Argyllshire Gathering Day 2 Pictures and Complete Results

Ceòl beag is the focus of the second day at Oban with competitions for ‘A’ and ‘B’ grade March and Strathspey & Reel and Jig. There is also the Intermediate MSR for young pipers who played in the MacGregor Memorial the day before, and local contests.

Pictured above are British Columbia’s ‘Bevan boys’, Alastair, Overall Intermediate Champion, Calum, runner up in the MacGregor Piobaireachd, and father Alan, winner of the ‘A’ March.

‘A’ March Final, Royal Scottish Pipers’ Society Bronze Star
1 Alan Bevan, £140
2 Callum Beaumont, £110
3 Steven Leask, £85
4 Fred Morrison, £70
5 James MacKenzie, £60
6 Ian K MacDonald, £40

Judges: B Donaldson, M Grey, M Henderson; NB: There was a short leet (twice through) and judges for the final were as per the ‘A’ S&R bench.

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‘A’ S&R, Argyllshire Gathering Silver Medal
1 Callum Beaumont, £140
2 Calum Brown, £110
3 Sarah Muir, £85
4 Andrew Hayes, £70
5 Calum Watson, £60
6 James MacKenzie, £40
Judges: R MacShannon, J Wilson, R Worrall; NB: There was a short leet and judges for the final were as per the ‘A’ March heat bench.

‘B’ March
1 Andrew Donlon , £95
2 Jamie Elder, £70
3 Bradley Parker, £60
4 Angus MacPhee, £50
5 Fraser Allison, £40
Judges: B Hitchings, J MacGillivray, M McRae

Andrew Donlon, USA, receives his prize from the new AG Piping Convenor, John Campbell, Kilberry

‘B’ S&R
1 Sandy Cameron, £95
2 Bobby Allan, £70
3 John Dew, £60
4 Jacob Dicker, £50
5 Matt Pantaleoni, £40
Judges: R Barnes, P Henderson, W Livingstone

Sandy Cameron, ‘B’ March, receives his prize

Jigs, Donald Shaw Ramsay Memorial Trophy, 52 played
1 JamesMcKenzie, £90
2 Angus MacPhee, £65
3 Steven Gray, £55
4 Fred Morrison, £45
5 Bobby Allan, £35
Judges: W Morrison, J Taylor

Intermediate MSR, RG Hardie Memorial Trophy
1 Cameron Bonar, £60
2 Hector Finlayson, £50
3 Colin Forrest, £40
4 Alastair Bevan, £30
5 Kyle Cameron, £20
Judges: I Duncan, D Fraser, R Wallace

Junior MSR, Duke’s Medal
1 Arran Brown, £200 bursary
2 Rio Arkell, Silver Medal
3 Euan McCarten, Bronze Medal
Judges: I Duncan, D Fraser

Local March:
1 Emma Hill, £65
2 Gregor MacDonald, £55
3 Arran Brown, £45
4 Rio Arkell, £35

Local S&R:
1 Arran Brown, £65
2 Emma Hill, £55
3 Calan McGuigan, £45
4 Rio Arkell, £35
Local judges: I Duncan, D Fraser

‘B” Grade Champion Jamie Elder with his trophy

Angus Nicol Quaich for most points in Silver Medal and ‘B’ Grade: Jamie Elder
Royal Celtic Society Prize for Champion Piper (Snr. Piob. & Former Winners’ MSR): Angus MacColl Snr.
Angus Nicol Memorial Medal for most points in MacGregor Piobaireachd and RG Hardie Intermediate MSR: Alastair Bevan

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1 thought on “Argyllshire Gathering Day 2 Pictures and Complete Results

  1. Bonnets and Glengarry,s off to the Pipers who battled through some hellish elements as the afternoon wore on today.Well done to everyone who got through to the end.
    The spirit and camaraderie of all at Oban over the last two days as well as the quality on display shows Pipings future is in good hands.
    Torquil Telfer deserves a dram tonight.

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