Duncan Johnstone Memorial Results

This annual competition was held in the Piping Centre, Glasgow, on March 10. It is run by the Centre in conjunction with the Competing Pipers’ Association. Winners and members of Duncan’s family pictured above. Read about the master piper here.

B Piobaireachd:
1 Steven Leask
2 Kristopher Coyle
3 Steven Gray
4 William Rowe
5 Ben Mulhearn
Judges: P Henderson, A Johnston
1 Ross Miller
2 Calum Brown
3 Finlay Cameron
4 John Dew

5 Gavin Ferguson

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C Piobaireachd
1 Andrew Ferguson
2 Bradley Parker
3 Dan Nevans
4 Gwenael Dage
5 Scott Mckay
Judges: P Henderson, A Johnston
1 Bradley Parker
2 Finlay Frame
3 Douglas Mair
4 Andrew Bell
5 Scott McKay
Judges: F Johnston, S Samson
1 Ciaren Ross
2 Steven Leask
3 Dan Nevans
4 Connor Jardine
5 Mael Sicard- Cras
Overall Winner: Steven Leask

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