Lochaber Gathering Draws for All Events/ World Amateur CLASP Grade 1 Results

Grade 1 CLASP results from the World Solo Amateur Piping Competition. Margaret Dunn reports: ‘This year’s overall winner, Gill Cairns, received an all expenses paid trip to compete at the amateur section of the Metro Cup in New York, 2017. Thanks to Eric and Maureen Stein for sponsoring this great prize.’

Gill is pictured above with Mr & Mrs Stein.

1 Gill Cairns 2 Gordon Hislop 3 Andrea Zingg

March, Strathspey and Reel
1 Stuart Peters 2 Karen McLean 3 Gill Cairns

Hornpipe & Jig
1 Stewart Gaudin 2 Gill Cairns 3 Karen McLean

Lochaber 1Just over 50 pipers have entered for the Lochaber Gathering to be held this Saturday in the Nevis Centre, Fort William. The competition coincides with Glenfinnan Highland Gathering 12 miles away and some pipers have indicated that, depending on their draw, they may have a tune at both major events. Competitors are asked to note the start time of 8.30am at Lochaber. Here are the  draws:

P/A Grade Piobaireachd
Hall A:  08:30

  1. Ewan MacCrimmon, Inverness
  2. John Angus Smith, London
  3. Innes Smith, Glasgow
  4. Jonathan Greenlees, Glasgow
  5. Gordon McCready, Glasgow
  6. Peter McCalister, Dunblane
  7. William McCallum, Glasgow
  8. Nick Hudson, USA
  9. Greig Canning, Edinburgh
  10. Fiona Manson, Australia
  11. Sandy Cameron, Roy Bridge
  12. Derek Midgley, Linlithgow
  13. Callum Beaumont, Linlithgow
  14. P/M Gordon Walker, Galston
  15. Edward McIllwaine, Canada
  16. William Geddes, Glasgow
  17. Michael Fitzhenry, Paisley
Mike Fitzhenry with the gold Lochaber Axe Brooch he received after winning last year's P/A Piobaireachd competition
Mike Fitzhenry with the Gold Lochaber Axe Brooch he received after winning last year’s P/A Piobaireachd competition

B/C Grade Piobaireachd (Group 1)
Hall B:  08:30

  1. Chris Lee, Glasgow
  2. Gavin Ferguson, Glasgow
  3. Edward Gaul, Dundee
  4. Dan Lyden, Timonium, USA
  5. John McDonald, Aberdeen
  6. Bruce MacDonald, Portree
  7. Andrew Donlon, Germantown, USA
  8. Maël Sicard-Cras, Glasgow
  9. Kaitlin Kimove, Ontario
  10. Ben Duncan, Edinburgh
  11. Connor Jardine, Airdrie
  12. Rory MacKenzie, Bishopton
  13. Andrew Bell, Catrine

B/C Grade Piobaireachd (Group 2)
Hall C:  08:30

  1. J. Ross Cowan, Motherwell
  2. James Dyson, Canada
  3. Ronald Telfer, Oban
  4. Charles MacDonald, Inverness
  5. Morice Enora, France
  6. Jason Craig, Australia
  7. Brìghde Chaimbeul, Kyle
  8. Duncan Beattie, Linlithgow
  9. Matt Pantaleoni, USA
  10. James MacPhee, Inverness
  11. Brieuc Bozec, France
  12. Emily Kate MacLellan, Edinburgh
Nick Hudson pictured at last year's Lochaber Gathering, Fort William, where he won the B grade MSR in a strong field
Nick Hudson pictured at the 2014  Lochaber Gathering, Fort William, where he won the B grade MSR in a strong field

P/A Grade March, Strathspey & Reel
Hall A:  14.30

  1. Ewan MacCrimmon, Inverness
  2. John Angus Smith, London
  3. Innes Smith, Glasgow
  4. Gavin Ferguson, Glasgow
  5. Michael Fitzhenry, Paisley
  6. Nick Hudson, USA
  7. Ben Duncan, Edinburgh
  8. Derek Midgley, Linlithgow
  9. Callum Beaumont, Linlithgow
  10. P/M Gordon Walker, Galston
  11. William Geddes, Glasgow
  12. Gordon McCready, Glasgow
  13. Jonathan Greenlees, Glasgow
  14. William McCallum, Glasgow

