New Blowstick Promotion from FLUX

FLUX blow sticks and manufacturers McCallum Bagpipes have sent this:

Safeguard against moisture with a revolutionary moisture control system suited to all bagpipers. We are introducing a new FLUX Blowpipe+ which uses new technology to absorb 4x more moisture, creating an even better product than you have experienced before to make the moisture control experience truly seamless.

What’s new with the Flux Blowpipe +? A new specially engineered needlefelt cloth
– Absorbs 4x more moisture than the silica beads previously used
– Absorbs moisture over a longer period meaning it doesn’t need dried as often
– It can also be squeezed out, dried and reused over 120 times

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The all new chrome bore – to cool and condense
– It stays cooler for longer
– Condenses more moisture from the breath
– Much more resistant to corrosion

A new o-ring seal for a satisfying close and airtight assembly.

Recommended retail price £75 + VAT.

Available in 6 sizes, with round or oval mouthpieces.
✓ Complete with Internalised Valve
✓ Complete with Mouthpiece
✓ Complete with Ultra Absorbent Cloth
✓ Chrome Condenser Bore
✓ Black Acetal Plastic Body
✓ Simple Assembly
✓ Compatible with Animal Skin & Synthetic Bags
✓ Doesn’t Restrict Air
✓ Easily Cleaned

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