Birnam Games Results (updated)

Sunny and humid and a long day, which started at noon and ended around 6.30. The feeling among the pipers was that the contest should probably have started earlier. As the sun dipped behind the hill, the field was deserted, everything was being taken down, and the pipers were still piping and judges still judging.

1 Jacob Dicker
2 Ursa Beckford
3 Ben McClamrock
4 Jonathon Simpson
5 Callum Wynd
Judges: Gordon Clark, Robert Barnes

1 Jonathan Simpson
2 Jonathan Greenlees
3 James MacHattie
4 Andrew Lewis
5 Bobby Durning

1 Jonathan Greenlees
2 Jonathan Simpson
3 Andrew Donlon
4 Jacob Dicker
5 Graham Mulholland
Judge for both Barry Donaldson

1 James MacHattie
2 Bobby Durning
3 Andrew Lewis
4 Jacob Dicker
5 Graham Mulholland
Judge: Ronnie Clark

Overall: Jonathan Simpson

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