Lochaber Gathering Results

Champions all…P/M Ben Duncan, Calum Watson and Ross Miller with their trophies and medals

This prestigious competition was held today, August 27, in the Highland Cinema, Fort William. Sponsors were the Moidart Trust and PF Charitable Trust.

The P/A MSR, Hornpipe & Jig and 6/8 March were held outside the cinema under a canopy. There was a strong entry in B/C events.

P/A Piobaireachd
1 Ben Duncan, MacDougall’s Gathering

2 Sandy Cameron, End of the High Bridge

3 Cameron Macdougall, Old Men of the Shells

4 Gordon McCready, Lament for the Earl of Antrim

Judges: S Samson, R Wallace

1 Calum Watson

2 Gordon McCready

3 Ben Duncan

4 Cameron MacDougall

Best S&R prize: Gordon McCready

Judges: A Forbes, I MacFadyen

B/C Piob
1 Ross Miller

2 Gordon Barclay

3 Calum Brown

4 Anna Smart

Judges: Judges: A Forbes, I MacFadyen

1 Ross Miller

2 John Dew

3 Jonathon Simpson

4 Calum Wynd

Judges: S Samson, R Wallace

6/8 March
1 Ben Duncan

2 Calum Watson

3 Ross Miller

4 Ross Connor

Judges: I Duncan, A Maclean

Hornpipe & Jig
1 Calum Watson

2 Ben Duncan

3 John Dew

4 Calum Brown

Judges: I Duncan, A Maclean

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