2024 USPF Piping Championship Results

Congratulations to all the participants in the 36th annual United States Piping Foundation Amateur and Professional Piping Championships, held in memory of founder Maclean Macleod on 8 Jun 2024, at the University of Delaware, Newark, DE.

In the Amateur events there were 17 pipers from throughout North America, and 16 in the Professional events. Champion Piper Nick Hudson is pictured top receiving his prize from the writer.

Professional Piobaireachd (six tunes):
1 Nick Hudson, $1000, Phantom Piper of the Corrieyairick
2 Derek Midgley, $800, Big Spree
3 Bruce Gandy, $600, Lament for MacLeod of Colbeck
4 Bobby Durning, $400, Lament for MacSwan of Roaig
5 Andrew Carlisle, $200, MacDougall’s Gathering

Professional MSR (six of each):
1 Cameron Macdougall, $1000, Ross-shire Volunteers, Tulloch Gorm, Lochcarron
2 Andrew Carlisle, $800, George Ross’s Farewell to the Black Watch, Loch Loskin, Dr MacPhail
3 Bruce Gandy, $600, Abercairney Highlanders, Arniston Castle, John Morrison, Assynt House
4 Derek Midgley, $400, Clan MacColl, Tulloch Castle, Alick C MacGregor
5 Nick Hudson, $200, Parker’s Welcome to Perthshire, Piper’s Bonnet, Champion Piper

Overall USPF Professional winner receives the USPF Silver Buckle and a trans-Atlantic airfare from the US East Coast to the UK to compete: 1 N Hudson 2 D Midgley 3 B Gandy 4 A Carlisle 5 C Macdougall 

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Amateur Piobaireachd (4 tunes): 1 Gillian Blaney, Big Spree 2 Kathleen Brown, Mary’s Praise 3 Magnus Stone, Ronald MacDonald of Morar’s Lament 4 John Bertino, Rory MacLeod’s Lament 5 Steven Knox, Hector MacLean’s Warning

Amateur MSR (4 of each): 1 Ian Minnear, Brig. Cheape, Kirstie MacCalman, Grey Bob 2 Kathleen Brown, Royal Scottish Pipers, Susan MacLeod, Fiona MacLeod 3 Olivia Corcoran, D MacLellan of Rothesay, ?Sound of Sleat 4 Magnus Stone, Duke of Roxburgh, Tulloch Castle, Bessie MacIntyre 5 Joe Votta, Taking of Beaumont Hamel, Catlodge, Alick C MacGregor

Overall Amateur winner receives a USPF Silver Buckle and round trip airfare and two weeks tuition at an approved venue in Scotland. Scholarships were also awarded to overall rankings two to five: 1 Kathleen Brown (pictured above) 2 G Blaney 3 M Stone 4 I Minnear 5 O Corcoran

Competitors at the USPF 2024

The organisers are deeply indebted to the University of Delaware and to the gracious sponsors that make this event possible, including: the Piobaireachd Society, Balmoral School, Dunvegan Foundation, Lyon College, New Hampshire Highland Games, St Andrew’s Society of Baltimore, St Andrew’s Society of Philadelphia, Scottish Games Association of Delaware.

Judges: A Bevan, S Cleavinger, A Garson, B Hitchings, J McIntosh, C MacLellan.

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