Festival of Juvenile Solo Piping Results

A very good entry, 200, for this competition held on October 21 at Auchenharvie Secondary School, Ardrossan, Ayrshire.

10 & Under
1 Charlie Devlin
2 Erin Allison
3 Joanne Will

11 & Under
1 Fraser Smith
2 Harrison Bishop
3 Heather McKean

12 & Under
1 Callum Robinson
2 Emily Anderson
3 Anna McCulloch
Chanter Champion: Fraser Smith

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2 part march 10yrs & under
1st Corey Anderson
2nd James Simpson

2 part slow march/2 part march 11yrs and under
1st Ewan Allen
2nd Gregor Grierson
3rd Ryan Munro McCeadie

4parts march 12yrs & under
1st Ryan Munro McCreadie
2nd Gregor Grierson
3rd Fraser Hamilton

13 yrs & under 6/8 march 4 parts
1st Archie Clark
2nd Fraser Hamilton
3rd Andrew McCrindle

14 yrs & under 2/4 march 4 parts
1st Jack McGowan
2nd Bobby Allen
3rd Luke Kennedy

15 yrs & under piobaireachd
1st Bobby Allen
2nd Archie Clark
3rd Amy McIntyre

15 yrs & under 4 parts 2/4 March
1st Luke Kennedy
2nd Ross Connor
3rd Bobby Allen

15 yrs & under Strathspeys & Reel
1st Luke Kennedy
2nd Ross Connor
3rd Bobby Allen

16yrs & under MSR 4 Parts
1st Ross Connor
2nd Luke Shearer
3rd James Forrest

16 yrs & under Piobaireachd
1st Ross Connor
2nd Luke Shearer
3rd Andrew Knowles

17 yrs & under 4 part MSR
1st Luke Shearer
2nd Greg Will
3rd Erin Ritchie

4 part MSR 18 yrs & under
1st Erin Ritchie
2nd Rory Morford

Open final 4 part Hornpipe & Jig
1st Luke Shearer
2nd Ross Connor
3rd Bobby Allen

Junior overall: Ross Connor
Senior overall: Luke Shearer

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