Paterson’s Publications/ Wallace Bagpipes Promo/ South Florida Academy

Today we publish the second of the late Geoff Hore’s features on two famous bagpipe music publishing companies. Last year we read of Logan’s of Inverness and in this second feature Geoff turns his forensic attention to Paterson’s Publications.

This company is well-known to all pipers through their Scots Guards collections (and those of other regiments) and the Willie Ross books. Read more here.

One of our advertisers Wallace Bagpipes  have sent this promo video about their manufacturing preparations for 2016. (Contrary to what some assume, this company has no connection to PP Editor Robert Wallace!) Just to remind all our advertisers: please feel free to send on this sort of material for inclusion on Piping Press. We actively support our advertisers through these and our Facebook pages. These are read by thousands of pipers and drummers every day. If you have any photographs of new products, visits overseas, or any other info about your firm’s activities we will happily publish it for you.

The South Florida Pipe & Drum Academy (picture top) has issued this schedule to the 41 students registered for the forthcoming school in Boca Raton:

Wednesday 24th February we’ll gather for a short introductory ‘meet & greet’ session at 9am. Right after that the bass and tenor students will go to class with Andrew and the snares with Tommy. Robert will audition the piping students to place in class and meanwhile Barry and Donald will look over everyone’s pipes for a preliminary set up. We want your instruments to sound the best they have ever done. Classes will be announced and then we go to lunch. We can be flexible on class placement.

After lunch each student reports to his/her primary instructor and classes will commence until 4pm when we will have our massed bands. After dinner Robert will give a history of piping/piobaireachd lecture which will take 40 minutes, then we head out for our first pipe band ceilidh to be held in a nearby restaurant/pub. Tommy and Andrew will look after the drummers during the piping lecture.

Thursday 25th February we’ll meet for Assembly at 9am and thereafter everything as Wednesday except the evening lecture will be taken by Barry who will give us some vital pointers about drilling a pipe band, marching, dress and competition etiquette, as well as an explanation of tune idioms march/ strathspey and reel. All students are expected to attend this lecture.

Friday 26th February is as before and the evening lecture will be by Donald who will explain US games solo competition rules and guidance and offer some advice and tips on tuning, performance etc. He will also explain the remaining pipe idioms such as slow airs/ slow marches/ hornpipes and jigs.

Saturday 27th February will be a full day of classes as before, but after massed bands we will head to the street parade through Mizner Park for our private concert. We will march though the square, circle up, and have the massed band performance. We will do our Class of ’16 Photograph at this time so best bib and tucker everyone. Thereafter pub/ restaurant.

Sunday 28th February we will have classes in the morning and after lunch our little concert in the auditorium at the training site. All family and friends are more than welcome to attend. Full dress again for this one as there will be certificate presentations at the end along with presentations to our Most Promising Pipe Student and Most Promising Drum Student. You can tell your folks we aim to be finished by 5pm. Individual class photographs can be done at this time and each student will be given an assessment and progress report.


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