Royal Regiment of Scotland Compiling New Book of Pipe Music and Commissioning Piobaireachd

The Royal Regiment of Scotland (RRS) is set to commemorate its 20th Anniversary on the 26th March 2026 with a new collection of light music and specially commissioned piobaireachd.

The amalgamation of six regular Scottish battalions of the Army and two reserve battalions to form the RRS followed Ministry of Defence changes first mooted in 2003.

By Pipe Sergeant Joe Davies, 2 SCOTS

Over the past 18 years, regiment has undergone notable change such as the restructuring of 5 SCOTS (formerly the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders) into Balaklava Company and the redesignation of 1 SCOTS (The Royal Scots Borderers, an amalgamation of the Royal Scots and the King’s Own Scottish Borderers) into the innovative concept of The Ranger Regiment.

These transformations represent significant milestones in the regiment’s evolution, reflecting its commitment to modernisation and operational effectiveness.

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Consolidated under a single cap badge in March 2006, The Royal Regiment of Scotland’s foundational principles, battle honours, traditions, and musical legacy remain unwavering. At the core of its identity lies a vast reservoir of regimental music, encompassing over 200 pipe tunes inherited from its antecedent regiments.

In honour of its 20th Anniversary, the regiment is preparing to release its inaugural volume of pipe music. It will feature tunes from its battalions with photographs reflecting their customs and traditions.

The regiment welcomes further submissions from veterans who have served in an RRS battalion. Submissions commemorating historical regimental and battalion events alongside family occasions, weddings, and more are welcome. Should the need arise, a selection panel will convene to evaluate submissions.


Headquarters has also proposed the commissioning of a Regimental Piobaireachd. This exciting initiative calls upon both serving and retired composers to submit a piobaireachd for consideration.

A competition, scheduled for early 2025, will determine the winning tune. It will have a title closely related to the Regiment and be designated its official piobaireachd.

The judging panel will comprise esteemed pipers from within the regiment, as well as a prominent member of the Piobaireachd Society. It is planned for the competition to be held at Edinburgh Castle, the historic headquarters of the regiment and a fitting and prestigious backdrop.

All piobaireachd submissions will be catalogued in a Royal Regiment of Scotland Piobaireachd Collection to mirror the light music collection.

Preparing the music….

Composers interested in submitting piobaireachd or light music for publication should forward their tunes here. The deadline is 31st October 2025.

Submissions should include titles, rank, name (including rank at the time of composition if applicable), the battalion served in, along with any relevant personal insights into the composition process. Manuscripts can be submitted in any format, however legibility is paramount.

This initiative presents a remarkable opportunity for composers to contribute to the rich tapestry of The Royal Regiment of Scotland’s musical heritage enduring contributions to the broader piping world on its 20th Anniversary.

Regimental pipe music serves as the bedrock of the regiment’s identity, instilling a sense pride. As the regiment continues to adapt, it remains firmly rooted in its rich heritage, drawing strength from its past while embracing future challenges.


Primarily, pipers and drummers from the regiment are infantry soldiers and over the years have remained at the forefront of UK Defence on operational deployments to Northern Ireland, Iraq, and Afghanistan, whilst also on peacekeeping missions across Cyprus, North and West Africa and in support of the war in Ukraine.

Additionally, the regiment has played pivotal roles in disaster relief efforts and has supported civil authorities during times of crisis, notably during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In more recent times, the Pipes and Drums of the regiment have played a crucial role in many state ceremonial, including HM The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, her funeral, the coronation of HM King Charles III, and the Presentation of the Honours of Scotland.

The Pipes and Drums have showcased their talent on a global scale, participating in events such as the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

2 thoughts on “Royal Regiment of Scotland Compiling New Book of Pipe Music and Commissioning Piobaireachd

  1. PS Davies, Please reach out to me on email as I have a close to identical project underway. Capturing all the regimental marches and duty tunes for ALL Scot and Irish and other British Army and Commonwealth and USA regiments complete with their heraldry. International team helping to put together as part of a 16-volume series on pipe tunes and military history. I have shared some of those drafts with PP earlier.

    1. Sir,
      I was 1st Bn Liverpool Scottish and can advise you on their Regimental tunes c1960s and also 1/51 Highland Volunteers.
      I was also 1st Bn Queens Own Highlanders but their Regimental Tunes are well documented.
      Colin Hughes.

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