PP Ed’s Blog: Vincent’s Tune/ NEPADA Ts/ Joe Wilson/ Reader Query/ Graham Brown

Piobaireachd composition winner Vincent Janoski has given some reaction to his big win announced yesterday on Piping Press: ‘I’m quite honored by this, truly! I’m one of those people who is never fully satisfied with their creations, always thinking it falls short somehow, even if I like it!  Piobaireachd also offers so many ways to capture the right feeling, so you’re never really sure if you are on the right track….

PP Ed's Blog: SPJA/ Iolaire Disaster/ Joe Wilson/ St Andrews PB, Brisbane

The latest post on the Eagle Pipers Society blog has been brought to my attention and it is good to see its writer, Euan Anderson, has retained his sense of humour. He was the judge selected by the Solo Piping Judges Association to investigate the risible ‘sore arm gate’ complaint against me. These kangaroo court inquiries against fellow judges are reprehensible and my advice to anyone asked to undertake them…