Ballater Games Results

German piper Anna Kummerlõw continued her fine run at the games with a Champion Piper win. Anna is pictured above receiving her trophy. The weather on Deeside was bright and sunny.

1 Anna Kummerlõw, Hail to My Country

2 Alan Clark, Marquis of Argyll’s Salute
3 Allan Russell, Lament for the Departure of King James
4 Calum Brown, Desperate Battle
5 John McDonald, King’s Taxes
6 Peter McCalister,  Lady MacDonald’s Lament
Judges: R Clark, N Matheson, D Watson

1 Calum Brown
2 Allan Russell
3 Anna Kummerlõw
4 John MacDonald
5 Alan Clark
6 James McPetrie

1 Calum Brown
2 Allan Russell
3 Alan Clark
4 Peter McCalister
5 John MacDonald
6 Raphael Mercier
Judge: W Fraser, J Hamilton

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