B/C Grade MSR
Hall B:  14:30

  1. James MacPhee, Inverness
  2. Dan Lyden, Timonium, USA
  3. Peter McCalister, Dunblane
  4. John MacDonald, Aberdeen
  5. Matt Pantaleoni, USA
  6. Andrew Donlon, Germantown, USA
  7. Emily Kate MacLellan, Edinburgh
  8. Maël Sicard-Cras, Glasgow
  9. Greig Canning, Edinburgh
  10. Kaitlin Kimove, Ontario
  11. Jason Craig, Australia
  12. Morice Enora, France
  13. Brìghde Chaimbeul, Kyle
  14. Fiona Manson, Australia
  15. Sandy Cameron, Roy Bridge
  16. Rory MacKenzie, Bishopton
  17. Andrew Bell, Catrine
  18. Edward Gaul, Dundee
  19. J. Ross Cowan, Motherwell
  20. James Dyson, Canada
  21. Chris Lee, Glasgow
  22. Ronald Telfer, Oban
  23. Bruce MacDonald, Portree
  24. Charles MacDonald, Inverness
  25. Connor Jardine, Airdrie
  26. Duncan Beattie, Linlithgow
  27. Brieuc Bozec, France

Open H&J
Hall C:  14:30

  1. Maël Sicard-Cras, Glasgow
  2. Rory MacKenzie, Greenock
  3. Ronald Telfer, Oban
  4. Matt Pantaleoni, USA
  5. Emily Kate MacLellan, Edinburgh
  6. Gordon McCready, Glasgow
  7. John Angus Smith, London
  8. Fiona Manson, Australia
  9. William McCallum, Glasgow
  10. Edward Gaul, Dundee
  11. Dan Lyden, Timonium USA
  12. Peter McCalister, Dunblane
  13. John MacDonald, Aberdeen
  14. William Geddes, Glasgow
  15. Bruce MacDonald, Portree
  16. Nick Hudson, USA
  17. Andrew Donlon, USA
  18. Greig Canning, Edinburgh
  19. Kaitlin Kimove, Canada
  20. Sandy Cameron, Roy Bridge
  21. Duncan Beattie, Linlithgow
  22. Innes Smith, Glasgow
  23. Chris Lee, Glasgow
  24. Michael Fitzhenry, Paisley
  25. Gavin Ferguson, Glasgow
  26. Ben Duncan, Edinburgh
  27. J. Ross Cowan, Motherwell
  28. Connor Jardine, Airdrie
  29. James MacPhee, Inverness
  30. Derek Midgley, Linlithgow
  31. Callum Beaumont, Linlithgow
  32. Pipe Major Gordon Walker, Galston
  33. Andrew Bell, Catrine
  34. James Dyson, Canada
  35. Charles MacDonald, Inverness
  36. Morice Enora, France
  37. Jason Craig, Australia
  38. Brìghde Chaimbeul, Kyle
  39. Jonathan Greenlees, Glasgow
  40. Brieuc Bozec, France
  41. Ewan MacCrimmon, Inverness

15/18 and Under Piobaireachd
Hall D:  09:00

  1. Andrew Laird, Strathpeffer
  2. Finlay Cameron, Roy Bridge
  3. Hamish Drennan, Drumnadrochit
  4. Robbie MacIsaac, Falkirk
  5. Eòsaph Caimbeul, An Caol
  6. John A McLaren, Invergordon
  7. Martin MacRae, Wester Ross
  8. Angus F MacPhee, Inverness
  9. Andrew Ferguson, Dollar
  10. Maeghan Bielski, USA
  11. Archie Drennan, Drumnadrochit
  12. Finlay Frame, Largs

15 and Under Jig/18 and Under Hornpipe & Jig
Hall D:  11:30

  1. Eòsaph Caimbeul, An Caol
  2. Robbie MacIsaac, Falkirk
  3. Hamish Drennan, Drumnadrochit
  4. Finlay Cameron, Roy Bridge
  5. Andrew Laird, Strathpeffer
  6. Andrew Ferguson, Dollar
  7. Angus F MacPhee, Inverness
  8. Martin MacRae, Wester Ross
  9. John A McLaren, Invergordon
  10. Archie Drennan, Drumnadrochit
  11. Finlay Frame, Largs
  12. Meaghan Bielski, USA

15/18 and Under March, Strathspey & Reel
Hall D:  15:00

  1. Andrew Ferguson, Dollar
  2. Angus F MacPhee, Inverness
  3. Martin MacRae, Wester Ross
  4. John A McLaren, Invergordon
  5. Eòsaph Caimbeul, An Caol
  6. Robbie MacIsaac, Falkirk
  7. Hamish Drennan, Drumnadrochit
  8. Finlay Cameron, Roy Bridge
  9. Andrew Laird, Strathpeffer
  10. Finlay Frame, Largs
  11. Meaghan Bielski, USA
  12. Archie Drennan, Drumnadrochit

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