114th Annual Maclean Highland Gathering – New South Wales

The 114th annual Maclean Highland Gathering took place over the 2018 Easter weekend in the northern New South Wales town of Maclean on the picturesque Clarence River.

Pipers and pipe bands from the length of the east coast of Australia came together to attend the longest running Highland gathering in Australia. The weekend culminated in a sell out recital from international guest judges Richard Hawke and Emmett Conway. Open grade pipers compete for one of the few remaining true solid gold medals, the James MacSwan Memorial gold medal.

Open Piobaireachd (J.K. McKinnon Memorial)
1st Jason Craig (pictured) – Lament for Captain MacDougall
2nd Andrew Roach – Lament for Donald of Laggan
3rd Dennis Browning – Old Men of the Shells
Judges: Richard Hawke, Tom McGirr

Open March/Strathspey/Reel (Norman Finlayson MacSwan Memorial)
1st Jason Craig
2nd Robert Gibb
3rd Nick Tomkins
Judges: Emmett Conway, Paul Hughes

Open Hornpipe/Jig Ruby (McLeay) Davis Memorial)
1st Jason Craig
2nd Andrew Roach
3rd Robert Gibb

Judges: Emmett Conway, Joe Joyce
Open Air (Charlie McInnes Memorial)
1st Mark McKenzie
2nd Jason Craig
3rd Andrew Roach
Judges: Joe Joyce, Hazel Osbourne

Maclean Champion Gold Medal Open Piper (McSwan Memorial)proudly sponsored by the McSwan families
Gold Medal Winner: Jason Craig
Silver Medal Winner: Andrew Roach
Bronze Medal Winner: Mark McKenzie

Restricted Piobaireachd (Dr.H.W.Charlton Memorial)
1st Jordan Simmers
2nd Abby Dalziel
3rd Timothy Tesoriero

“Mrs MacSwan” (Donald MacSwan Memorial)
1st Dennis Browning
2nd Jason Craig
3rd Scott Rhodes

Special Age Restricted (Lachlan McCabe Memorial)
Winner: Aaron Gray

March/Strathspey/Reel (Charlie McKinnon Memorial)
1st Hugh McBroom
2nd James Cordell
3rd Hamish McKay

Hornpipe/Jig (John & Maggie Wallace Memorial)
1st Abbas Manchadi
2nd Hamish McKay
3rd Abby Dalziel
Maclean Champion Intermediate Piper (Alastair MacSween Memorial) Winner: Hugh McBroom

March/Strathspey/Reel (Alex & Mary Wallace Memorial)
1st Aaron Gray
2nd Fearghas Russell
3rd Oliver Cordell

Jig (Mary McPherson Memorial)
1st Fearghas Russell
2nd Aodhen Trusselle
3rd Jaspher Pflaum
Maclean Champion Sub-Intermediate Piper (Mary Catherine MacKenzie McPherson Memorial)
Winner: Fearghas Russell

March Heat No.1 (O’Halloran Encouragement Medal)
1st Liam O’Shea
2nd Felix Peake
3rd Natasha Marshall

March Heat No. 2 (O’Halloran Encouragement Medal)
1st Liam Docherty
2nd Fergus MacDonnell
3rd Christian Binggeli

March Final (HD Eagleton Trophy)
1st Liam O’Shea
2nd Christian Binggeli
3rd Liam Docherty

Air Heat No.1 (O’Halloran Encouragement Medal)
1st Benjamin Cordell
2nd Stuart McLeod
3rd Christian Binggeli

Air Heat No. 2 (O’Halloran Encouragement Medal)
1st Luke McGahan
2nd Liam O’Shea
3rd Bruce Fraser

Air Final (Maud Douglas Memorial)
1st Benjamin Cordell
2nd Christian Binggeli
3rd Luke McGahan

Maclean Champion Elementary Piper (Fred Douglas Memorial)
Winner: Christian Binggeli

Learner Chanter(Peter Mathieson Memorial)
1st Alastair Ian Hay 2nd William Nisbet 3rd Olivia Turner

Veterans 55 years and Over
1st Dennis Browning 2nd Owen Capon 3rd Bruce Fraser