Highlands & Islands Festival 2023 Piping Full Results

Another successful competition was held in the Oban High School today, Saturday, April 29, with healthy entries in most competitions.

Sponsors included the Piobaireachd Society and the Competing Pipers’ Association.

P/A Ceol Mor for Cooper Salver (1st) and Dugald MacColl Memorial Trophy (2nd).
1 Roderick MacLeod, Old Men of the Shells
2 Steven Leask, MacNeil of Barra’s March
3 Darach Urquhart, I Got a Kiss of the King’s Hand
4 William Geddes, Lament for the Only Son

1 Sarah Muir
2 Roderick MacLeod
3 Steven Leask
4 Callum Watson

B Ceol Mor
1 James MacPetrie, Blind Piper’s Obstinacy
2 Cameron May, Blue Ribbon
3 John MacDonald, I Got a Kiss of the King’s Hand
4 Luke Kennedy, Earl of Ross’s March

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C Ceol Mor
1 Keith Bowes, MacCrimmon’s Seeetheart
2 Kyle Shead, In Praise of Morag
3 Ross Conner, Earl of Seaforth’s Salute
4 Andrew Orr, Fair Honey

1 Fraser Allison
2 Angus MacPhee
3 Luke Kennedy
4 Dan Nevans

1. Kyle Cameron
2. Alistair Brown
3. Kyle Shead
4. Andrew Hutton

Junior Piping

U-15 Piobaireachd Ground: 1 Arran Brown 2 Callan Erskine 3 Euan McCracken

U-15 Piobaireachd: 1 Fraser Hamilton 2 Grace Kelman 3 Hugh Anderson 4 Ronald MacColl

U-15 March: 1 Fraser Hamilton 2 Rio Arkell 3 Ronald MacColl 4 Grace Kelman 5 Arran Brown 6 Callan Erskine

U-15 S&R: 1 Fraser Hamilton 2 Grace Kelman 3 Rio Arkell 4 Callan Erskine 5 Ronald MacColl 6 Mark Hewitt

U-15 Jig: 1 Fraser Hamilton 2 Arran Brown 3 Callan Erskine 4 Grace Kelman 5 Liam Kennedy 6 Ronald MacColl

U-15 Champion: Fraser Hamilton

U-18 Piob.: 1 Dugald MacKechnie 2 Murdo Muircroft 3 Camron MacPhail 4 Peter MacKay 5 Lewis Maxwell 6 Arran Green

U-18 March: 1 Dougal MacKechnie 2 Murdo Muircroft 3 Arran Green 4 Logie Johnston 5 Lewis Maxwell 6 Peter MacKay

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U-18 S&R: 1 Dougal MacKechnie 2 Arran Green 3 Camron MacPhail 4 Peter MacKay 5 Logie Johnston 6 Lewis Maxwell

U-18 H&J: 1 Fergus Dorrington 2 Calan McGuigan 3 Lewis Maxwell 4 Arran Greeg 5 Camron MacPhail 6 Dougal McKechnie

U-18 Champion: Dougal MacKechnie

Nov . March U-14: 1 William Muirhead 2 Sasha MacCallum 3 Alasdair Bullock 4 Calum MacNeil 5 Moira Bruce 6 Fin MacKechnie

Lodge Argyll prize for highest placed piper resident in county: Sasha MacCallum

Chanter U-12 – scale and 2-part march: 1 Mairi MacNeil 2 Robbie Dewar 3 Jamie Eve MacIntyre 4 Noraidh MacCallum 5 Euan Campbell 6 Mary Blomfield

Chanter 12 & 14 years March: 1 Megan Johnston 2 Claire Dodds 3 Mara Breslin 4 Cara MacInnes

Frances Shand Kidd Trophy for most promising chanter: Alex. Ross

Judges: R Barnes, D Fraser, R Wallace, B Donaldson, I MacFadyen, C Beaumont, L Barclay, J Wilson, A Maclean, R MacShannon, P Hunt, L Tannock, A McCulloch,

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