Newtonmore Games Results

Seven played in blustery conditions in the land of Calum Piobair. Piobaireachd winner P/M Ben Duncan is pictured with the Dr Kenneth Mackay Piobaireachd Trophy.

Piobaireachd (3 tunes)
1. P/M Ben Duncan (Lament for the Children)
2. Angus MacPhee (Old Men of the Shells)
3. Callum Wynd (End of the Great Bridge)
4. Matt Pantaleoni 
Judge: John Don MacKenzie

March (3 tunes)
1. Angus MacPhee
2. P/M Ben Duncan
3. Matt Pantaleoni
4. Callum Wynd

Strathspey & Reel (3 Strathspeys, own choice Reel)
1. P/M Ben Duncan
2. Angus MacPhee 
3. Matt Pantaleoni
4. Callum Wynd

Jig (own choice)
1. Angus MacPhee
2. Callum Wynd
3. P/M Ben Duncan
4. Matt Pantaleoni
Judge for Light Music: Niall Matheson 

Overall – Angus MacPhee

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