Argyllshire Gathering 2017 – Former Winners, Gold Medal, MacGregor Memorial, Silver Medal and Senior Piob Results from Day 1

AG logoFour of the major piobaireachd competitions in world piping were held today in Oban, Argyll.
The winner of the Senior Piobaireachd award for former winners of the Gold Medal was Glenn Brown formerly of Ontario now of Glasgow, the Gold Medal to Craig Sutherland from Crieff and the Silver Medal to Cameron MacDougall from Nigg. The very tough Former Winners’ MSR went to Jack Lee from British Columbia.

The picture above shows Jack and Glenn Brown, the two winners of today’s senior events.

Gold Medallist Craig Sutherland and Silver Medallist Cameron MacDougall display their winners’ pipe banners sponsored by MacDonald Bag Covers. Craig and Cameron will sport the banners on their pipes for the march to the games tomorrow

Gold Medal
1 Craig Sutherland, Lord Lovat’s Lament
2 Cameron Drummond, MacDougall’s Gathering
3 Andrew Hayes, Nameless Dro o Dro
4 Peter McCalister, Lord Lovat’s Lament
5 Bill Geddes, Nameless Dro o Dro
Judges: M McRae, R MacShannon, S Shedden

Silver Medal
1 Cameron MacDougall
2 Sarah Muir
3 Xavier Bouderiou
4 Stuart Easton
5 Maël Sicard-Cras
Judges: C MacLellan, R Worrall, J Wilson

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Senior Piobaireachd
1 Glenn Brown, Craigellachie
2 Ian K MacDonald, My Dearest on Earth
3 Roderick MacLeod, Unjust Incarceration
4 Angus MacColl, Rory MacLoude’s Lament
5 Faye Henderson, Prince’s Salute
Judges: I MacFadyen, S Samson, A Wright

MacGregor Memorial Piobaireachd
1 Lewis Russell
2 Andrew Ferguson
3 Rebecca Tierney
4 John Dew
Judges for the final: J Bell, P Henderson, N Mulvie

Former Winners’ MSR
1 Jack Lee, John MacDonald of Glencoe, Islay Ball, The Rookery
2 Finlay Johnston, Hugh Alexander Low of Tiree, Cabar Feidh, Rejected Suitor
3 Cameron Drummond, Lochaber Gathering, P/M Hector MacLean, Miss Proud
4 Bruce Gandy, Crags of Stirling, Cal. Soc. of London, Lochiel’s Aw’  tae France
5 Iain Speirs, Knightswood Ceilidh, Tulloch Castle, John MacKechnie
Judges: I Duncan, W Morrison, R Wallace

Stay tuned to Piping Press for more from the Argyllshire Gathering.

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