Captain John MacLellan Memorial Results

The 7th annual Captain John A MacLellan MBE memorial piping championships were held at the Army School of Bagpipe Music and Highland Drumming at Inchdrewer House in Edinburgh today.  The event, one of the premier solo piping contests in the world, received a record entry once again with B & C grade contests full and the A & P grade contests also attracting a very strong entry. 

By P/M Ross McCrindle, Senior Pipe Major, British Army

Operating nine different events concurrently is no easy task, but as is customary, the Army School delivered an efficiently run event and the prize giving was underway shortly after 5pm with the prizes being presented by Capt John’s son Colin MacLellan, Liz Maxwell of the Glenfiddich Piping Championships, and event sponsors David MacDonald of the International Highlanders, and Andrea Colombini, director of the Giacomo Puccini festival in Lucca, Italy.

Captain John MacLellan MBE was the first Director of Army Bagpipe Music, setting in motion the legacy that we uphold here at the school every day. Current Director of Army Bagpipe Music, Major Gordon Rowan SCOTS, gave a tribute to Captain John before I announced the prize winners as follows:

P Piobaireachd 

1st, £300, The Capt John MacLellan Medal, Angus McColl
2nd, £240, Finlay Johnston
3rd, £200, Alistair Henderson
4th, £180, William McCallum
5th, £160, Iain Speirs

1st, £190, The Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Silver Piper, Sarah Muir
2nd, £160, William McCallum
3rd, £130, Alistair Henderson
4th, £110, Angus MacColl
5th, £80, Iain Speirs

A Piobaireachd
1st, £250, The Colin MacLellan Cup, Sarah Muir
2nd, £200, Jamie Forrester
3rd, £180, Gordon McCready
4th, £140, Jonathan Greenlees
5th, £100, Sandy Cameron

1st, £150, The PM Angus MacDonald Trophy, Angus J MacColl
2nd, £120, The Plummer’s Knowe Trophy, PMaj Peter MacGregor, SCOTS
3rd, £90, Ashley McMichael
4th, £60, Jenny Hazzard
5th, £50, Jamie Forrester

B Piobaireachd
1st, £140, The Joe Rafferty Plate, PMaj Ben Duncan, Scots DG
2nd, £100, The Ramsey Garden Cup, Michael Fitzhenry
3rd, £80, Jamie Elder
4th, £60, Kris Coyle
5th, £40, Jonathon Simpson  

1st , £60, The John MacLellan Pipe Banner, Ross Miller
2nd, £50, The Hugh MacDonald Cup, Andrew Ferguson
3rd, £40, Jonathon Simpson
4th, £30, John Dew
5th, £20, Andrew Wilson

C Piobaireachd
1st, £80, The Jo Delworth Quaich, Angus MacPhee
2nd, £60, The Dean Park Eagle, Scott Wallace
3rd, £50, Archie Drennan
4th, £40, Hamish Drennan
5th, £30, Ross Conner

1st, £50, The Fort Augustus Shield, Scott Wallace  
2nd, £40, Brodie Watson-Massie  
3rd, £30, Fraser Allison  
4th, £20, Finlay Frame  
5th, £10, Ben Mulhearn 

Open Hornpipe & Jig 
1st, £150, The Robert L Kilgour Trophy, William McCallum
2nd, £130, Stephen Gray
3rd, £110, Angus J McColl
4th, £90, Finlay Johnston
5th, £70, Alistair Henderson

P Aggregate, The Edinburgh castle Monument, Angus MacColl
A Aggregate, ASBM&HD Memorial Trophy, Jamie Forrester
C Aggregate, Pipes from McCallum Bagpipes, Scott Wallace

We would like to thank our sponsors, McCallum Bagpipes, Puccini e la sua Lucca, Arran Whisky, Legion Scotland, The Grand Day Out, The International Highlanders and The Competing Pipers Association.  The Captain John A MacLellan MBE memorial piping championships will return to the Army School of Bagpipe Music and Highland Drumming on Saturday 3rd October 2020.

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