Tobermory Games Results and Comment

Grey day but no rain. Eight played in the senior events. Champion Piper was Alasdair Henderson (pictured above).

1 Angus MacColl Snr (Cabar Feidh Gu Bragh)
2 Alasdair Henderson (My King Has Landed in Moidart)
3 Andrew Hall (Lament for Mary MacLeod)
4 Bob Low (Stewart’s White Banner)
5 Angus MacColl Jnr (Battle of the Pass of Crieff)

Judges: R Wallace, J Wilson

1 Alasdair Henderson
2 Angus MacColl Jnr
3 Angus MacColl Snr
4 Andrew Hall
5 Gregor MacDonald

1 Alasdair Henderson
2 Angus MacColl Jnr
3 Angus MacColl Snr
4 Andrew Hall
5 Bob Low
Judges: B Donaldson, I McLellan

A successful day for Angus MacColl junior, seen here playing in the light music

Local March
1 Alasdair Henderson
2 Angus MacColl Jnr
3 Angus MacColl Snr
4 Gregor MacDonald

Local S&R
1 Alasdair Henderson
2 Angus MacColl Jnr
3 Angus MacColl Snr
4 Calum MacLean

Junior Piob
1 Gregor MacDonald
2 Emma Hill
3 Jenny MacLean
4 Innes Munro
Judge: A Frater

Junior March
1 Emma Hill
2 George MacDonald
3 Stewart Campbell
4 Jenny MacLean
5 Innes Munro

Junior S&R
1 George MacDonald
2 Innes Munro
3 Jenny MacLean
4 Emma Hill
5 Logie Johnston

The editor writes: The day began wonderfully well with that special breakfast courtesy the Tobermory Hotel. The bacon rolls are good but the coffee? Well they must have some special ingredient. Along the shore front came P/M Angus MacColl and the boys and girls of the Oban High School band. Sounding well too:

Thence up the hill and some good tunes and banter with fellow adjudicator John Wilson. The winner Angus MacColl played with considerable élan on a lovely pipe. Perhaps he hurried on through slightly, but a worthy winner nevertheless. Alasdair Henderson was second playing a set of black sticks which looked a new departure for him. They may not have had Angus’s quality, but they sounded well and saw him through his tune no bother. The connecting notes in the T&C singling were a shade trimmed and we needed more phrasing in the doublings, but overall a strong tune from Alasdair.

Andrew Hall shaped up his ground and first variation singling well but then made the common error of stressing the first of the three note groupings in the doubling instead of the second. This dragged his tune down and it never really recovered. Fine pipe and good finger. In fourth came Bob Low with the Stewart’s White Banner. Bob’s pipe wasn’t quite up to the mark of the others but he played well despite a few catches to D (cold) and I prefer the E as a melody note before the B in the ground. One small choke. Angus MacColl Junior was off his tune a couple of times and failed to cut the Bs and Cs enough in the ground and Thumb. A bit more work and Angus will do much better with this piece. Excellent bagpipe and finger.

The games over we repaired to the hospitality tent to be met by the Chieftain Sir Lachlan MacLean of Duart and Morvern and the other stewards.

Sir Lachlan and Sir Ian

Duart Castle is currently undergoing a major facelift so good luck to the Clan MacLean with the fundraising. Thereafter it was back to the Tobermory Hotel once more and one of the highlights of the day: accordionist Bobby MacLeod Junior regaling us with a whole host of perfectly timed pipe marches.

Bobby, the polis + Torquil

Watching the Strathclyde Police contingent singing along to Bobby’s playing was just priceless. All in all another very enjoyable day at the games with the piping expertly marshalled by convenor Torquil Telfer.

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