All-Ireland Solo Piping & Drumming Results

Last Saturday (September 15) saw the All Ireland Solo Piping and Drumming Championships take place at the Trinity Comprehensive School, Ballymun, Dublin.
There was an excellent entry across the grades although a few of the drumming sections were on the low side however the standard of playing was of the highest quality. The picture above is of FMM pipers Kris Coyle, winner of the Senior Piobaireachd event, and Ashley McMichael runner-up in the Senior Piping.
The adjudication panel comprised some very experienced personnel with Tim Farrelly, Jim Semple, Jennifer Hutcheon (Piping),  William Morrison and Michael Egan (Piobaireachd), Stephen Creighton, Jim Baxter and Paul Turner (Side Drumming) and John Dunne and Derek Doyle (Bass and Tenor Drumming).  The following were the results of their deliberations:
Senior Piping:
1 Scott Wallace (Field Marshal Montgomery) – above
2 Ashley McMichael (Field Marshal Montgomery)
3 Kevin Rogers (St Laurence O’Toole)
Intermediate Piping:
1 Seán Maloney (Closkelt
2 Cameron Hume (Closkelt
Noel Kelly (St Lawrence, Howth
Junior A Piping:
1 Scott McKay (Scottish Power)
2 Alastair Donaghy (Field Marshal Montgomery)
3 Cillian Hartford (St Maurs)
Junior B Piping:
1 Tim Wharton (Joseph Forde Memorial)
2 Joshua Truesdale (Upper Crossgare)
3 Cillian Bissett (St Maurs)

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Juvenile Piping Under 14:
1 Jack Hamill (McDonald Memorial)
2 Brady Annett (Lisnamulligan)
3 Emma Ferguson (Matt Boyd Memorial)

Juvenile Piping Under 16:
1 Beth Preston (PSNI)
2 Jordan Gibson (Marlacoo & District)
3 Nathan Coburn (Portavogie)
Piobaireachd A:
1 Kris Coyle (Field Marshal Montgomery)
2 John McElmurry (Matt Boyd Memorial)
3 Ashley McMichael (Field Marshal Montgomery)
Piobaireachd B:
1 Ryan Cupples-Menendez (PSNI)
2 Craig Davidson (Scottish Power)
3 Dion Boyle (Bleary and District)
First and third placed Michael McKenna and Steven Creighton of St Laurence O’Toole PB, Dublin

Senior Drumming:

1 Michael McKenna (St Laurence O’Toole)
William Glenholmes (Vale of Atholl)
3 Stephen Creighton (St Laurence O’Toole)
1 Matthew Wenlock (Vale of Atholl)
2 Dean Smyth (Field Marshal Montgomery)
3 John Murphy (Closkelt)
Junior Drumming A:
1 Glenn Creighton (St Laurence O’Toole)
2 Rob Barrett (St Laurence O’Toole)
3 Denis Lane (Closkelt)
Junior Drumming B:
1 Brian Hasson (Colmcille)
2 Lauren Irvine (Lomond & Clyde)
Colm Aherne (St Joseph’s Clondalkin)
Juvenile Drumming Under 14:
1  Tiernan Kavanagh (Arklow)
2 Jamie Kerr (Major Sinclair Memorial)
3 Arren McWilliams (PSNI)
Juvenile Drumming Under 16:
1 Daniel Mulcahy (Closkelt)
2 Fionn Murphy (New Ross & District)
3 Lee Montgomery (Quinn Memorial)
Juvenile Drumming Under 18:
1 Richard Black (Syerla)
Tenor Drumming: Grades 4B/5:
1 Demi Moore (Kildoag)
2 Oliver McIlwaine (Major Sinclair Memorial)
3 Vutaute Plekaviciute (De La Salle)
Grade 4A:
1 Claire Bracken (St Lawrence, Howth)
2  Amy McKeown (Tullylagan)
3 Rebecca Patterson (Tullylagan)
Grade 3:
1 Aoife Bissett (St Maur’s)
2 Calum Smyth (Quinn’s Mem.)
3 Zoe Abraham (Battlehill)

Grade 2:
1 Ryan McGavigan (Manorcunningham)Grade 1:

1 Jordan Bailie (Inveraray & District)
Cameron Sinclair (Vale of Atholl)
3 Craig Rogers (Ravara)
Open Bass Drum:
1 Robert Coady (McDonald Memorial)
Ewan Smyth (Quinn Memorial)
3 Jordan Bailie (Inveraray & District)

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