Balloch Games Results (CLASP G1 Piob added)

A warm but overcast day at Balloch on the shores of Loch Lomond on the first day of the Glasgow Fair holidays. Sixteen played in the Open events and seven in the juvenile.

Pictured above (l-r) are Brian Lamond, organiser Helen Campbell, Kris Coyle and Bobby Allen.

1 John Mulhearn
2 Bobby Allen
3 Brian Lamond
Judges: A Frater, W Morrison

Balloch piobaireachd winners, John Mulhearn (r) and second placed Bobby Allen

1 Brian Lamond, Bonnie Anne
2 Kris Coyle, Hugh Kennedy
3 John Mulhearn, P/M Alex MacIver
4 Callum Wynd, Allan Dodd’s Farewell to Scotland

1 Kris Coyle, Maggie Cameron, Drumlithis
2 Brian Lamond, Lady Loudon, The Flagon
3 Bobby Allan, John Roy Stewart, Dr MacPhail
4 John Mulhearn, John MacDougall Gillies, John Garroway

Light Music Judges: B Donaldson, R Livingstone

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Juvenile Piob
1 Cameron MacPhail
2 Fraser Hamilton

Juvenile March
1. Fraser Hamilton, Miss Elspeth Campbell
2. Cameron McPhail, Pipe Major George Ross’s Farewell to the Black Watch
3. Lewis Rorrison, MacLean of Pennycross
4. Flynn Porter, The Conundrum

Helen Campbell with Archie Leonard, most promising U-14

Juvenile Strathspey & Reel
1. Fraser Hamilton, MacBeth’s Strathspey/Sandy Cameron
2. Cameron McPhail, Top of Craigvenow/The Traditional Reel
3. Flynn Porter, Cabar Feidh/Sandy Cameron
4. Archie Leonard, Caledonian Canal/Bessie McIntyre 

Special award for most promising player aged 14 years and under: Archie Leonard

G3 Piob (own choice)
1 Rebecca Morris 2 John Todd

G2 Piob (submit two)
1 William Wardrope 2 Donald Morrison 3 Christopher Yeo 4 Hector Thomson 5 Duncan Lamont

1 John Todd 2 Donald Morrison 3 Rebecca Morris

John Nevans, CLASP G2 March winner

G2 March (two tunes)
1 John Nevans 2 Christopher Yeo 3 David Richardson 4 Duncan Lamernt 5 Hector Thomson
G2 S&R (own choice)
1 David Richaerdson 2 Christopher Yeo 3 John Nevans 4 Hector Thomson 5 Duncan Lamont

G1 Piob
1 Craig Black 2 Craig Turnbull 3 John Nevans 4 Con Houlihan

G1 March (two tunes)
1 Craig Turnbull 2 Craig Black 3 Con Houlihan 4 William Wardrope 5 Robert Russell
G1 S&R (two of each)
1 Craig Black 2 Craig Turnbull 3 Con Houlihan 4 William Wardrope 5 Robert Russell
CLASP Judges: A Forbes, D Fraser

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