Nairn Games Results

A lovely, warm and sunny day at Nairn. There were only five competitors. The photograph shows the overall joint winners Anna Kummerlöw and Gordon Barclay. Judges: J Hamilton (Piob), R MacLean (Light Music).

1. Anna Kummerlöw (A Piper’s Warning to his Master)
2. Gordon Barclay (MacLeod of Raasay’s Salute)
3. Duncan Watson (The King’s Taxes)
4. Steve Spencer

1. Gordon Barclay
2. Anna Kummerlöw
3. Steve Spencer
4. Hamish Munro

1. Anna Kummerlöw
2. Gordon Barclay
3. Steve Spencer
4. Duncan Watson

1. Gordon Barclay
2. Hamish Munro
3. Anna Kummerlöw
4. Steve Spencer

Overall Winner
Joint: Gordon Barclay / Anna Kummerlöw

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