Erwan Ropars – Updated

Robert Wallace: One of the giants of Breton piping and pipe bands, Erwan Ropars, has died after a short illness. He was 64. He shot to fame in the Celtic music world when he led his band, Bagad Quimper, to multiple successes in the Breton Championships and when he helped forge a new approach to pipe band presentation in the region by encouraging and devising concerts using combinations of many different instruments….

Breton Piping, Quimper

[wds id=”2″] Quimper, Brittany, Solo Piping, December 20th, Max Jacob Theatre, organised by Bodadeg Ar Sonerien, Finisterre Branch Judges: Patrick Molard and Stuart Liddell. Stuart later gave a well received recital. MELODIE 1 MORICE Enora, Pañvrid ar Beskont 2 BOZEC Brieuc, Cap Caval 3 GUERIN Alban, Er Melinerion Piobaireachd B 1 JARRY Tristan, Penhars Piobaireachd A 1 MORICE Enora, Bagad Pañvrid ar Beskont A-20 Eccosais 1 MORICE Enora, Bagad Pañvrid…