lament for the Iolaire
4 Archie Drennan

Judges: John Don MacKenzie

1 James MacKenzie
2 Greig Canning
3 Ashley MacDonald
4 Finlay MacLeod

1 James MacKenzie
2 Greig Canning
3 Bruce MacDonald
4 Archie Drennan

1 Ashley MacDonald
2 James MacKenzie
3 Greig Canning
4 Archie Drennan

Don’t miss the superb night of col mor. Click on pic for tickets; only £10/£8

U-18 March
1 Angus Finlay MacPhee
2 Finlay MacVicar
3 Hamish Drennan

U-18 S&R
1 Angus Finlay MacPhee
2 Hamish Drennan
3 Seumas Scullion

Novice 2/4 March U-16
1 Padruig MacMillan
2 Andra Monk
3 Mairi MacDonald

U-18 Champion Angus MacPhee and U-15 Champion Bobby Allan

U-15 March
1 Bobby Allan
2 Kevin Beaton
3 Calum MacMillan

U-15 S&R
1 Bobby Allan
2 Calum MacMillan
3 Archie MacLean

U-15 6/8 March
1 Bobby Allan
2 Kevin Beaton
3 Laura Robertson

Beginner Chanter (under one year)
1 Calum Beaton
2 Fraser Lawrie

Novice Chanter
1 Isabel Beaton
2 Seumas MacIan

Local Chanter (Uist&Barra): Katie MacLean

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