Falkirk Tryst Competition

Overall winner Cameron MacDougall
Overall winner Cameron MacDougall

This important, relatively new competition for talented young pipers was held on October 4th in Falkirk in Central Scotland. Main sponsor and founder of the competition, pipemaker Blue  MacMurchie, described this year’s standard of playing as at ‘the highest level’ possible for youngsters. One feature of the contest, and one that is always appreciated by the townsfolk is the parade of the competing pipers through the town after the contest concludes. Next year’s event is on Oct 3rd.  This year’s judges were Logan Tannock, Blue MacMurchie and Jennifer Hutcheon. For more pix from the contest click here.

Falkirk Tryst Piping Recital
1st Calum Ian Brown ( Smallpipes and Falkirk Tryst Banner – Silver Rose Bowl. Sponsor : Betty Munro )
2nd Cameron MacDougall (Silver Practice Chanter. Sponsor : Gordon Duncan Memorial Trust )
3rd Ryan Cupples-Menendez ( 2 x Glenfiddich Championships VIP tickets. Sponsor : William Grant & Sons Ltd. )
4th Callum Wynd (A signed Collection of Music for the Great Highland Bagpipe. Sponsor : Pipe Major Derek Potter. )

img_0436MacMurchie Contest (contestants play tunes composed by MacMurchie family)
1st Cameron MacDougall ( Highland Targe and Banner. Sponsor : MacMurchie Bagpipes)
2nd Calum Ian Brown ( Drone Chanter. Sponsor : MacMurchie Bagpipes )
3rd Ryan Cupples-Menendez ( Sgian Dubh. Sponsor : Kiltpin Ltd. )
4th Callum Wynd ( A signed Collection of Music for the Great Highland Bagpipe. Sponsor : Pipe Major Derek Potter. )

March and Deportment
Winner – Cameron McDougall   ( Highland Targe. Sponsor : John and Alma MacMurchie. )

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