South Uist Games Results (Updated)

Dry and warm on Askernish Machair for the annual games on South Uist. Fourteen pipers entered the open events. The picture above shows (l-r) Finlay Cameron (third in Piob), Ben Duncan, Champion Piper and Bobby Allan, U-15 Champion. 

1 Ben Duncan, Lament for the Only Son
2 Greig Canning, Desperate Battle
3 Finlay Cameron
4 Ross Millar, Cabar Feidh Gu Bragh
5 James MacKenzie

1 James MacKenzie
2 Ben Duncan
3 Jonathan Simpson
4 Greig Canning
5 Ross Millar

Pipe Sergeant Ben Duncan on the machair with his fists full of trophies

1 Ben Duncan
2 James MacPhee
3 James MacKenzie
4 Peter McGregor
5 Greig Canning

Judges for all of the above: I M Morrison and W Morrison


1 Ben Duncan
2 Brendan Eade
3 James MacKenzie
4 Greig Canning
5 Bobby Durning
Judge: N Mulvie

U-18 MSR
1 Finlay MacVicar
2 Angus MacPhee
3 Eosaph Caimbeul
4 Hamish Drennan

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U-15 March
1 Bobby Allan
2 Calum MacMillan
3 Laura Robertson
4 Archie MacLean
5 Seamus Eade
6 Kevin Beaton

U-15 S&R
1 Bobby Allan
2 Kevin Beaton
3 Archie MacLean
4 Laura Robertson
5 Innes Sehullion
6 Andrew MacNeill

Novice Piping
1 Padraic MacMillan
2 Rachel Sinclair
3 Andrew Monk

Chanter Beginners
1 Fraser Laurie
2 Calum Beaton
3 Kimberley Steele

Chanter Novice
1 Aithne MacDougall
2 Isobel Beaton

Open: Zoē Steele

Archie Lindsay Memorial Trophy for U-15 Champion: Bobby Allan
Roddy Morrison Cup for U-15 S&R: Bobby Allan
John Steel Memorial Cup for overall in U-18s: Finlay MacVicar

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