Harpenden Highland Games Results (Pix Added)

Andrew Hall, President of the Scottish Piping Society of London

Glorious sunshine and a very busy Highland Games with lots of different activities and events. Pipe Bands, vintage cars, dancers, birds of prey, rock bands and sprinting races amongst others! Possibly the most varied and entertaining Games on the circuit.

Piping was at the top of the hill away from any distracting noise and with a great view of the whole Gathering.

All six competing pipers were amateur status. It was great to see some new faces we haven’t seen before in London. The playing was a very good standard with all pipers playing at a higher standard than I have heard them before.
An audience of about 15 listened to the piobaireachd in the morning and this grew to 20-25 for the light music in the afternoon.

All pipers showed significant levels of composure particularly in their piobaireachd taorluath and crunluath variations. Evidence of some hard work through the winter! The picture above shows pipers and officials during a break in proceedings.

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Overall Harpenden Champion Piper

1st Billy Wardrope
2nd David McRobb
3rd equal Iain Allen and Lachlan Macdonald

1st David McRobb (Corrienessan’s Salute)
2nd Billy Wardrope (Too Long in this Condition)
3rd Lachlan Macdonald (Glengarry’s Lament)

Adjudicator Andrew Hall in action at Harpenden

1st Tom Broderick
2nd David McRobb
3rd Lachlan Macdonald

Strathspey and Reel
1st Billy Wardrope
2nd Lachlan Macdonald
3rd Iain Allen

6/8 or Jig
1st Iain Allen
2nd Billy Wardrope
3rd David McRobb

Adjudicator Andrew Hall

There was also a large dancing competition and it was great to see and hear Steve Watterston playing for the dancers. While his work commitments restrict his solo playing these days readers will be pleased to know Steve is still playing at his usual very high standard.

Big thank you to Jonathan Cox and the Harpenden Lions for organising such a great event and the SPSL President Andrew Hall for travelling a great distance to judge the pipers.

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