CLASP May 6th ‘Live Online’ Competition Results

G2 overall Ernest Cho

This was another well attended ‘live online’ CLASP competition. For Grade 1 CLASP competitors there was one final chance to win an invite to compete at the inaugural amateur invitational competition at the Sun Belt in Florida in November 2023.

By Margaret Houlihan

Eric Stein, who runs the Sun Belt Professional Invitational Competition in Florida, has expanded this event to include an amateur invitational and Eric is kindly sponsoring flights and accommodation for the Grade 1 overall winner of this CLASP competition.

This is a fantastic opportunity and prize and the National Piping Centre and CLASP would like to extend their thanks and appreciation to Eric. The overall winners will also receive a keepsake engraved medal. 

G4 winner Vickie Gray

Thank you to all the judges, Finlay Johnston, Ann Gray, Darach Urquhart and John Dew. Also, thank you to all CLASP stewards and volunteers. The stewards were as follows: Collette O’ Connor, Andrea Jones, Eddie Boland, Sally Mason, Anna Binder and Sheila Stewart. The results are as follows:

Grade 1 Overall – Gillian Blaney
Grade 2 Overall – Ernest Cho 
Grade 3 Overall – Colin Bathgate 
Grade 4 Overall – Vickie Gray
Overall winners receive a free place on an National Piping Centre Gathering 2023/2024.

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silver chanter banner 2024

Gillian Blaney and Charles-David Mitchell have already qualified for the Sun Belt Invitation competition and therefore the next overall placed piper in Grade 1 (Winning flights and accommodation to compete in Florida at The Sun Belt Amateur Competition is Marc Warnock

G1 Piobaireachd 1 Gillian Blaney 2 Colin Innes 3 Charles-David Mitchell 4 Eddie Boland 5 Mic Trenor 6 Ben Hall

G3 overall Colin Bathgate

G2 Piobaireachd 1 Ernest Cho 2 Donald Morrison 3 Rob Rogers  4 Brent Lowrie 5 Anthony Kelly 6 Chris MacKnight
G3 Piobaireachd 1 Jay Hackney 2 Sally Mason 3 Joe Hardy 4 Raul Peinado Fuentes 5 Kathryn McEwan 6 Sheila Stewart
G4 Piobaireachd (Ground & Next Variation) 1 Vickie Gray 2 Sue Kennedy 3 Peter Allen 4 Steve Langford 5 Murray Harper 6 Riccardo Brunelli
G1 2/4 1 Gillian Blaney 2 Marc Warnock 3 Charles-David Mitchell 4 Eddie Boland 5 Theo Pratt  6 Colin Innes
G1 S&R 1 Gillian Blaney 2 Eddie Boland 3 Marc Warnock 3 Theo Pratt 4 Charles-David Mitchell 5 Gordon Wallace
G1 6/8 1 Theo Pratt 2 David-Charles Mitchell 3 Marc Warnock 4 Gordon Wallace 5 Gillian Blaney 6 Colin Innes
G2 2/4 1 Ernest Cho 2 Joseph Morrison  3 Mariko Arimoto 4 Sarah Keir 5 Donald Morrison 6 Rob Rodgers

G1 Overall Winner Gillian Blaney

G2 S&R 1 Joseph Morrison 2 Donald Morrison 3 James Carnegie 4 Ernest Cho 5 Rob Rodgers 6 Ted Hales
G2 6/8 1 Ernest Cho 2 Joseph Morrison 3 James Carnegie 4 Donald Morrison 5 Mariko Arimoto 6 Bent Lowire
G3 – 2/4 1 Colin Bathgate 2 James Acheson 3 John Todd 4 Phillip Burchardt 5 Sally Mason 6 Anthony MacLachlan
G3 S&R 1 Colin Bathgate 2 Colin Todd 3 James Acheson 4 Sally Mason 5 Anthony MacLachlan 6 Kathryn McEwan
G3 6/8 1 Colin Bathgate 2 John Todd 3 Grant Walker 4 Sheila Stewart 5 Alan Wardrope 6 Raul Peinado Fuentes
G4 2/4 1 Sophie Stringer 2 Vickie Gray 3 Steve Langford 4 Sue Kennedy 5 Adam Ruck 6 Jennifer Curran
G4 S&R 1 Sophie Stringer 2 Vickie Gray 3 Sue Kennedy 4 Steve Langford 5 Murray Harper 6 Adam Ruck
G4 Jig 1 Vickie Gray 2 Sophie Stringer 3 Murray Harper 4 Steve Langford 5 Ricardo Brunelli 6 Adam Ruck

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