Kinloch Rannoch Games Results

Stuart Easton, Champion Piper at Kinloch Rannoch, is pictured above. Nine pipers played in a competition reported as having the ‘highest standard for years’ with glorious weather, contrary to the BBC forecast.

1. Stuart Easton, NZ
2. Simon Marshall, Bathgate
3. William Rowe, NZ
4. Austin Diepenhorst, San Diego

1. Stuart Easton
2. Austin Diepenhorst
3. William Rowe
4. Iain MacDonald

Slow Air
1. William Rowe
2. Stuart Easton
3. Austin Diepenhorst
4. Barbera MacDonald

1. Austin Diepenhorst
2. Simon Marshall
3. Stuart Easton
4. William Rowe

Under 18 Champion Piper: Duncan MacDonald, Regina.
Judge for all events: Ian Duncan

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