Editor’s Notebook: Robert’s Top Job/ Mull of Kintyre/ Tools for Sale/ Pipers’ Persuasion/ Northern Meeting 1996

I hear that Robert Mathieson (pictured) has taken on the role of Convenor of the RSPBA’s Adjudicator’s Panel Management Board. Best man for the job, and the Board of Directors should not be slow in approaching him for ideas about how to solve the ‘missing majors’ crisis.

Indeed there are several individuals on the APMB whose experience and knowledge should be drafted in to help. It’s got to be all hands to the pump with old rivalries and vested interests forgotten in the push to save the 2024 contest season.

In case you didn’t know, there are six categories of pipe band judge:
1 Unattached piping or drumming judges stay in the UK and are not registered with a band.
2 As above for Attached but they are registered with a band.
3 Ensemble judges are piping or drumming judges who undergo a strict training programme.
4 Unattached International judges are not registered with their Home Association,
5 Attached International are.
6 Unattached International Ensemble judges as per (3) – but not registered with the home association.

The job of the Management Board, among other things, is to allocate adjudicator panels for the various competitions. Unless we get the three missing majors sorted out, Robert Mathieson will have very few plums to present to these ladies and gents in 2024.

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Ayrshire Bagpipes Nov 2020
shepherd banner ’22
silver chanter banner 2024

Tony & Paul

Browsing in the local library the other day I came across this picture in Paul McCartney’s huge book on his song lyrics. It shows Tony Wilson, P/M of the Campbeltown band, with the famous songwriter in the 1970s prior to their recording the hit, ‘Mull of Kintyre’.

The pic was taken on Paul’s farm in Kintyre. He wanted to hear the pipes and assess their potential for inclusion in the song. Too loud for the small rooms indoors, they had to go outside.

The subsequent recording was one of the biggest selling discs of all time and can’t have done any harm to the promotion of pipe bands and piping in the wider world. I’m sure part of the success of the project would have been down to the rapport that developed between ex-Beatle and pipe major. It was impossible not to like Tony.

Loic’s Tools

Breton piper Loic Denis is selling reed making equipment. ‘I’m selling my professional bagpipe reed-making machines: a tapering machine, three gouges, a width cutter, a winding machine, a Facom pipe clamp, a circular saw, a large workbench and the necessary equipment.

‘The purchase price was €14,000 when I bought them from Hubert Raud. I would like to offer help and support for several weeks.’

This reed shaper/ cutter is part of the sale

Contact Loic here.

Pipers’ Persuasion

Allan Hamilton: ‘Episode 100: Are Pipers Musicians? is now available. In this Special Episode, the hundredth edition, Pipers’ Persuasion addresses the question regarding how musically literate pipers are. and how we compare with other musicians.

‘Six contributors with serious and light hearted comment. We are indebted to them for their insight and clarity. Check it out http://www.piperspersuasion.com/are-pipers-musicians/

Northern Meeting 1996

Gold Medal
1 Wilson Brown
2 P/M Brian Donaldson
3 Niall Matheson
4 John Angus Smith

1 Dr Angus MacDonald
2 Angus MacColl
3 Mike Cusack

Silver Medal
1 John Patrick
2 Niall Stewart
3 Douglas Murray
4 Andrew Hayes

Former Winners’ MSR: Alasdair Gillies; H&J: Gordon Walker; A March: Scott Drummond; A S&R: James Murray; B March: Andrew Hayes; B S&R: Paul Ritchie

Happy Christmas to all readers, advertisers and contributors. See you next week.

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